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Japan experts design superelastic alloy which may resist quakes

RESEARCHERS in Japan have developed a superelastic alloy, which can spring back to its original form in extreme temperatures, they said in a report yesterday, adding that they hope it may be used in buildings to absorb shocks from earthquakes.

The experts, who wrote about their invention in the journal Science, added a small amount of nickel to an iron-based alloy, and found that the new material can recover its original shape at any temperature from -196 to 240 degrees Celsius.

Lead author Toshihiro Omori at the Department of Materials Science, Graduate School of Engineering in Tohoku University, said this new material was far more elastic than other superelastic alloys, which cannot revert to their original form outside the -20 to 80 degrees Celsius range.

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Minister wants migration curbs to cut jobless

WORK and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith called yesterday for tighter controls on immigration to help cut unemployment among young Britons, angering the business community and risking a rift in the ruling coalition.

Conservative Duncun Smith has led the party’s efforts to reduce the number of Britons living on benefits.

“Good immigration is managed immigration – it should not be an excuse to import labour to take up posts which could be filled by people already in Britain,” Duncan Smith said.

“In the short term, controlling immigration is critical or we will risk losing another generation to dependency and hopelessness,” the former Conservative leader added in a speech he will deliver to a think-tank in Spain.

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Celebrating 125 years of white Wimbledon

They don’t roll the grass anymore with a pony, but the essence of Wimbledon still remains. The whites, the polite respect of the spectators and the merciful lack of booming music – with the inevitable “We are the champions” by Queen played so often at the other Grand Slams between the changeovers.

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