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A world without cars will happen someday

IN THE modern world, we cherish our freedom and individuality. And, as automobile advertisers have long understood, few experiences make us feel more liberated than a fast ride with the top down.

To be modern is to be mobile. Our economy depends on the free and rapid circulation of people and goods, and we have invented transportation technologies to suit our needs. First the railroads moved people and goods at previously unimaginable speeds, while steamships circled the globe. Then, in the twentieth century, airplanes moved us even faster.

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Our view: Mediocrity wins out over excellence, again

PRESIDENT Christofias was yesterday expected to send back the law approved by the legislature for the extension of state teachers’ retirement age to 63. He has refused to sign the law and press reports suggested he would have sent it back to the legislature, which is currently in recess.

This is yet another case of the president pandering to interest groups while ignoring the real interests of the economy. According to the newspaper Haravghi, there was opposition to the voluntary extension of the retirement age, mainly by students with AKEL sympathies and the ‘Movement of non-appointed Teachers’, two groupings that deserved to be ignored rather than dictate government policy.

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Paphos bathers risking their lives

DESPITE THE numerous large warning signs and red flags clearly on display, bathers in Paphos were still swimming at the treacherous Venus Beach stretch yesterday as officials met to come up with a solution.

President of the beaches committee, Nicos Similides said yesterday: “We can’t seem to get the message across about how dangerous this area is. The beaches committee and the local council have done everything we can to try to dissuade bathers from swimming here.”

Similides said that two years ago, ministers promised the council and the beaches committee that a private enterprise would create wave barriers after a study of the area. But, according to the local councilor it has not materialised.

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A tale of group sex and drugs

A MAN arrested for holding his ex girlfriend, her toddler and a teenage friend hostage at knifepoint on Monday was yesterday remanded for eight days, amid claims of group sex and collective drug abuse.

The 34-year-old man faces serious charges, including abduction with intent to murder, causing actual bodily harm and possession of controlled substances.

During the suspect’s remand hearing, police said they were in the initial stages of their investigation and intended to take a further 20 statements – on top of the 10 they already had – thus justifying their request for an eight-day remand.

Furthermore, police are awaiting lab results on the knife that was confiscated, as well as drug tests carried out on the suspect and the three kidnap victims.

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Army doctor suspended over draft dodgers

A NATIONAL GUARD (NG) doctor has been suspended pending a disciplinary investigation after the Defence Ministry received a large number of complaints saying he was facilitating draft dodgers.

Ministry spokeswoman Aliki Stylianou yesterday confirmed that a disciplinary investigation had been launched, but she added that the ministry could not say anything until the probe was complete, mainly for legal reasons.

Asked when the investigation was expected to wrap up, Stylianou said it would be “very soon”, as the ministry likes to conclude such serious matters as soon as possible.

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Curium beach poo could be from turtles


Sovereign base area (SBA) authorities were carrying out more tests on the mysterious ‘poo-like’ substance on Curium beach yesterday, after confirming that it is not human waste and not harmful.

James Mansell, SBA spokesman, said yesterday that they have not issued a warning against visiting the beach, and that local laboratories are still testing the waste material, which the SBA authorities believe is from turtles.

One resident who visited the beach on Monday said that the amount of waste, which looked human waste but with a green colour and a squishy texture, had increased in recent weeks.

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‘Two states, two peoples’ mantra on invasion anniversary

FOR THERE to be any expectation of progress in the talks, the Turkish Cypriot side cannot keep questioning the basis of the talks, said DISY leader Nicos Anastassiades yesterday after a meeting with UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer.

The opposition leader said he spoke with Downer in an hour long meeting about the latest comments from Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu regarding “two states, two peoples”.

“I had the opportunity to suggest that for there to be progress or expected progress there shouldn’t be every so often a questioning of the basis of the negotiations as happened (on Monday),” he said.

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Turkey: Cyprus deal needed by end 2010

UN-BACKED efforts to reunite Cyprus could be lost unless a breakthrough is made by the end of the year, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek said yesterday.

“We seek a solution by the end of 2010. However, if this cannot be achieved everyone will go their separate ways,” Cicek said in a speech at a military parade in the north of Nicosia to commemorate the Turkish invasion on July 20, 1974.

“The talks cannot go on indefinitely,” he said.

The United Nations is to prepare a mid-term progress report this November on Cypriot reunification talks. Diplomats say the UN is frustrated with the slow pace of negotiations to re-link the island under a federal system.

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Sirens wail to mark 36 years of invasion

SIRENS wailed for yet another year yesterday morning, at 5:30am, marking the 36th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Throughout the island, memorial services and remembrance events took place in the presence of government officials and political party representatives.

President Christofias, speaking at an 8am memorial service at the military cemetery of Tymvos at Makedonitissa, asked for real unity on the domestic front, defined by pragmatism. “My big question is whether, having contemplated the tragedy of 1974, the coup, the losses, the missing people, we have derived any lessons from it,” he said.

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Moody’s meeting ‘went well’

FINANCE Minister Charilaos Stavrakis’ meeting yesterday with six analysts from international credit rating agency Moody’s “went well”, a ministry source told the Mail.

The source said that the meeting to assess Cyprus’ credit rating – ahead of an anticipated €1 billion eurobond issue around November – “went well”, especially in view of the fact that “this is a difficult period for rating countries and international financial instruments”.

“We expect Moody’s to make a formal announcement in due course, after they have processed the information they received during today’s meeting”, the source added.

Cyprus is currently rated Aa3 by Moody’s Investors Service, A+ by Standard and Poor’s and AA- by Fitch Ratings. Fitch confirmed its AA- rating in June.

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