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Long trip for pig’s bum

To answer Barry Fraser’s query last Sunday on where his pork rinds have disappeared to (Letters, July 19), I have suspicion it is sent to Manchester in the UK and is made into pork scratching.

P.B. Mitson
Suffolk, UK

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Taxis only have themselves to blame

With reference to the taxi drivers protest at ‘unfair’ competition, they have no one else to blame but themselves. I don’t suppose for one minute they have thought of restructuring their prices, in response to falling petrol costs.

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Shall we be forewarned about Cyprus?

We are looking to join you for our first winter holidays in Cyprus. In the past we have wintered in Malta but because of severe price rises in transport/eating/drinks/touts, etc., we are looking for a change.

We found a nice looking hotel in Paphos but before booking we decided to search for a wider view of Cyprus and starting by reading Cyprus Mail letters today.

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What’s happening in Cyprus?

We have been visiting the island for 17 years and in 2004 bought an apartment in Yeroskipou.
This year, we arrived at the new airport to pick up our hire car, as always. This time, l had booked it online in England, we were met by a young man who said his firm could not afford a stand at the new airport and he drove us to a compound at the end of road

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It’s going to get hotter

THE HEATWAVE is expected to continue over the weekend with a system of high pressure coming from Northwest Africa, the Meteorology Service said yesterday with temperatures expected to reach a minimum of 41 degrees Celsius

Eleni Andreou Registered Clinical Dietician suggests people eat lighter and drink 8-12 glasses of water during the day, and also fresh juice and milk.

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‘Our boys are too soft’

A MEETING between the Medical Association of Cyprus, the Governing Council of the Pancyprian Psychiatrist’s Company and senior officials of the Defence Ministry took place yesterday, on the growing phenomenon of army evasion.

It was estimated at the meeting that one in five conscripts manage to avoid service.

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