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Not my idea of paradise

If you were thinking of going to Ayia Napa and haven’t been recently, I really wouldn’t bother. I have had to go twice in the last week and it was not a pleasant experience. Imagine the set of the Jeremy Kyle show, a heat wave, excessive alcohol consumption and vast amounts of unattractive flesh on display. It is not pretty…

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Downer: leaders must come clean with people

THE TWO leaders must tell people the truth about what is and is not possible if a Cyprus solution is finally to be found, said UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer last night.

Speaking at the Nicosia launch of PRIO’s third report on the Cyprus peace dividend, Downer urged the two leaders to tell the people what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear.

“Great leaders are all brave people and they change the paradigm. They don’t just tell people what they want to hear, they tell people what they need to hear. They tell people the truth, they level with people,” he said.

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Our View: Christofias and his unrealistic calls for unity

THE CALL for unity has become a standard feature of President Christofias’ public comments. He never misses the opportunity to wax lyrical about need for unity and censures the political parties for undermining efforts to achieve this ideal.

The truth is that there has never been a united home front, so why does the president expect it to materialise now? He certainly did not back the decisions of the government of Glafcos Clerides, in the name of unity, when he was the leader of the opposition. In fact he was cultivating division by attacking every decision taken by the then government. Nobody accused him or his party of undermining unity, because the opposition party was expected to take a critical line.

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‘Cyprus will either divide or unite Greece and Turkey’

CYPRUS and Greece urged Turkey yesterday to accept proposals to speed up peace talks saying it could help Ankara’s bid to join the European Union.

“As far as Greece and Turkey is concerned, Cyprus can either divide us or unite us. Obviously we seek the latter,” said Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, on a brief stopover on the island on his way to the Middle East

“For us, solving the Cyprus problem is a precondition for full normalisation of Greco-Turkish relations,” Papandreou said.

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Tensions rise over Christofias’ unity comments

A POLITICAL storm erupted yesterday after President Demetris Christofias’ response on Tuesday to what he called “spreading pessimism” and “paying lip-service to unity” on the Cyprus issue, with tensions within government partner DIKO rising once more to the surface.

Responding to a speech by DIKO deputy and parliamentary spokesman Andreas Angelides during a memorial service at Nicosia’s Phaneromeni Church on Tuesday for victims of the 1974 Turkish invasion, Christofias said that he regretted hearing old slogans being repeated, and unity merely being invoked as a slogan.

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Dramatic increase in UFO sightings

IF ALIENS are choosing the Cyprus as a holiday destination, it appears it is becoming more popular, as the number if sightings have shot up recently.

In Protaras on Monday, over a dozen people reported seeing a strange orange light passing slowly through the sky, before ascending over a hill.

“It was beautiful and mesmerising,” Shirley Daniels told the Cyprus Mail, “It was fairly high in the sky and moved with no sound, it also had a beautiful white aura.”

The mysterious object appeared to float from Famagusta towards Protaras, but was also later spotted by other baffled witnesses in Dherinya, Ayia Napa and even Oroklini.

“My niece and I watched it for about 20 minutes, it really was the most awesome sight I have ever seen,” Daniels added.

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Turkey could gain €17 billion a year from a Cyprus solution

TURKEY stands to gain a peace dividend of over €17 billion every year from a solution of the Cyprus problem, according to new research published by the Cyprus Centre of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), with new annual gross revenue of €12.3 billion and annual cost savings of 5.1 billion.

This is equivalent to 3.5 per cent of Turkey’s GDP. A preview of benefits to Greece also identified at least €3 billion per year for Greece, the researchers said.

The research, entitled, The Day After III: The Cyprus dividend for Turkey and Greece, is the third in the series of Day After reports written by Özlem O?uz Çilsal, Praxoula Antoniadou Kyriacou and Fiona Mullen.

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Welfare knew girl was locked up for years

THE SOCIAL Welfare Department (SWD) was aware for eight years that a girl was being kept naked and isolated in a tiny storage area for 17 years, yet never did anything about it, it emerged yesterday.

The shocking revelation was detailed in letter written by Justice Minister Loucas Louca in response to DISY MP Stella Kyriakidou.

Kyriakidou has listed  a number of different testimonies by relatives and fellow villagers, who said they had repeatedly informed the Department on the girl’s case; but to no avail.

Louca said the material he had collected clearly indicated that the Department was fully aware of the case and had been since 2002.

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Nigerian beaten by racist mob

A NIGERIAN man was beaten and injured by a club-wielding mob and a car windshield smashed in the process in central Nicosia on Tuesday night, police said yesterday.

According to the owner of the car, the 25-year-old was being chased by some 15 youths on Makarios Avenue who wore black t-shirts and wielded clubs.

The Nigerian suffered abrasions and injuries to his upper lip.

He was kept in hospital for observation after he complained of pains in his head.

“He was chased by a group of youths … and in his effort to cross the street he fell on the hood of the car,” police said.

The youths caught up with the man, beating him with the clubs and smashing the car windshield in the process.

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New blow to economy from credit agency

CREDIT RATINGS agency Standard and Poor’s placed Cyprus on review for possible downgrade saying the A+ sovereign rating could be cut within three to four months if the government failed to act to improve its finances.

Placement of the rating on CreditWatch negative followed a rejection by lawmakers of two tax reform bills, said S&P credit analyst Trevor Cullinan.

He said he expected to resolve the CreditWatch status after parliament reconvenes in September and considers further measures to address growing economic pressures.

“We query whether the government will be able to push through fiscal consolidation measures that are sufficient to address the significant deterioration in public finances,” Standard and Poor’s said in a news release.

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