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There are just too many lawyers in this place

IT HAS been a jolly week in Cyprus. Much joy and backslapping, as it seems that the Cyprus property issue now been resolved, thanks to the UK Court of Appeal decision in the Orams’ case. It is great being in Europe. Tourists could now be sued for trespassing in hotels in the north and presumably, restaurants, beaches and any public toilets build on Greek Cypriot land. Why stop there? In Europe we don’t discriminate. Why not sue some European tourists on this side of the island too and scare them all away. A good place to start would be all those Brits that could be said to be trespassing on properties they don’t own in Paphos; they may think that they bought them but if they still don’t have the title deeds….

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Dramatic arrest of TV presenter in media murder case

WELL-KNOWN television presenter Elena Skordelli was one of two more people arrested last night in connection to the murder of media mogul Andis Hadjicostis on January 11.

Media crews and the press clamoured outside the Paphos Gate police station for a shot of Skordelli, in handcuffs, as she was brought in for questioning in a CID vehicle.

The other person under arrest is her brother, Tasos Krasopoulis.

Both will be appearing in court today for their remand hearing. Police yesterday insisted on a news moratorium and declined to release any information about the nature of the fresh arrests.

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Our View: Archbishop has no desire to share his opinions on taxes

THE CHURCH owes the state €85 million in taxes, said the Auditor-general. The total bill, with taxes and penalties, according to the Auditor-general would be in the region of €169 million, an amount that would go some way in helping ailing state finances. And if the finance minister finally implemented his proposal for calculating property tax on current valuations of land, the tax bill of the Church, the island’s biggest landowner, would be even higher.

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North’s property market in free fall

ESTATE Agents in the north have conceded that the once-booming property market is in freefall and teetering on the brink of collapse as a result of the Orams ruling.

News of the verdict spread like wildfire, leaving thousands of Britons and other Europeans reeling at the developments in London. Many, realising their property investments were no-longer cast-iron, raced to place their properties on the open market.

In an effort to calm down worried residents, the chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Gunay Cerkez said that Britons, who are panicking at the verdict, must receive urgent guarantees – in an effort to stop them from abandoning their homes in the north.

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‘Britain has given it all to the Greek’ say expats in the north

MISINFORMATION, resignation and above all animosity reigned over the issue of property among British expats in Kyrenia yesterday.

An informal survey of expats’ views by the Cyprus Mail found that that the outcome of the Orams case has sent a shockwave through their community, with angry responses directed variously towards Greek Cypriots, the British Government and even this reporter.

Asked about local residents’ concerns, an indignant British woman, at the CodBaba Chip shop said: “There are a lot of angry people here but I’m not talking to you (because) you’re part of the propaganda machine.”

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‘Sorry the party’s over’

FOREIGN TRESPASSERS and illegal developers of Greek Cypriot properties in the north were warned in no uncertain terms yesterday that “the party is over” by the lawyer for Melitis Apostolides in the Orams case.

Constantis Candounas warned that there was “no free ride” anymore for those who exploit Greek Cypriot properties in the north following the victory in the English Court of Appeal on Tuesday. “My only message to trespassers and illegal developers in the north is that the party is over. I’m sorry,” he said.

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Final touches to phone-tapping bill

LAWMAKERS are putting the final touches to a draft bill that would allow police for the first time to legally tap phones and monitor internet communications in criminal cases.

That would require an amendment of Article 17 of the Constitution. The necessary consensus seems to be in place for the change, and the bill should muster the required two-thirds majority to amend the Constitution.

As the draft legislation stands, phone surveillance covers suspects connected to the following crimes: premeditated murder; manslaughter; attempted murder; trafficking of human beings (adults and minors); trade, trafficking, distribution, cultivation and manufacturing of narcotics; internet-related crimes, such as child pornography; currency forgery; and money laundering.

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Eurocypria throws down the gauntlet to CY

THE SERIOUS interest being shown by a foreign investor in acquiring a minority stake in Eurocypria is proof of the state-owned charter airline’s health and good prospects for the future, Eurocypria CEO Lefteris Ioannou said yesterday.

Speaking at a news conference on “the present and future of the company”, Ioannou said this was “the best possible answer to all those who recently ‘passed judgement’ through various so-called studies that our company cannot survive and has no future”.

“No private investor would want to buy shares in a company that is heading for bankruptcy or has no room for survival,” he said.

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Credibility test for economic policy

The last of the government’s three “roadshows” to potential foreign bond investors took place in Frankfurt yesterday, in the aftermath of accusations from opposition party DISY that “misleading” budget deficit forecasts from the Finance Ministry threatened the country’s credibility with the EU.

The government gave presentations to potential investors in Brussels, Zurich and Frankfurt on successive days this week in an effort to plug a growing gap in state revenues – the latest official figures show a €576 million shortfall – with at least €1 billion in the form of 10-year bonds.

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EU Council President says Cyprus solution important for region

THE EU stands ready to provide all the advice and support possible to find a solution, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said yesterday.

Van Rompuy’s remarks came as President Demetris Christofias requested the EU President’s assistance in finding a Cyprus solution.

Van Rompuy who was visiting Cyprus in the framework of the preparation of the Informal EU Summit in February, had a working lunch with Christofias.

“I asked Mr Van Rompuy if the EU would support the Republic of Cyprus in its effort,” Christofias said during a news conference with the EU Council President.

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