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Sky Sports, BBC win Formula One TV rights


The BBC and Sky have won the UK’s live television rights to Formula One between 2012 and 2018, in a move that will see the national broadcaster air just half of a season’s races as the sport goes to UK Pay-TV for the first time.

A joint statement on Friday said Sky would show all races, qualifying and practice sessions live while the BBC would show half the races and qualifying sessions, including the British and Monaco Grands Prix and the season finale.

The BBC will have a highlights package for all of the race weekends it is not covering live, while its Radio Five channel will continue to cover every live race.

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No holding back for the All Blacks, says McCaw

Keeping something in reserve with half an eye on this year’s World Cup is just not in the All Blacks’ DNA, skipper Richie McCaw said on the eve of New Zealand’s Tri-Nations opener on Friday.

Defending champions after sweeping the competition last year, the All Blacks open the shortened 2011 campaign against a South Africa team badly beaten by Australia last week and severely weakened by injury.

With huge pressure from an expectant nation that they will win the World Cup on home soil later this year, was there not a temptation just to hold something back for the Sept 9-Oct. 23 tournament?

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Norway ends search for bodies at island

  • Ends search on island for bodies after shootings
  • Police to interrogate Breivik again on Friday
  • Right-wing warning for Europe, former PM says

NORWEGIAN police yesterday ended a six-day search for bodies on the island where anti-Islamist extremist Anders Behring Breivik killed 68 people and say they are increasingly certain he acted alone.

Breivik, 32, killed a total of 76 people in a bomb attack in central Oslo followed by the shooting rampage at the island summer camp for the ruling Labour Party’s youth wing.

“The search at Utoeya (island) has been completed,” police Chief of Staff Johan Fredriksen told a news conference.

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S.Koreans on landmine alert after series of deadly mudslides

  • About 10 landmines have not been recovered
  • Damage from storms seen at hundreds of millions of dollars
  • North Korea also hit by storms

SOUTH Koreans were cautioned about rogue landmines and explosives yesterday after a series of deadly landslides in and around the capital Seoul swamped military sites, defence officials said.

At least 67 people are dead or missing from the landslides and flash floods caused by the heaviest rainfalls in a century to hit the Seoul region, home to about 25 million people.

The damage bill is expected to run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

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NYC hospital use palm scans to identify patients


A NEW York City hospital has stopped asking many patients to dig out health insurance cards and fill in endless forms, instead identifying them by scanning the unique lattice of veins in their palm.

The new biometric technology at New York University’s Langone Medical Centre is expected to speed up patient check-ins and eliminate medical errors.

Studies have shown that hospital errors are behind as many as 98,000 deaths a year in the United States.

“The primary reason we actually got into this was patient safety,” Bernard Birnbaum, the centre’s vice dean and chief of hospital operations, said in a telephone interview.

The system does not require the patient be conscious at the time of check-in.

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Unions accuse government of harming pension talks

  • Public sector workers say plans mean working longer and paying more to get smaller pension


UNIONS accused the British government yesterday of undermining talks on public sector pension reform and warned widespread action was likely after it announced plans to increase many workers’ contributions.

Ministers and union chiefs are currently negotiating plans to reform pensions – a move the government says is essential because people are living longer.

The proposals, which the Treasury said would deliver £1 billion of savings in 2012-2013, would see contributions of those earning under  £15,000 a year remain the same, while higher earners would pay up to 2.4 per cent more.

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Our View: Whistleblowing law would need to tackle culture of self-advancement

ENVIRONMENT Commissioner Charalambos Theopemptou raised a very interesting issue on his blog. He suggested that Cyprus followed the example of other countries and set up a legal framework for whistle-blowing. This would provide legal protection to any person who reported dishonest or illegal activities in a government department, public organisation or company.

The law would protect such an individual from prosecution, for violating bureaucratic regulations or from wrongful dismissal at a private company. It is aimed at encouraging people to speak out when they are privy to information about wrongdoing or practices that put public health and safety at risk. In the US there has been a law to protect whistle-blowers since 1863 and, although revised, is still in force.

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Ministers quit, President stays


PRESIDENT Demetris Christofias said yesterday he had no intention of quitting after his Cabinet resigned in the wake of the July 11 blast and amid growing talk of an EU bailout.

“The people elected me, and it is to the people that I am accountable. Not to media,” he told newsmen after being asked if he would step down.

Earlier in the day, Christofias convened an emergency session of the Cabinet where he asked his ministers to tender their resignations with a view to a government reshuffle.

The move came after the remaining two ministers belonging to junior coalition partner DIKO handed in their resignations on Wednesday night.

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A breath of fresh air

Feeling frazzled after another day in the sun? ZOE CHRISTODOULIDES suggests a trip up the mountains


With Cyprus marketed abroad as an island with spectacular sun and sea, we’re certainly blessed to live in a place that holiday-makers dream of. But after a dozen summer weekends spent lapping up the sun, there comes a point when one might feel the need for anything but the sweltering heat and screaming kids splashing about in the water. Stuck in a horrific highway traffic jam on the way back from the beach a few weeks ago it dawned on me that I was ready for peace and quiet, but more than that, I was ready to discover something a little different to your bog standard weekend away by the sea.

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