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Obama’s Middle Eastern adventure

BARACK OBAMA had worse failures to address in his State of the Union message on Wednesday, but a few days before he owned up to the most foolish miscalculation that his administration had made in its first year in power. In an interview with Joe Klein of Time magazine, he confessed that he had not understood the obstacles to an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement.

“The Middle East peace process has not moved forward….For all our efforts at early engagement, (it) is not where I want it to be,” Obama said. “If we had anticipated some of these political problems on both sides earlier, we might not have raised expectations as high.”

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They should be ashamed of themselves

The article by Sebastian Heller, “National Action plan for integration of immigrants” (Sunday Mail, January 17) declares that a National Action Plan for the integration of immigrants into society “should be ready by the end of February, after which it will be discussed with the local municipalities and ‘social partners’ who will help facilitate its application.”

This superficially attractive plan is a transparently obvious scheme, all while projecting the appearance of doing something dynamic and progressive, to establish an endless dialogue with municipalities and ‘social partners’.

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It’s not as bleak as you would have us believe, Mr Davis

I refer to Peter Davis’ letter in your January 24 letters (‘Cyprus has run out of customers’). Mr Davis seems to wake up in a daily fog of negativity. I hate to disappoint him but many people will desire to move to Cyprus in the future.

It is a beautiful country with great weather and, generally speaking, the Cypriot people remain extremely affable and patient with their foreign ‘guests’. I have lived the dream and moved to Limassol from New York almost three years ago. I very recently completed construction of a house here and regularly receive visits from serious buyers – both Cypriot and international.

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Looking for water stories

I am an author writing a book about Europe’s coming water problems. Cyprus has particular water issues and I am interested in hearing from people whose business or lifestyle has been affected by water shortages. I shall be in Cyprus the second week of February. Please email [email protected] My current book is Peak Water: Civilisation and the World’s Water Crisis.


Alexander Bell

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Lawyers who target north tourists need reality check

I think the lawyer proposing to sue people who may have holidayed in hotels such as The Dome, must surely be skating on very thin ice.

This is not the same as people like the Orams, who have purchased and built illegally. Holidaymakers would be totally unaware about the ownership of a hotel or the land on which it has been built.

Do you know of anyone, anywhere, where those sort of investigations are instructed to a lawyer before booking a holiday? Get real…


Michael Strand,


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Less politics, more Christian behaviour from the Archbishop is needed

I could not resist writing, after reading the article in your January 24 edition of the Sunday Mail concerning the Church and Archbishop.

First of all, it would not be amiss if the Archbishop read and I quote: Sermon on the Mount, St. Mathew, Chapter 5, No. 9: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”.

Now I cannot by any means associate the Archbishop with a peacemaker. Distributing questionable pamphlets of a political nature in the church is mindboggling. Funded by the Archbishopric to boot.

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Like a star


Don’t be fooled by the sweet face and the diminutive stature, 18-year-old Nicole Paparistodemou has got a big voice and sings convincingly with emotion and maturity beyond her years.

The attractive teenager from Paphos has set her sights on representing Cyprus at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Oslo in May. But first she has to win the national final to choose the song to represent Cyprus, to be held in Nicosia on February 7.

“I have been drawn to perform last, at number 10, in the competition and I think this is great. I hope that my performance will stay in peoples’ minds and they will vote for me,” she said.

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Restaurant review: Kati Allo, Letymbou, Paphos

When asked what he thought of Greek /Cypriot cooking, the American food writer Jeffrey Steingarten replied: “I have to question a cuisine created by people who pickle their cheese and put tree sap in their wine.”

Regular holidaymakers to the island may well agree with him, especially after two weeks dining on mezze accompanied by carafes of headache-inducing village wine. Same goes for residents who, after the first five or six visits to their local taverna start to become somewhat jaded after being swamped by a parade of lack lustre dishes.

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Bar Review: Bennigan’s, Nicosia

It’s that time of year again: New Year’s resolutions have been determinedly made and then lazily forgotten in the wake of the January blues. February, with its long, cold and dark nights is upon us and it’s at least another two or three months before summer starts peeping around the corner. Doesn’t really put you in the mood to party does it? Nope – donning the glad rags and teetering into town only to yawn the night away or brave the chill for a hit of nicotine is not appealing.

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