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Playing the waiting game pays off

I love Cyprus because while the UK is covered in snow, you can sunbathe here for about 360 days a year, if you like that sort of thing. And when you get bored with that you can always drink overpriced coffee, attempt to solve the Cyprus problem or get a job…

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High-profile murder shocks Cyprus

ALL OF Cyprus was left stunned yesterday following the murder of Sigma boss Andis Hadjicostis on Monday night.

Political figures, the Archbishop, journalists’ and even President Demetris Christofias paid tribute to the 41-year-old whose life was taken so suddenly.

By yesterday afternoon police were nowhere nearer to uncovering who was behind the 8.40pm shooting. “We have nothing tangible as yet,” said Nicosia CID assistant chief Andreas Christodoulou.

The senior officer said police were questioning friends and family of the deceased but that so far they had found no motive for the senseless killing.

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Our View: The criminals have taken over the asylum

MONDAY night’s murder of the Dias Group’s CEO Andis Hadjicostis sent shock waves across Cyprus. This was not an underworld hit that people take in their stride, shrugging their shoulders and dismissing as the settling of scores between criminals. Nobody could display this type of indifference to Monday night’s murder as it was not what we have become accustomed to.

Hadjicostis, the chief executive of the biggest media group in Cyprus, was gunned down outside his house, in a residential area in the centre of town, as he stepped out of his car at 8.45 pm. The murderer then ran to where an accomplice was waiting for him on a motorbike and fled the scene. To commit the crime, at such a time, in a centrally-located neighbourhood, was an indication of the assassin’s audacity.

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AG: Cyprus has hit rock bottom

THE COUNTRY’S top lawyer yesterday suggested all citizens of Cyprus should be worried after Monday’s murder of media owner Andis Hadjicostis

“Really, where things have gone, every citizen should be happy to be alive,” Attorney-general Petros Clerides said yesterday.

Speaking on Radio Proto in the morning, Clerides suggested the country had hit rock-bottom.

“If people like Andis Hadjicostis are murdered in the street, and no one knows where these murderous bullets came from then every citizen in this country should be worried,” Clerides said.

He said complacency was to blame for the worsening crime situation on the island.

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A businessman well liked by associates and friends

BORN IN Nicosia in September 1968 Andis Hadjicostis was the younger of two sons of Costas and Toulla Hadjicostis.

He studied economics and political science at the University of Southampton and worked as a business consultant with German firm Kienbaum Consulting an economic analyst for the European Commission.

He returned to Cyprus in 1995 to join the DIAS Group and Sigma as the head of marketing.

In 2001 he took the reins of the group, which includes over 25 publications, radio, and television.

He was also the managing director of IMH, a company offering services that include organising conferences, congresses and seminars, commercial exhibitions, business media and human capital consulting and training.

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‘Open and frank’ talks continue


THE SECOND day of intensive talks on the Cyprus issue between President Demetris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat were “very open and very frank about the issues of governance and power-sharing”, UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer said yesterday.

Speaking after the eight-hour session, Downer said that the United Nations “are happy with the way the two leaders are conducting the negotiations. We think it is appropriate. There are, obviously, challenging issues. But we are happy with the way the negotiations have been proceeding over the last couple of days.”

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Could Uri Geller help to locate Papadopoulos’ remains?

THE FAMILY of Tassos Papadopoulos yesterday denied reports that they had enlisted celebrity psychic, Uri Geller, in their hunt for the late President’s remains.

Nicholas Papadopoulos said “I have not read the reports, but I have been told about them and they are not true. They have no basis in reality.”

Geller, who was in Kefalonia yesterday, declined to comment.

However, on Friday Geller told Sigma TV that he would happily help with the investigation into the theft of the body if he was asked to do so. He has in the past worked for the CIA and the FBI on criminal cases.

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‘Take a hike’ club owners told

PARLIAMENT WILL not bow to threats and blackmail from the pro-smoking lobby, warned Chairman of the House Health Committee Costas Constantinou yesterday.

The DISY deputy said the House was willing to take a second look at the smoking ban brought into effect on January 1 if there were shortcomings in the law, but would not accept ultimatums. Greens deputy Georgios Perdikis said any backtracking by parliament would be a “tragic mistake”.

Just ten days after the law was implemented, owners of entertainment establishments warned on Monday they would shut up shop and go on the dole by the end of the month unless lawmakers look at new proposals to amend the smoking ban in all public places.

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Car importers try to claw back business

DESPITE THE near 40 per cent drop in sales last year and the continued existence of a flat market, car importers have decided to hold the largest Motorshow ever seen in Cyprus this month.

Head of the Motor Vehicles Importers’ Association (SEMO), Petros Krasias yesterday announced that Motorshow 2010 would go ahead this year, despite continually poor sales, in an effort to inject some life into the car market.

“Last year, we saw a drop of around 40 per cent in car registrations, which created a big problem for all importers. The slump continues, we don’t see an upturn,” he told a news conference.

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