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AKEL hits back at DISY jibes

THE fierce row between the government and the opposition continued yesterday with ruling AKEL accusing DISY of trying to denigrate President Demetris Christofias ahead of the presidential elections in 2013.

AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou accused DISY of acting according to a long-term strategy for next year’s parliamentary elections and the 2013 presidential elections.

“The funny thing is that yesterday (Sunday) … (DISY chief Nicos) Mr. Anastassiades urged unity in the domestic front,” Kyprianou said. “On one hand they want to denigrate the President, AKEL and the government, by putting out the message that nothing is done right.”

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Kyrenia hotel threatens Lopez with $40 million suit for no-show

A HOTEL in Kyrenia has threatened Jennifer Lopez with a 40 million dollar lawsuit after she cancelled a concert for “political” reasons, press reports said Sunday.

The chief executive of the Turkish-owned Cratos Premium Hotel and Casino said Lopez still had time to change her mind about the July 24 gig.

“The contract has not been terminated. If she does not show up for the concert, we will begin a procedure in the courts to claim 35-40 million dollars in damages,” warned Murat Bozoglu, speaking from the company’s headquarters in Istanbul on Sunday.

“The cancellation….is not covered by any clause in the contract she signed with us,” said Bozoglu.

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Matsakis arrested for disrupting exercises


FORMER MEP Marios Matsakis was arrested last night after entering a restricted military zone in Kalo Chorio in the Larnaca district and damaging targets used for firing practice.

According to Larnaca Press Agency, the 56-year-old Pyrgos resident had received information that the Defence Ministry had set new dates for firing range exercises for its tanks at Kalo Chorio, scheduled for mid-July and at the beginning and end of August.

In an effort to disrupt the exercise, the political firebrand entered the firing range dressed in camouflage at around 3pm yesterday. He was arrested six hours later.

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Hague seeks united island

THE UK wants to see a “stable, prosperous and united Cyprus” as soon as possible, said British Foreign Secretary William Hague yesterday after meeting with his Cypriot counterpart Marcos Kyprianou in London.

The new foreign secretary said the two had a wide ranging discussion and “reaffirmed our commitment to strengthening the bilateral relationship” between the two countries.

Stressing the UK’s support for UN efforts to end the conflict on the island, Hague said: “We want to see a settlement agreed and successfully implemented to deliver a stable, prosperous and united Cyprus, operating as a valued partner within the EU, at the earliest opportunity.”

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Refugee fined for photographing his home in Varosha

A FAMAGUSTA refugee had to pay a €500 fine to be released from custody in the north yesterday after being arrested by Turkish occupation forces for taking pictures of his home in the fenced off area of Varosha.

The 74-year-old Georgios Kyprianou, now a resident of Aradippou was arrested at 1.30pm on Sunday by Turkish soldiers after taking pictures of his home in Varosha with his 50-year-old son, Kypros Kyprianou, visiting with his family from America.

The two families visited the perimeter of the fenced-off city now classified as a Turkish military zone when father and son took out their cameras to take pictures from the perimeter.

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Cypriot bank officials face money laundering charges

TWO CYPRIOT bank officials face charges of money laundering and unfair use of confidential information lodged by the Romanian authorities.

The state broadcaster CyBC reported last night that four bankers in total, two Romanian and two Cypriot, were being investigated on the above charges.

Quoting the Athens News Agency, the broadcaster said that the two Cypriot employees from the Bank of Cyprus branch in Romania, allegedly passed on information to two Romanian colleagues that Banca Trasilvania was looking for a strategic investor and that the Cypriot bank planned to buy a significant number of shares in the Romanian bank. The bankers in question then allegedly bought shares worth millions, making huge profits.

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Media watch dog to probe complaint against CyBC

THE Cyprus Radio and Television Broadcasting Authority (CRTA) announced yesterday that it was investigating possible violations of the law concerning the protection of minors by state broadcaster CYBC.

CRTA president Andreas Petrides announced that it would be investigating CYBC after complaints were made by members of the public and the chairman of the Association for Prevention of Violence in the Family.

“Protection of minors by programmes that could potentially hurt their physical, ethical and intellectual development is one of the basic responsibilities of the authority,” he said.

“That is why I want to emphatically stress that the broadcasting authority will enforce the law concerning the protection of minors with determination and strictness.”

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Mixed signals over future of gambling

LAWMAKERS discussing a draft bill to regulate online betting were left flummoxed yesterday after hearing that the administration, understood to want to ban gambling, might not want an outright prohibition after all – maybe.

DISY MP Ionas Nicolaou, who chairs the House Legal Affairs Committee, spoke of a “cock-up” in government policy.

Both he and Ricos Erotocritou, head of the Institutions Committee, said they did not know what to make of the mixed signals coming from government officials regarding the issue.

The deputies were confounded because recently the Justice Minister, in an interview with a local newspaper, apparently pulled off a U-turn when he said explicitly that he was in favour of legalising online casinos.

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Police threaten strike action

WHAT happens when the police go on strike? A spat between the men in blue and the Chief of Police may suggest the day is not that far off.

The Cyprus Police Association (SAK) announced yesterday that later this month (July 24) it will be holding a protest outside the Presidential Palace. The demo’s purpose is to denounce the Chief’s recent move in launching disciplinary proceedings against at least two of its members.

According to Police Chief Michalakis Papageorgiou, SAK members broke the chain of command by not consulting the force’s leadership before holding a meeting with the Attorney-general. SAK had called for that meeting to discuss an ongoing dispute in the force, namely, the imposition of an eight-hour work-shift across the board.

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