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Some cases against sleaze doctor under age

A LARNACA gynaecologist arrested last week after allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting a patient, had a remand order against him renewed yesterday as it was revealed that two of the women who have now made complaints against him were underage at the time.

The 56-year-old was remanded into custody yesterday for a further eight days.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said the two underage cases were among 36 to have been filed against the gynaecologist since last Thursday, when he was arresxted after a 26-year-old woman said she woke up in the middle of an operation and found him naked on top of her.

Another three testimonies were due to be provided by the end of yesterday, police said.

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Minister calls for disciplinary inquiry against energy chief

COMMERCE MINISTER Praxoulla Antoniadou has recommended the cabinet initiate a disciplinary inquiry against the head of the Energy Service Solon Kassinis on the grounds of leaking confidential government documents.

Antoniadou’s move is the latest chapter in a dispute between the two after she revoked an order that delegated authority to handle aspects of gas exploration and exploitation to Kassinis and a number of other energy service technocrats.

In a highly charged debate at the House Commerce Committee yesterday, and in the presence of Kassinis, Antoniadou said the inquiry she was proposing concerned the (alleged) leaking of confidential documents by Kassinis as well as the issuing of false statements to the media.

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‘Homosexuality is illegal but we still talk about it’ says DISY MP


A DISY Deputy yesterday defended the right of hunters to form groups in favour of the illegal use of limesticks by comparing them to gay lobbies having a right to exist despite homosexuality being illegal in Cyprus. 

Andreas Kyprianou, former chairman of the hunting association and part of parliament’s Environment Committee was a guest on CyBC talk show ‘Sin Plin’ during a discussion on poaching.

During the discussion it emerged that one of the guests, Stavros Neophytou, representing the association for reclaiming traditional limestick hunting, lied about the organisation’s specifics.

Neophytou called the show about ten days ago claiming that his organisation, which he referred to as friends of limestick, was registered and had 70,000 members.

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Police seek more suspects in car theft ring

FOUR suspects linked to a ring of car thefts were remanded in custody for six days by the Nicosia district court yesterday.

The suspects – two Greek-Cypriots and two foreigners – were arrested yesterday after police raided a car mechanic’s shop in Nicosia.

The police found a stolen car with changed number plates, while further investigations revealed that the owner was cooperating with another mechanic in Limassol, in what is thought to be an extensive ring of stealing and tampering cars.

The suspects would acquire damaged cars and remove their registration, chassis and engine numbers. They would then target and steal cars of the same make and colour and place the wrecked cars’ information onto the stolen cars.

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English School board row rumbles on

ONGOING scuffles over who has influence on the English School board is expected to continue with the House Education Committee asking the Attorney General for a written opinion on a proposed bill of amendments to the way the school’s board of management is appointed.

The committee met yesterday to discuss recent amendments, which look to give parents and school alumni positions on the board at the expense of government appointees.

The amendments were proposed and backed by all parties, bar the left-wing AKEL.

After a heated discussion between the house committee members, it was decided that the amendments’ legality would be evaluated by Attorney General (AG) Petros Clerides.

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Women making slow progress in politics

WOMEN’S involvement in the political arena has taken a downward spiral in recent years, Justice Minister Loucas Louca said yesterday.

He was speaking as part of an awareness campaign by the National Machinery for Women’s Rights calling for the increased participation of women in decision making posts, and especially in municipal and community councils, along with school committees.

“Apart from a low turnout, what concerns the international community is that women’s progress in politics is not always upwards,” said Louca. He pointed out that it appears to “easily be moving in reverse”, as happened in the recent parliamentary elections in Cyprus.

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High school students sent home early after spat

AN ISOLATED incident broke out between students of Vergina High School yesterday, resulting in the police being called and the students being sent home early.

The school’s principal Haris Masouras said an incident broke out between Cypriot and foreign students so he sent them all home early.

While several students were injured in the fracas, one female student apparently fainted.

It is not the first time there have been problems at the school – in February it saw violent clashes.

Following a clash between Arabic-speaking students and Greek Cypriots, a number of pupils from other schools attacked around 15 of their Arabic-speaking classmates.

Arabic-speaking students had a hiatus from lessons before rejoining classes when tempers cooled.

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Unemployment rates worrying says minister

UNEMPLOYMENT in Cyprus, along with a continuing EU recession, is raising alarm bells, Labour Minister Sotiroula Charalambous said yesterday. 

“The situation is worrying and the sluggishness in development, along with the fact that Europe is entering a recession again, (not to mention) all those discussions and the focus on financial restructuring and solving the problems of the credit system, is not helping absorb unemployment,” Charalambous said. 

The minister aired her concern after meeting with a representation of ruling party AKEL. 

Charalambous said unemployment could only be tackled through development. 

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Latvian woman found murdered in Nicosia suburb

A 50-year-old Latvian woman was found dead last night in Palouriotissa, according to police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos.

“Just before 8pm she was found dead on Olympiou street in Palouriotissa, evidently as a result of a criminal act,” he said. Police sources confirmed that she was stabbed.

According to Katsounotos, the scene was cordoned off to police officers, the Criminal Investigation Office and a pathologist.

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Bank of Cyprus award

THE Bank of Cyprus has been awarded the JP Morgan Chase Quality Recognition Award for the 11th year running. 

The award is given to banks collaborating with JP Morgan which exhibit a high standard in international payments. 

“The Bank of Cyprus aims to continually try to further raise its proportion of straight-through processing of international payments,” an announcement from the bank read. 

This award “demonstrates the high performance levels of the group’s staff”, the announcement added. 

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