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Keep protected this summer

THE EUROPEAN Commission yesterday alerted consumers to the importance of adequate protection from the sun this summer, reminding consumers to look out for the clearer labelling regime on sunscreen bottles.

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Triplets get top exam marks

TRIPLETS from Derynia have achieved the top scores in their final exams for university entry.

The triplets of teacher Christalleni Heracleous, Panayiota, Evangelia and Maria all took the top three positions in the entry exams for the Pedagogical Department at the University of Cyprus.

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Alithia and the trap of “wrong impressions”

In the Sunday Mail edition of June 21, 2009 a report appeared under my name entitled “Special envoys: our favourite whipping boys.” The report dealt with the hostile treatment reserved for several UN envoys by certain sections of the Cypriot media and by political quarters seeking to discredit them. The aforementioned parties often resort to below-the-belt attacks.

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What’s wrong with ethnic profiling?

SEVERAL years ago, as terrorism, immigration and unrest in suburban Paris were at the top of the news in France, a French police officer confided to a researcher: “If you consider different levels of trafficking, it is obviously done by blacks and Arabs.

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