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Baghdatis beats Hewitt to advance to Sydney semi-finals


MARCOS Baghdatis advanced to the semi-finals of the Sydney Open yesterday after coming back from a set down to beat home favourite Lleyton Hewitt 4-6, 6-2, 6-3.

Fourth seed Hewitt was on course to reach his fifth semi-final appearance at the event after breaking the Cypriot’s serve in the third game of the opening set, which he went on to win after 51 minutes.

But Baghdatis then reeled off five straight games to level the match and continued in the same way in the decider by breaking Hewitt’s serve to take a 3-1 lead which he never looked back on.

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Police say one step closer to solving Hadjicostis murder

POLICE YESTERDAY confirmed that a member of the secret service had warned media mogul Andis Hadjicostis his life was in danger before he was murdered.
Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said investigations were set to move forward to the next stage as he all but ruled out political motives.
Police chief Michalis Papageorgiou chaired a lengthy meeting at Nicosia CID yesterday as senior police officers collated leads in an effort to shed some light on a crime that has stunned the country.
Later in the day, police spokesman Katsounotos hinted that the force was progressing in the murder investigations.
“The investigations are moving in certain directions. Something remains and we don’t rule out having [that] soon,” he said.

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Our View: Christofias’ political skills are sorely lacking

AFTER three days of marathon meetings, President Christofias and Mehmet Ali Talat will take a 10-day break from the intensive talks that began on Monday in a climate of negativity and pessimism. After the second day, UN Special Representative, Alexander Downer, said he was “happy with the way the negotiations have been proceeding” and that they were “very open and frank”.
This is a peculiar development, considering that 24 hours before the start of the talks Christofias had a meeting with all the parliamentary party leaders and they unanimously decided to reject the proposals submitted by the Turkish side.

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Mourners pay tribute to Hadjicostis at funeral

HUNDREDS OF people gathered in Nicosia yesterday to bid a final farewell to Andis Hadjicostis, the media owner murdered on Monday by unknown gunmen.
His funeral service was held at the Ayioi Omologites church and was conducted by Archbishop Chrysostomos II.
Mourners waited patiently in pouring rain to extend their condolences to the Hadjicostis family.
A long line of umbrella-wielding people stretched from inside the church to the courtyard, the street, and beyond.
“What can one say? We have lost an outstanding man. It is a big injustice,” one woman said.
“I am shocked. He is the last person I expected to be murdered,” a man added.

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Conspiracy theorists lean towards political motive

AS THE police investigation into the murder of media owner Andis Hadjicostis entered its second day, some politicians and commentators had already concluded the killing had been politically motivated.
Simerini columnist and radio show host, Lazaros Mavros was adamant: “The murder of Andis Hadjicostis was planned and executed to take the DIAS Group out of the way. To subjugate Simerini and bring Radio Proto to its knees.”
Mavros cryptically said the murder was a “clear message” to daily newspaper Phileleftheros and television station Ant1 and “to all those who insist on resisting them daily.”
He said for years now “they” have been waging psychological warfare on Cypriot Hellenism to “crush the people’s resistance”.

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Dozens of abandoned cars to be towed in Strovolos

STROVOLOS Municipality has been strictly enforcing the law on abandoned cars and has recently announced that dozens of abandoned vehicles will be removed by the local authority, unless owners respond to the call to move them.
This stricter approach, afforded by a recent amendment to the law has brought about remarkable results in terms of the speed and effectiveness with which abandoned cars are removed.
“The amendment to the relevant law has speeded up the process and citizens are no longer forced to tolerate abandoned cars in their neighbourhoods,” Giorgos Tsiakkas, Strovolos Municipality officer told the Cyprus Mail.
“In 2009 alone, 740 abandoned cars were successfully removed either by their owners or by the municipality,” Tsiakkas added.

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Low key end to first round of intensive talks

THE TWO leaders ended the first three-day session of intensive talks yesterday on a low key, leaving nearly two weeks for thought, reflection, a National Council meeting and trips to Athens and Ankara before resuming intensive talks on January 25.
The meeting lasted eight hours, after which UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer said the two had “a free and very open exchange of views on the issue of governance and power sharing”.
Asked whether the UN had met its objective of achieving progress, the Australian diplomat replied: “As I said, and I choose my words carefully, these talks are being held very much in a positive spirit and in a very good atmosphere.”

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A social movement for a united Cyprus

A BICOMMUNAL peace movement went public in Nicosia yesterday, with the stated aim of rallying support for a unified federal state.
The United Cyprus Bi-Communal Peace Initiative, was founded three months ago in Limassol, decided to make itself known to the wider public “to give support to the ongoing negotiation process”.
The group used yesterday’s news conference to outline their five primary principles, including what they believed were the current hindrances to reunification. Citing issues of property and demographic change as being serious issues that require both sides’ attention, the group also believes both communities must be continually informed about the ongoing negotiations.

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CTO eyes Russia’s religious tourists

THE CYPRUS Tourism Organisation (CTO) yesterday announced plans to tap into the Russian market for religious tourism on the island.
CTO representatives attended the Fifth International Pilgrimages Conference in Moscow, where the general conclusion was that there is great interest from Russians for religious tourism in Cyprus.
“The Cyprus representation realised that there is a lot of interest by Russians to visit religious monuments in Cyprus and participate in religious rituals. The need was identified for specific programmes to be compiled in co-operation with the Church of Cyprus and their presentation to the Moscow Patriarch,” a CTO statement read.

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Man guilty of threatening policewoman at home

A 29-YEAR-OLD Palestinian man lost his temper with a Nicosia district judge when he was found guilty of threatening a woman with assault and battery.
Mandy Al Nagar Gazy told Judge Charalambos Charalambous that the woman who had made the charges against him was a liar and had fabricated the entire story.
He was found guilty of threatening to kill a policewoman with whom he’d become obsessed in March 2008, after tracking her down to where she lived.
Reports said when he showed up at her house one night and the officer refused to invite him in, he threatened to leave his mark on her by either dousing her in petrol and setting her alight, pouring acid over her or carving up her face.

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