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Eurocypria pilot breached safety protocols

A EUROCYPRIA pilot breached safety procedures by failing to complete pre-flight checks on a plane that was damaged during landing when it partly missed the runway, it emerged yesterday.
No passengers were hurt during the botched landing; however under other conditions such an oversight could have spelled disaster. 
The oversight, described as a “serious incident” by an official at the airline, occurred on November 9 at Katowice airport, Poland, when a Boeing 737 carrying around 170 passengers, partly missed the runway and sustained damage to the front landing gear, reflectors and headlamps.

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Our View: Don’t make the assumption that smokers will flout the law

THE BLANKET smoking ban comes into effect today, against a background of mumblings by bar and restaurant owners, complaining about the unfair law that they say will affect their businesses. The only other group to have a public moan about the new law has been the state school teachers union, because its members would be obliged to leave the school premises in order to have a cigarette. So far, the education ministry has not given in to the demand for a ‘smoking room’ for teachers in schools.

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Archbishop: we ignore dictatorship threats

ARCHBISHOP Chrysostomos yesterday appeared defiant in the face of criticism over his political comments and actions.
Chrysostomos found himself under heavy fire on Wednesday over the purchase of 10,000 copies of a book written by former Central Bank Governor Christodoulos Christodoulou on the cost of a solution of the Cyprus problem, which were distributed through churches.
The Archbishop said he wanted people to be informed of the hardship awaiting them after a federal solution.
DISY lawmaker Christos Pourgourides accused the primate of squandering Church property and suggested the money be given to those in need instead.

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Water cuts could be the only way people will economise

WATER usage in December increased by over 10 per cent in all areas and by as much as 20 per cent in some, including Nicosia, compared to the same month in 2007 as cuts were eased over the Christmas period.
Agriculture Minister Michalis Polynikis, the had told the Water Development Department (WDD) to stop water cuts during the holiday season so that consumers could have an uninterrupted flow over the Christmas period.  The last time the water supply was not cut over the Christmas period was in 2007.

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Couple injured in attempted murder

A 22-YEAR-OLD man from Neo Chorio in Paphos has been arrested in the shooting of a Bulgarian couple outside their home late on Wednesday.
According to police, the suspect who is also Bulgarian went to the couple’s home at around 11pm on Wednesday and asked the 42-year-old Bulgarian target to come outside.
When he did the suspect allegedly fired at him with a hunting rifle.
He sustained injuries to his cheek, while his wife, who had been standing behind him at the time, was injured in her pelvis after being hit several times. The couple, both aged 42,  were taken to Paphos general hospital and received treatment for their injuries.
The husband was kept in overnight and his wife was discharged after receiving treatment at First Aid.

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First Cypriot to reach the South Pole

Cyprus’ first Antarctic explorer has completed her epic expedition to the South Pole.
Stephanie Solomonides, together with six women from across the Commonwealth arrived at the pole shortly after 11pm on Tuesday.
Speaking from the Amundsen-Scott research station at the pole on Wednesday, Solomonides said “I have to describe the scene it’s a beautiful day, sunny and there’s not a cloud in sight. The whole team is here with our flags out and there are lots of smiling faces”
Team leader Felicity Aston said “I’m incredibly proud of the team and I think the feeling that we’re all feeling right now is that if we can do this, then you can do anything that you like. That’s the message that we really want to send to everyone.”

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BFBS to revive Radio 2 this month

BFBS bosses are planning to revive the defunct Radio 2 service this month, just nine months after the station was axed and replaced with a pop-music channel.
The easy-listening station, which was popular with ex-pats, was shut down in March 2009 after a series of cost cutting measures, which saw thirty staff lose their jobs.
Station bosses also claimed that listening figures within the target forces community were ‘very low’.
The demise of the station was greeted with anger by many listeners in both the forces and local community.
Since the stations closure, programmes from BFBS UK were relayed on the former transmitters of BFBS 2, which in stark contrast to the old easy listening format, largely consists of DJs playing dance, pop and rock.

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Picking up the tab for stadium security

EVERY YEAR, some €2.5 million of taxpayers’ money goes toward policing sports grounds – but that may be about to change.
With hooliganism showing no signs of abating – to the contrary – the price tag is almost sure to rise in coming years.
Now, and perhaps for the first time, sports authorities are seriously considering whether the sports clubs – who receive a generous government grant each year – should start picking up the tab.
The idea was aired at a function earlier this week, where Justice Minister Loucas Louca said the ‘hooliganism fund’ could be better used to build new sports venues or subsidise athletes.
Asked by reporters whether the clubs should take up this cost, Louca said he discussed this possibility with the head of KOA Nikos Kartakoullis.

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Christofias appeals for unity in New Year message

PRESIDENT Demetris Christofias yesterday appealed for unity on the domestic front that would assist in reaching a solution of the Cyprus problem.
In his New Year’s message, Christofias said unity on the domestic front was as necessary to finding a solution as the Turkish side showing good will.
“We are sorry to observe that the level of unity that exists does not satisfy us,” the President said.
Christofias called for an end to disputing the bizonal, bicommunal federation as the form of a potential solution “irrespective of the pretexts.”
“Commitment to this solution, which the Greek Cypriot side has assumed since 1977 and all presidents of the Republic of Cyprus have honoured since, is the minimum basis for building unity.”

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At least three-injured in late-night brawl

A STREET brawl in which at least six people were involved occurred in the Kaimakli-Pallouriotissa area of Nicosia late on Thursday.
The fight occurred around 11.30pm but, according to witnesses, the people involved were shamed and embarrassed by local residents into leaving before the police arrived.
When police did arrive on the scene, they managed to gather several surnames.
From wider investigations it was discovered that three of them had proceeded to the emergency department of the Nicosia General Hospital for first aid treatment.

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