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I like being ripped off!

John Donne once famously wrote: ‘no man is an island’. I know what he was trying to say but when a woman lives on an island, i.e. Cyprus, she sometimes has to remind herself that there is another reality on the rest of the planet; a mind-bogglingly different reality from which some people on this small island seem blissfully divorced……….

Take, for example, the whole shopping and going out for coffee experience.  I went to Ledra Street the other day and paid €6.50 for a small cup of hot chocolate with a bit of orange peel in it.  That is like paying nearly £6 in London or more than $9 in New York for a small hot drink. Hello, what about the recession? What about value for money, even if we were not in the middle of a recession?

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Cleric found bound and doused with diesel

A SYRIAN man allegedly abducted in Limassol was located yesterday, arms bound and doused with diesel, police said.

The 31-year-old Muslim cleric had been reported missing by his brother.

He disappeared on Thursday after going to a meeting with someone who had phoned him and asked to borrow money.

Two hours later, his brother called him and heard him cry out for help, giving him his location.

The brother went to the area only to find his sibling’s car abandoned and the window smashed.

A ransom demand for €20,000 was made on Friday afternoon.

Yesterday, police said they received a call from a Trahoni man saying a foreigner smelling of diesel and whose arms were bound with a plastic cable tie had shown up on his doorstep.

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Young man killed on Ayia Napa motorway

A TEENAGE boy was killed yesterday in a car accident near Xylophagou in the Famagusta district, police said.

Panayiotis Pouros, 17, from Ormidhia was a passenger in a car driven by a friend, also 17.

The two boys were driving on the Ayia Napa to Dhekelia road at around midnight when the driver apparently lost control, crashing into the motorway’s dividing barrier.

Pouros, whom police suspect had not been wearing his seatbelt, was apparently thrown out of the car, suffering critical injuries.

Photos of the accident showed both driver and passenger airbags deployed.

The youth was rushed to Larnaca hospital where doctors transferred him to Nicosia due to the severity of his injuries. He died three hours later.

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Paphos Heart Of Gold Award gets under way

NOMINATIONS for the third annual Paphos Hearts of Gold award will close next week. The community-based award will be presented by the Patron, the Mayor of Paphos Savvas Vergas, at the Town Hall.

The award is open to everyone who is a resident of Paphos, of all ages and nationalities.

The Paphos hearts of gold award was such a success the first two years that it has now evolved into a prestigious event. This year’s ceremony will be followed by a cocktail party at the Town Hall and will be attended by local MPs, dignitaries, previous winners and invited guests.

In December 2007,four awards were handed out in various categories, last year it was slimmed down to two.

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Illegal drivers causing taxi drivers to lose business

TAXI DRIVERS in Paphos are threatening to take dynamic action if what they refer to as illegal drivers, are not dealt with.

They say that overseas permanent residents in the town are using their private vehicles to transport tourists to and from Paphos airport and this was resulting in them losing business.

They say their income has dropped steeply. The drivers are also angry that collegues based in other towns such as Limassol and Nicosia are collecting people from Paphos airport, and also taking away the local drivers’ trade.

Meanwhile, a police spokesman said that Paphos officers had charged foreign resident drivers who are providing a service to and from the airport for money, and the matter was being dealt with.

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Cyprus GDP indicator improves

CYPRUS’ GROSS Domestic Product (GDP) shrank by 0.6 per cent in the third quarter of 2009, significantly less than the 1.4 per cent decline that was previously forecast, it was announced on Friday.

In its latest estimate for 2009’s third quarter, based on seasonally adjusted data – the previous one having been issued on December 3 – EU statistical service Eurostat revised its GDP growth rate for Cyprus to -0.6 per cent compared to the previous quarter. This marks the first upturn for twelve months, as GDP progressively shrank by 0.2, 0.5 and 0.8 per cent respectively in the three previous quarters.

The percentage change in Cyprus GDP compared to the same quarter last year was also better than previously forecast, shrinking by 2.0 per cent instead of 2.7 per cent.

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Economic sentiment improves but jobless worries persist

ECONOMIC sentiment in Cyprus continues to improve, according to the Economic and Consumer Survey conducted by the European Commission for December 2009.

The economic sentiment indicator (ESI) in Cyprus in December 2009 rose to 65.2 units from 63.6 in November, while in the EU27 ESI gained 4.1 points, reaching 92.0 and in the Euro area the December ESI reached 91.3

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Treasure hunters return for unwanted gold

TREASURE hunters have returned to Cyprus this week to buy up unwanted jewellery and watches.

British firm BQ Watches is touring the island and offering cash for any old gold jewellery and branded luxury watches.

Company spokeswoman Lisa Erlich said yesterday: “We are setting up an event at various hotels and we anticipate that a lot of people will be attending; Because of the current global economic climate, people are looking for more ways to acquire cash.”

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Ministers turn superheroes


THE ONLY Greek Cypriot who would have welcomed the submission of Turkey’s proposals for the not-so-intensive talks that start tomorrow must have been our good friend Charilaos the Finance Minister, as it gave him a much-needed break from the merciless, daily pummelling he was receiving.

Ever since he announced the proposal – 12 days ago – to adjust the valuations of real estate (still at 1980 prices) so he could boost the state tax revenue by about €80 million, he became a national punching bag for deputies, party leaders, hacks, developers, captains of industry all of whom practised their right hooks and upper cuts on him.

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DISY just keeps shooting itself in the foot

I HAVE written before about the lamentable change to DISY’s political identity after the departure of its founder and former president Glafcos Clerides. The irony is that the change has come under the leadership of Nicos Anastasiades, the most steadfast and committed devotee to the party’s political philosophy.

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