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Works halted

SEWERAGE work under way in the Paphos village of Chlorakas will be halted for the month of August, the busiest month of the year for visitors to the island.

The decision was taken by the Paphos sewerage board, to try and ease pressure on the area, which is popular with visitors to Paphos and is home to many of the seaside towns’ hotels and holiday complexes.

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Ambassadors meet to get their stories straight

CYPRUS’ ambassadors overseas attended a series of meetings at some of the island’s top political and economic institutions yesterday. The visits bring to a close an annual summit aimed at strengthening co-ordination and calibrating goals among the country’s diplomatic corps.

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Cyprus not ready for 2+ lanes

TRANSPORT Minister Nicos Nicolaides finally surrendered yesterday to the fact that Nicosia was not yet ready for the much-touted 2+ lane – paradoxically because there were too many cars to implement a trial run.

The pilot scheme had already been postponed several times but the plan to encourage car-pooling and public transport use officially died a gloomy death yesterday.

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Why are prices high?

This contribution is part of a series of personal views invited by Cyprus Mail on the subject of consumer prices.

Petros Markou, President of the Cyprus Consumers Association, on “naming and shaming”

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H1N1 for grownups

NO ONE knows how the H1N1 flu pandemic will evolve. Will it keep spreading, or will it fizzle? Will it retreat during the northern hemisphere’s summer and return in the fall? Will it stay mild or turn more severe? Flu experts just don’t know.

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