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“We are zealously trying to commit suicide”

THE CYPRUS Tourism Organisation’s top official in charge of the island’s beaches yesterday accused locals of thinking only of themselves as he launched a stinging attack on the “absolutely unbelievable” way people behave when they are by the sea.

“The situation has got totally out of control,” a frustrated and furious Glafkos Kariolou told state radio.

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Are we paying for air?

During a recent water cut I noticed that the meter was showing signs of water flow, as the numbers on the dials were increasing: thinking the water was back on, I turned on a tap situated by the meter but no water came out, but the speed of the meter increased.

We did not get water for at least the next two hours. 

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Cynical price hike

In the aftermath of the Commerce Minister’s effort to cut milk prices, I was very surprised over the price of my bottle of milk this morning.

I buy my milk at Papantoniou Supermarket in Paphos and up until yesterday I paid €1.06 for a litre.
This week price cuts were announced with Carrefour lowering from €1.25 to 1.15 and two other supermarkets lowering to €1.14.

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North needs to clarify its position

Husseyin Ozgurgun, the self-declared Turkish Cypriot foreign minister, seems confused.

Is the north a separate state, in which case why does it claim a share of any oil finds off southern Cyprus? Or is it part of Cyprus, in which case why does he call us a foreign country?

Michael Paraskos,

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Misleading over prices claims

As spokesman for the supermarkets, Mr Andreas Hadjiadamou is twisting the truth by stating that milk and bread are sold below the cost price.

Aldi in Holland sells milk for 45 cents and bread for 49 cents (see www.aldiwatcher.nl/prijzen).

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There’s more to Cyprus’ history than the Greek part

Just a comment on the proposal that foreigners coming to Cyprus should in future be expected to have a working knowledge of Greek, and must be able to answer a test paper on the history of Cyprus..

As I understand it, the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus provides for the use of three official languages: Greek, Turkish, and English. This, until 1974 continued to be the case.

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Nicosia butcher saves my skin

I sympathise with the plight of Barry Fraser as I am also a connoisseur of that well know health-food, “crackling” (Letters, July19) .

Fortunately in Nicosia, I am still able to buy a piece of pork with the skin on (and can normally get an extra few square feet gratis) but only from the butcher in Athienitis supermarket.

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Quick check-up that saved my husband’s life

My husband has just returned from a dermatologist and has been told he must have surgery for a lump that was thought to be a simple cyst on his chin.

He only went because it made shaving difficult, otherwise we would not have known that the cyst was in fact a melanoma – skin cancer.

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