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Legal lifeline for property buyers

Buyers can challenge purchases affected by developers’ mortgages

THOUSANDS of buyers of property in Cyprus facing the threat of a bank chasing them for someone else’s spiralling debt ,or for repossessing property for which they had paid in full, can fight back using a little-known consumer protection law, and in the process radically transform the whole property market.

Under a 2005 European Union directive on consumer protection that became Cyprus law in 2007, property buyers whose purchase was encumbered by a developer’s mortgage or other charge without their knowledge, can make a claim for misselling. If upheld, that claim would see the original purchase agreement declared void.

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: The teeth of wrath

WE ALMOST felt sorry for deputy Attorney General Akis Papasavvas on Thursday night when he appeared on RIK’s main news show to announce that he would be returning the 17 grand that we paid for his tooth implants.

The poor guy was visibly upset – his voice was quivering, he was stuttering, words were not coming to him, he had the faraway look, he grit his tooth implants, he was playing with his pen and he kept moving about in his chair like a hyper-active kid.

He was so shaken he could not even do basic arithmetic. He said he had been at the legal state services since 1977, which meant he had been working there for 43 years. Worst of all – he did not smile once to give us a glimpse of the teeth of wrath.

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Our View: All parties should join forces to solve economic crisis

IT WOULD be grossly unfair to blame the precarious state of public finances solely on the Christofias government. This has been the result of decades of mismanagement, profligacy, reckless populism and short-term thinking, based on a single consideration – the number of votes that could be secured for the re-election of whoever happened to be president. Financial prudence was an unknown concept as successive governments never thought beyond the next presidential election, when making decisions.

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Leaders to meet next month in New York

THE LEADERS of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities will be meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon on November 18 in New York, within the framework of ongoing talks to resolve the Cyprus problem, the UN announced yesterday.

It is believed that the tripartite meeting is an effort to exert some kind of pressure on the process to help resolve the property issue, which is the thorniest, by the end of the year.

A UN progress report is expected by the end of November.

Earlier this month, Ban telephoned the two leaders to voice his concern at the slow pace of the talks and urged them to make concrete progress.

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Opposition calls on Papasavvas to resign over state-funded teeth implants

THE opposition yesterday called for Akis Papasavvas’ immediate resignation for receiving €17,000 from the state for teeth implants, as President Demetris Christofias voiced his disapproval over the level of political discourse.

Papasavvas found himself in the eye of a storm after it emerged that he applied for and swiftly received taxpayer money – €17,000 – to cover expenses for ten new teeth implants, in the private sector.

Politis, the newspaper that broke the story, said the law on state and public officials provides that they, their spouses and children are entitled to free dental care, but it is restricted to extractions and fillings carried out by government dentists, not cosmetic surgery.

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The hunting season is upon us again

SOME 50,000 hunters will take to the countryside today on the first outing of the partridge and hare season.

The hunters will be joined by a disproportionately smaller number of Game Fund and police officers who will be tasked with maintaining law and order on the Wednesdays and Sundays when hunting is allowed.

In all there will be 18 outings.

The forestry department has urged hunters to be extra careful and avoid lighting fires or discarding cigarettes.

The risk of fire remains quiet high in numerous areas in Cyprus, the department said.

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Police rule out foul play in death of man found on Friday

A MAN found dead in a ravine on Friday had died from an underlying medical condition, police said yesterday.

The police have ruled out foul play.

The decomposed corpse of the man was found in a ravine about 20 metres from the side of the Nicosia-Palechori road at around 4 pm.

The body was found lying in a foetal position and wrapped in a blanket, by an elderly man who was collecting wood just 3km from the village of Apliki.

Police yesterday said a postmortem had found that the man had died from pathological causes but did not elaborate further.

They have not yet determined the man’s identity.


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EU presidency official discusses asylum issues in Cyprus

BELGIAN State Secretary for Migration and Asylum Policy Melchior Wathelet has said that Cyprus has the biggest number of asylum seekers in the EU, in relation to its population.

Speaking after talks with Interior Minister Neoklis Sylikiotis yesterday, Wathelet, visiting the island, said that Cyprus, since it joined the EU in May 2004, has to deal with much bigger challenges than in the past.

He thanked Nicosia for its support of a common asylum system by 2012 and for backing the relevant EU law, adding that these matters are priority issues for the six-monthly EU rotating presidency which Belgium now holds.

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Changes to EU budget could benefit Cyprus

LAST week the European Commission published its ideas on possible reform of the budget of the European Union. That is bound to raise the tone of public debate in Brussels. Even though the EU is based on the principle of solidarity between member states, when it comes to money, that solidarity evaporates in an instant. In the past, most deliberations on budgetary arrangements degenerated into a scramble with member states trying to secure as much as possible for themselves.

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The key from the depths of time

Wishful thinking will not protect us from the truth

In the late 1970s, in my capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs, I used to visit New York quite often, for our recourses to the United Nations. During my stay there, I was invited many times as the keynote speaker on Cyprus by Cypriot and Greek clubs and associations.

I was once at an Association of Greeks from Asia Minor, when an old man approached me with a large key in his hand.

“Minister, do you know what is this key?”, he asked.

“No”, I said.

“This key opens the door of my house in Smyrna. I still have it”, he said with a lot of emotion.

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