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Property tax revenue halved in 2009

THE GOVERNMENT’S main concern is to keep the public deficit below 3 per cent while maintaining the government’s social programme, despite a significant reduction in state income and the €400 million cost of the stimulus measures to tackle the economic crisis, Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis said yesterday.

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More expensive than some, cheaper than others

FEARS THAT Cyprus’ pricey tourist product has lost its edge are misplaced, the hoteliers association has said.

“Yes, we are more expensive than other destinations, but also cheaper than others. You can’t compare us to, say, Egypt or Turkey, where hotel employees are paid $100. I’m sorry,” said Haris Loizides, chairman of the hoteliers association (PASYXE).

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‘I came to tell the truth’

MARTHA Ioannou, 47, yesterday tried to convince Nicosia’s Assize Court that she had changed her plea to guilty in an ongoing drugs trial after she had allegedly been threatened by the brother of her former co-defendant, who is a convicted felon.

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‘I did it for the children’ said jailed mother of four

A 44-YEAR-OLD Georgian woman was yesterday in floods of tears after she was jailed for two years in connection with stealing over €5,000 from a string of employers.

As the woman sat in her holding cell contemplating the next 24 months without her long-term partner and children, two of who are only aged 13 and 11, the tears flowed freely from her bloodshot eyes.

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Ombudswoman examining discrimination claims by gay warden

THE OFFICE of the Ombudswoman yesterday confirmed they were investigating a complaint by a prison warden who claims he was mistreated and suffered discrimination at work, on account of his sexuality.

The prison warden told the watchdog that he started working at the Central Prison in June 2007 and for the first 18 months faced no problems.

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