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My personal World Cup highlights…

Some people are saying that this World Cup has been rubbish. I think it has been great fun. Despite England’s disgraceful exit at the hands of Germany, the various examples of poor refereeing decisions and embarrassing slip-ups with the jabulani ball, there has been so much to entertain the fans. And most of it off the pitch.

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Cyprus face Davis Cup ‘mission impossible’

THE Cyprus Tennis Federation has announced that the national team will face Portugal in the Davis Cup Europe/Africa Group II Second Round without Marcos Baghdatis and Photos Kallias this weekend.

Baghdatis has had a very busy schedule prior to Wimbledon and he highlighted the need to rest before he starts his American hard-court campaign, culminating with the final Grand Slam of the season, the US Open.

In the meantime, the Cypriot number one has parted ways with his coach Eduardo Infantino and trainer Horacio Anselmi.

He is currently preparing for the Atlanta Tennis Championships which begin on July 19.

Kallias has been struggling with a knee injury over the last several months and will be out of action until he is fully recovered.

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A Digital Agenda for Europe and for Cyprus

LET us imagine a world where a small enterprise could make on-line transactions with public bodies in other EU countries, thus saving time and money. A world in which music and films will circulate, in a digital form, legally among EU member states, as easily and quickly as today it is the case only for pirate products. A world where patients will often not have to move away from their beds, as medical examinations could be performed via videoconference, from doctors that work for medical centres elsewhere in Europe.

This world does not belong to the distant future. This is the world of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

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Row over constitutional powers

A VERY public row over the constitutional boundaries between the powers of the Presidency and the House of Representatives erupted yesterday, with all parliamentary parties except for AKEL criticising President Demetris Christofias’ complaint on Tuesday that deputies are encroaching on his executive powers regarding the state budget.

Christofias said during a speech on Tuesday evening: “We have a House of Representatives which, with all due respect to my former parliamentary colleagues, is gradually turning into the governing power, cutting revenues and adding to spending using various pretexts.”

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Our View: What’s to be done about a massive, out of place cathedral in the old city?

IN THE END, Archbishop Chrysostomos got his way. The majority of Nicosia’s municipal councilors voted in favour of the big cathedral he wanted to build in the old part of town, in the grounds of the Archbishopric. The protesters, who attended Tuesday’s open session and frequently booed speakers, were unable to sway the vote against the construction of the cathedral.

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400 public sector jobs slashed

THE Cabinet yesterday approved the cancellation of 400 permanent positions in the public sector, in a move that is expected to save the state around €11.5 million.

Speaking after yesterday’s meeting, Government Spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said the positions involved certain ministries, though he didn’t announce which ones.

He added that the decision was part of the government’s efforts to tidy up public finances.

“It is well-known that the government has started intense efforts for an economic recovery,” said Stefanou. “A significant part of this effort is to reduce expenditure in the public service’s operation and maintenance.”

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Opponents of Nicosia’s ‘jewel’ mere cry-babies

TEMPERS flared yesterday over Nicosia Council’s decision to grant a building permit for Archbishop Chrysostomos’ controversial huge cathedral in the heart of Nicosia’s old centre, with the Archbishop calling opponents politically-motivated “cry-babies”.

At the same time, the chairman of the council’s planning permission committee insisted that, contrary to “misinformation” that had been circulated, the Church would have to incorporate a range of technical comments and proposals into the project’s plans before it could go ahead. Nicosia’s mayor, meanwhile, insisted that in practice, critics would have to rely on the Church’s goodwill for any changes made to the plans.

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Whatever the Archbishop wants will happen

RESIDENTS and shopkeepers of Nicosia’s old town have mixed feelings about the new cathedral.

In the area behind the Archbishopric, where the new 23-metre high cathedral is going to stand with its underground parking space for 150 cars, life moves slowly for the few small-scale businessmen, coffee-shop owners and carpenters that remain there.

For some, a new cathedral means more people in the area, and more business.

“The cathedral will attract people to this part of town. We want it to happen,” said Kyriakos Patatakos, 75, owner of a bookkeeping shop.

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Pedigree dog mauls Paphos boy

A ten-year-old Paphos boy was yesterday savagely mauled by a pedigree dog, which jumped out of the yard of a house in the village of Emba to attack the child, one of a group of youngsters playing in the street outside.

Police spokesman Nicos Tsappis told the Cyprus Mail: “The dog is an Japanese Akita, which is a pedigree breed and is two-and-a-half years of age. It attacked the boy and bit him on his face.”

The incident took place at around 8pm on Tuesday evening.

The terrified youngster was taken to Paphos General Hospital where the duty doctor found that the child had a large wound to the left side of his face, close to his eyebrow. His ear was also damaged.

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Government tight-lipped over CyTA’s future

PRESIDENT Demetris Christofias will appoint a new Board of Directors for the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority when he is ready, the Government Spokesman announced yesterday.

Speaking after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Stefanos Stefanou said that in contrast to popular belief the President and his ministers had not discussed the matter, “When the President is ready, he will take his decision to the Cabinet and we will announce it,” said Stefanou.

He brushed aside reports claiming Christofias was leaning towards appointing the same CyTA chairman – Stathis Kittis – along with a number of the other members that quit the Board earlier in the week.

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