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What happens to the stolen cars?

Once car theft was seen as a crime which happened in other countries – you know what’s coming next:

“I remember Cyprus in the olden days when you could leave the keys in the car, the front door open and money on the kitchen sideboard…”

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For all those Murray haters out there

I LOVE being home in the UK but some things are just completely bonkers. On my top ten list of things that irritate are having to separate rubbish into about 20 different bins, excessive political correctness and just how many people hate Andy Murray…

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No one heard Helios Mayday call

A DISTRESS signal sent out by Helios flight ZU 522 during its last minutes in the air fell on deaf ears, a Greek expert said in court yesterday.
Elias Nicolaides, a witness for the prosecution, said the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) of the doomed Boeing 737-300 captured the voice of a man desperately calling for help, minutes before the jet smashed into hilly terrain outside Athens on August 15, 2005.
The airline, Helios Airways and its officers are on trial for “employing, and continuing to employ, unfit and inadequate pilots.” They face charges of manslaughter and reckless endangerment leading to the death of 121 people.

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Our View: Timing always wrong for our political parties

IT’S OFFICIAL – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will arrive on Sunday, in order to “to personally show his support for the efforts of the two leaders to find a solution.” During his discussions with the two leaders, according to the UN spokesperson, he would be “focusing on the state of progress in the talks, and on how best the UN can assist their efforts.”

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Health services ‘do not respect’ patients’ rights

MIX-UPS with lab tests, bad behaviour by doctors toward their patients and lack of medical equipment are some of the many problems highlighted in the Ombudswoman’s latest report on the state of health care.
The Ombudswoman’s report even documents instances where doctors argued among themselves about the course of action over a hapless patient’s hospital bed.
Presenting her findings yesterday to the House Health Committee, Iliana Nicolaou said the majority of complaints made to her office concerned the poor quality of health care.
“That is why we insist, in order that these matters can be dealt with immediately…But I am sad to say that, for the time being, such an immediate response is not forthcoming from the Ministry of Health,” Nicolaou told newsmen later.

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‘A vote of confidence in Cyprus’ economy’

THE FINANCE Ministry was all smiles yesterday following the “great success” of the 10-year foreign bond issue, which raised €1 billion at a “very competitive rate”.
Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis called it “a vote of confidence in Cyprus’ economy” by both foreign and local investors.
He said that the bonds – which will give a yield of 4.68 per cent and will expire in February 2020 – will cover all of the state’s financing needs until November 2010, and will significantly ease medium-term refinancing requirements.
Stavrakis added that, given the unprecedented negative economic climate generally and in the government bond market in particular, “this is a vote of confidence in Cyprus’ economy”.

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Ban’s visit ‘to show support for the leaders’

THE UN yesterday officially announced that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon would be arriving on the island on Sunday for a two-day visit “to personally show his support” for the efforts of the two leaders,
According to his spokesman, Ban decided to visit the island after speaking with his Special Adviser for Cyprus, Alexander Downer. He will hold discussions with the leaders as well as with Downer, focusing on the state of progress in the talks, and on how best the United Nations can continue to assist their efforts, said the spokesman.  

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Huge church to dwarf 500-year old landmark Nicosia chapel

THE TOWN Planning Department has granted permission for a “huge” new church next to 500-year-old Ayia Paraskevi Church in Strovolos (Nicosia), despite objections by Strovolos Municipality and local residents, it emerged yesterday.
In a press statement, the Cyprus Social Ecology Movement slammed the proposed building of a “huge luxury church in the yard of the historic church of Ayia Paraskevi in Nicosia, despite strong reaction by the public as well as officials of the state and local authority.”
The group criticised the Orthodox Church leadership for its “unacceptable and continuous plans” to build huge churches in the historic centre of Nicosia, the main public park in Paphos, and now a new church “that will overwhelm the Ayia Paraskevi Church in Nicosia”.

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Greek national accuses CY of Racism

A GREEK citizen intends to take Cyprus Airways (CY) to court for alleged racial discrimination against him, it emerged yesterday.
Nicolaos Bourboulis, an infrastructure consultant who resides in Italy but has a Greek father and Ethiopian mother, claims the incident occurred on Wednesday morning when airport officials suggested his passport was counterfeit, which delayed him so that he missed his flight.
“I arrived at the desk five to ten minutes before check-in. Then I collected my wrapped luggage and went to immigration.” At the immigration desk, he says, the assistant saw that he was a black man with a Greek passport, and asked him if he spoke Greek. “I replied ‘A little’ and then she said ‘this passport is a fake.’ and took it to be checked.”

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Bringing order to ‘chaotic’ car repairs sector

AUTHORITIES are coming down hard on car mechanics citing a list of qualifications and checks that will come with the new licences to be issued from Monday.
Qualifications for mechanics have not been updated for 14 years.
Under the new system there are 12 categories under which a licence can be granted but mechanics are free to take on more than one of the listed qualifications.
These include car mechanic, motorbike mechanic, car electrician, tyre technician, paint technician and air conditioning technician among others.

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