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Our View: State should consider closing Eurocypria

IT WAS no surprise that the study commissioned by the five Cyprus Airways (CY) unions would have advised that the state-owned, charter airline Eurocypria should be shut down. Despite the questions raised by the Eurocypria board about the objectivity of the consultants who had prepared the study – they had reportedly done consultancy work for the national carrier in the past – it is difficult to disagree with their findings.

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Woman comes back from the dead after heart stops for 15 minutes

A 34-YEAR-OLD woman came back to life in Nicosia’s Makarios hospital after her heart stopped for 15 minutes while she was undergoing a Caesarian, doctors said.

The heart failure came about following massive hemorrhaging which the woman experienced during the caesarian delivery of her fifth child.

“It really was a hemorrhage of massive dimensions.  It was a hemorrhage which we were not able to control, even though we have a great deal of experience [in this field] at the Makarios hospital,” said Dr Stavros Neophytou, the Director of the Gynecology and Maternity ward at the hospital.

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Drink driving setting new records

NEARLY 10,000 people were caught drink-driving in 2009, police said yesterday following the latest incident at the weekend when a 17-year old girl was nabbed without a licence and driving over the limit.

Traffic Police Head Demetris Demetriou said: “We are setting new records with the number of arrests for drink driving. The more checks we carry out, the more drunk drivers we catch.”

“The police will continue to carry out checks, and we will be enforcing the law even more strictly”, he added.

The problem of unqualified car drivers was given a disturbing twist in the early hours of Sunday, with the arrest in Limassol of the 17-year-old girl who had no driving licence or car insurance and was over the legal limit for blood-alcohol.

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Helios ‘Mayday’ call chills courtroom

RELATIVES of the Helios air crash victims broke down in court yesterday as they heard a cockpit recording of the flight’s final 30 minutes.

Mothers and wives dressed in black tried to stifle sobs as the recording played on in the packed courtroom during the testimony of French civil aviation expert Philippe Plantin de Hugues.

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Nine-hour marathon for two leaders


LEADERS of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities yesterday kicked off the first round of intensive talks with a nine-hour meeting where they exchanged views on governance.

“We have freely exchanged views on the various aspects of governance, without having any document as a basis; I want to make this clear,” President Demetris Christofias said after the meeting.

He was referring to the proposals submitted by the Turkish side, outlining its positions regarding governance and power-sharing.

He said both him and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat had stated that nothing has been agreed and nothing will be agreed if there is no agreement on everything.

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‘I got involved with drugs to help my user brother’

A 28-YEAR-OLD Nicosia man who was yesterday jailed for two and a half years for possession of, and intent to sell, 60 grams of cocaine said he only became involved in the drugs business when he tried to help his brother who was a user.

Sitting in his holding cell at Nicosia’s Criminal Court staring at the ground, George Nicolaou said: “I came back from Russia, where I studied philology in Yekaterinburg, to help my brother and then on September 15, 2008 my life came to an end and I started dealing drugs,” he said.

The divorced father of one said he remembered the date clearly because it was when everything in his life had started falling apart.

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Clubs: left with no choice

OWNERS of entertainment establishments have warned they will shut their shops and go on the dole by the end of the month unless lawmakers agree to look at proposals they have made to amend the law banning smoking in all public places.

At a meeting in Nicosia yesterday, bar and night-club representative body PASIKA called on parliament to rethink the law. They have prepared a list of proposals to be forwarded to the House Health Committee.

PASIKA’s general secretary Fanos Leventis told newsmen later that if parliament “refuses” to look at their proposals by month’s end, their association will be left with no choice but to take drastic steps, including shutting down their businesses for good.

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Eurocypria pilots suspended over Poland landing incident

THE TWO Eurocypria pilots involved in a breach of safety procedures in November have been suspended pending the outcome of an official investigation, the airline confirmed yesterday.

The investigation will look into the pilots’ failure to complete post-flight and pre-flight checks and report existing damage before the aircraft’s onward flight. The airline is treating the episode as a “serious incident”, and has indicated that “dismissal is a possibility”.

The pilots were in charge of a Eurocypria Boeing 737 which was damaged during landing at Katowice airport, Poland, on November 9. The aircraft, which was carrying around 170 passengers, partly missed the runway and sustained damage to the front landing gear, reflectors and headlamps. No passengers were hurt.

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Vandals hit Limassol cemetery

INVESTIGATIONS continued yesterday into vandalism at the Ayios Nikolas cemetery in Limassol where 70 graves, including that of former President Spyros Kyprianou, had Greek and Cypriot flags removed.

The vandalism took place on Sunday only days after the Greek flag was removed from the empty grave of former President and DIKO leader Tassos Papadopoulos whose remains were stolen from the Deftera cemetery outside Nicosia in mid-December, and which are still missing.

Police yesterday confirmed that Sunday’s incident in Limassol where flags and candles were removed from graves, including that of Kyprianou – also a former President and DIKO leader – was not connected to the recent flag-removal at the Papadopoulos site.

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British soldier killed in head-on collision

A 36-YEAR-OLD British permanent resident David Anthony Jones was killed by a pensioner, who tested more than double the permitted alcohol limit in his blood, in a road traffic accident in Paphos on Sunday lunchtime.

Jones, who was serving at the army base of Akrotiri, was fatally injured when the high-powered racing motorbike he was driving was involved in a head on collision with a pick-up truck.

The accident took place on the Mesoyi to Tsada road. The 76-year-old truck driver had more than 40 years experience as a bus driver, but was found to have an alcohol level of 43mg in his blood. The legal limit is 22 mg. Police arrested him at the scene.

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