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Cyprus has failed to protect grass snake

THE EUROPEAN Commission is taking Cyprus to court for not following grass snake conservation directives.

Barbara Helfferich, Spokeswoman for the Environment at the Commission said yesterday “The Commission considered that the Cypriot Authorities had not taken the necessary measures to protect the Cyprus Grass Snake, contrary to the requirements of directives on the conservation and habitats of flora and fauna.”

The case concerns a local species of snake, Natrix Natrix Cypriaca, which is an endemic priority species and which needs strict protection.

After sending an initial notice, requiring the Government to designate a conservation area or Site of Community Importance (SCI), the Commission sent a “Reasoned Opinion” on July 6 2008.

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PrimeTel project finally looks set to be completed

THE MULTI-MILLION PrimeTel project to install next generation fibre optic telecommunications cables in Cyprus finally looks set to go ahead after a decision to move the controversial landing station to another location.

After being refused a licence  from the Yeroskipou local council to build a landing station by last year the fibre optics project, which will cost billions. ground to a halt.

There are only three areas designated suitable for landing stations by the government for the installation of sea cables in Cyprus. The one for the Paphos region is in Yeroskipou.

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Adventurers and dreamers targeted by CTO

DREAMERS, adventurers, house cats and the quiet types are just some of the categories representing the sorts of tourists who come to Cyprus, according to a recently-completed study funded by the EU.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), in cooperation with private enterprises, has just completed the 12-month study aimed at revitalising the tourist market in Cyprus at a time when it is experiencing a sharp downturn.

The main aim of the study was to enable business people and the CTO itself to produce more targeted initiatives to encourage tourism in Cyprus and to help in the development of more productive marketing campaigns.

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Bulgarian teen says she was kept prisoner in sham marriage racket

POLICE ARE investigating a case of kidnapping and indecent assault, after a 19-year-old woman claimed she had been detained against her will for a week by a stranger who wanted her to enter into a fake marriage.

The teenage Bulgarian arrived at Paphos airport on January 21 with two friends, a Bulgarian man and woman, to look for work. In her statement to police she said she was met at the airport by another Bulgarian woman who took her to Nicosia. The teenager was then driven to an Indian man who took her to a flat in the capital, where he reportedly kept her locked up for a week.

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Robber let in from the cold

A MAN ARMED with a gun yesterday morning robbed a Limassol cooperative bank of around €7,000, police said.

The door of the Yermasoyia Cooperative has to be opened from the inside but the sole employee mistook the robber for a customer and let him in.

The man apparently took advantage of the cold, wearing a scarf and cap with the colours of a Limassol football team.

When the door opened, he covered his face with the scarf and threatened the teller with a gun.

Speaking in Greek, the robber asked the woman to put the money in the bag he was carrying.

He fled on foot as soon as he got the money, while the teller notified the police.

Police cordoned off the scene and dispatched a helicopter in search of the perpetrator.

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New arrest in antiquities smuggling case

A 30-YEAR-OLD from Limassol was arrested yesterday in connection with the antiquities smuggling ring smashed by police last weekend in which ten people were arrested. The latest suspect is accused of conspiracy in a felony, illegal possession and smuggling of antiquities and illegal possession of a gun. The 30 year-old will remain in custody for seven days to facilitate the police investigation. Moe arrests are expected.

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Missing man

PASCHALIS Polycarpou, 32, has been missing from his home in Limassol since Thursday. His 28-year-old brother reported his absence to the police. Polycarpou is described as being 1.75m tall, thin build, with a white complexion, green eyes and short black hair. He also wears glasses.

Police are asking anyone with any information as to his whereabouts to contact Limassol CID, their nearest police station or the Citizen’s Hotline on 1460.

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Health: Prostate cancer – the silent killer

AS I WRITE THIS my brother-in-law is undergoing a three-hour operation to remove his prostate. He was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in early December. He’d had no symptoms but because he is over 50 his doctor, during his annual check-up tested his PSA levels. PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen which is a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland – the level of these proteins is the benchmark test for prostate cancer diagnosis. Steve’s were high.

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Health: Are you suffering from nutritional deficiencies?

Does your hair seem to lack lustre?

This may be due to possible deficiencies in biotin, amino acids or zinc. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are mainly found in high-biological value protein foods such as seeds, nuts, eggs and poultry. Zinc is found in nuts and whole grains as well as fortified products.


Are your gums red or infected?

Irritated gums may be the result of a low vitamin C status. Vitamin C is mainly found in oranges, lemons, red and yellow peppers. Of course, red or infected gums may also be a result of harsh chemicals in toothpaste.


Are you experiencing recurring constipation?

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Redefining the role of being Mum or Dad…

WE TAKE gender equality in the workplace for granted now; equal pay for equal work, the end of discrimination. Equality in the ‘homeplace’ is something else. For many households throughout Europe, it is still women who bear the main responsibility for domestic chores and rearing children.

New legislation in Britain may be about to challenge the old order for good. Paternity leave, giving fathers the right to take six months off to look after the baby while their partner returns to work is due to become law in the next few months.

This is not only a radical change in social roles, it is a radical change in the workplace. No longer will it only be women of a certain age deemed an ‘employable risk’ because they might take an expensive career break.

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