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Baghdatis injury hands Hewitt win

MARCOS Baghdatis retired from his match against Lleyton Hewitt on Saturday due to injury to gift the Australian a free pass to the fourth round at Melbourne Park.

Baghdatis and Hewitt played an epic five-set match that finished after 0430 in 2008, the latest-finishing match in the tournament’s history, but hopes of a similar hard-fought contest were snuffed out when the Cypriot walked off when trailing 4-2 in the second set after losing the first 6-0.

Baghdatis, who was attended to by trainers during the break after the first set, had experienced cramping in his five-set second-round win over David Ferrer.

“He just said he was obviously feeling it in his serve a little bit… his shoulder,” Hewitt said in a courtside interview after the match.

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TV presenter ‘wanted the elimination of media owner’, court told

A TV PRESENTER and her brother, arrested in connection with the murder of a media owner allegedly offered the assassins money and work for killing him, a Nicosia court heard yesterday.
Elena Skordelli, 42, and Tasos Krasopoulis, 37, were remanded in custody for eight days for the killing of DIAS Group CEO Andis Hadjicostis who was gunned down outside his house in Nicosia on Monday January 11.
The two suspects deny all charges.
Three other suspects are already in custody for the high-profile murder that shocked the island.
Authorities are seeking a fourth suspect, believed to be abroad.

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Our View: Orams ruling must be kept in perspective

A FEW DAYS ago, we wrote that Greek Cypriots should not get carried away by the Orams judgment and lose sight of the need for a political settlement. The Oramses may have been punished by the courts for building a villa on the land of Greek Cypriot refugee Meletis Apostolides, but the owner is no closer to having his land returned to him as a result of the judgment. 

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UN’s Ban to visit next month

UN SECRETARY-General Ban Ki-moon will make his first visit to Cyprus early next month to give a boost to ongoing negotiations between the two leaders, a diplomatic source said yesterday.
According to the source, Ban intends on passing through Cyprus to meet the leaders for a day or two in the first week of February as he shuttles between Europe and North Africa on official visits. His visit will come following the conclusion of the intensive talks, for which the second and final phase of three-day talks will begin this Monday. It is hoped that his presence will help push the talks forward. 

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Students riot outside Larnaca police station

AROUND 100 students yesterday bombarded Larnaca Traffic Police department with stones, firecrackers and eggs in protest at the circumstances of the fatal motorbike accident of their 16-year-old fellow student last month.
The reason for yesterday’s protest was a broadcast on private television station Sigma during which Demetris Theakou, the father of the dead student Vasilis Theakou, retracted statements he made immediately after his son’s death absolving the police from responsibility.

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Police probe into college refunds

MKC City College Director, Costas Charalambous, has called for patience from the seventy foreign students to whom it owes approximately €224,400 in refunds after their visa applications were rejected.
The police are now investigating the college’s finances.
Asked when the College intends to repay three Pakistani students, to whom it owes over €10,000, Charalambous said: “Of course we will refund them, but they must be patient. If they want to discuss this then they can come to the college.”
He also denied rumours reportedly circulating among current students that the college could close at the end of the month. He said: “The rumours are not true. Whoever said this is wrong.” 

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Taxes on Petrol may be increased to balance budget

THE FINANCE Ministry is currently considering raising taxes on petrol and diesel – but not on heating kerosene – in order to help make up budget shortfalls, it emerged yesterday. 
The proposed increases currently under discussion are an eight-cent increase on diesel leading to a total tax on diesel of 32.5 cents per litre and a five-cent increase on petrol resulting in a total tax of 35 cents per litre.
The underlying purpose of these increases is to secure structured financing of €2 billion at a 2.5 per cent rate of interest. 
“What is driving this is Moody’s and the other ratings’ agencies and the government is in fear that if our credit rating falls lower we will have to pay more for loans,” said Costas Apostolides a consultant economist with firm EMS.

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State plays down towering fears over old GSP park plan

AUTHORITIES have sought to play down fears over the old GSP field playing host to a 25-storey building, saying the proposed park will go ahead as planned, with a tower slated for the site opposite.
According to Nicosia mayor Eleni Mavrou, the tower’s height will be decided by the outcome of an architectural competition, which will also determine the use of the site.
The public competition to design the precise use of the site has not opened yet and the terms under which it will be held are currently being clarified. 
According to Mavrou, the tall building has been included to attract private investors to help fund the project, including the park area.

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Napa seeks foreign football teams for winter training

AYIA NAPA will host more foreign football teams for winter training this year than previous years, according to Ayia Napa mayor Antonis Tsokkos but the area is in dire need of a sports upgrade.
Tsokkos announced his intention to garner interest from teams in northern Europe for winter training in Cyprus to offset the downturn from the British tourist market.
Tsokkos said that while he seeks to arouse interest from Germany and Russia, a modern athletic centre is needed in the Ayia Napa district. While the plans have been approved by the Education Ministry, the process is caught up in bureaucratic procedures and has yet to be submitted to the ministerial committee for approval.

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Handling company ignored warning signs in Christmas runway glitch

THE COMPANY responsible for the upkeep of the runway lights at Larnaca airport incorrectly assessed the extent of the danger damage to the lights had posed.
This was the conclusion of the investigation into what went wrong on Christmas Eve when a malfunction with the runway lights at Larnaca airport stopped dozens of planes from landing or taking off.
The report, which was published yesterday, said the handling company had ignored three warning signs before the final blackout when one out of two lighting systems had indicated a fault and had not informed the Civil Aviation department. Another problem outlined by the report was the insufficient prevention maintenance of the lighting system as well as the fact that the current electrical cables were outdated.

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