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Major Iraq conference to be held in Cyprus

IRAQI Defence Minister, Saadun Al-Dulaimi will lead a delegation of up to five other ministers and 35 senior officials to participate in the inaugural Iraq Defence & Security Summit 2011 in Cyprus on December 7-8, it emerged yesterday.

The officials will also include the Chief of Staff, General Babakir Zebari and the heads of the navy and air force.

Accompanying the Minister will also be the Ministers of Interior, National Security, Communications, Science & Technology and Transport as well as their counterpart ministries from the Kurdistan Regional Government, reports from Iraq said.

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Who will finance the Cyprus Cultural Centre?

THE HOUSE Watchdog committee has raised doubts over the funding of the Cyprus Cultural Centre saying that it might end up being a burden on public finances. 

“Tremendous questions are borne over whether it will be financially possible for the Centre to function autonomously,” head of the Watchdog Committee, Giorgos Georgiou said. 

Georgiou said that EU funding had not yet been confirmed and it was not clear whether the Cultural Centre could function without any assistance from the state. 

 “We have not yet received confirmation from the European Commission for a time-pressured project and it is doubtful… that its construction and operation will be made possible,” Georgiou said. 

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Sarikas running in Paphos

SOCIAL democratic EDEK MP and former Paphos mayor, Fidias Sarikas yesterday announced his candidacy for the Paphos municipality elections. 

With the slogan “Paphos First”, Sarikas said that he would “pick off the shelves” the numerous infrastructure plans of both the public and private sector that have been neglected and would use them to combat the recession in Paphos.

Sarikas, who was previously at the helm of the Paphos municipality during the 1997-2006 period, said that he would strive to get citizens involved in the efforts to promote and secure the interest of Paphos in numerous capacities.

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Piri Reis completes exploration

Turkey’s seismic research vessel Piri Reis completed its exploration for gas and oil yesterday, Turkish press said.

The vessel began its explorations on September 23. Savas Gurtsai, head of Turkey’s Institute of Marine Science and Technology, confirmed that the explorations had come to an end with all the information having been gathered. It will now be handed over to the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) to be evaluated., he said.

He also said that they have completed the explorations asked of them by the TPAO and the ship will now remain in the Famagusta area to conduct its own explorations.

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Poisonous mushrooms

THE GREEN Party is are urging the public and especially those who enjoy spending time in the countryside, to be wary of poisonous mushrooms after someone recently consumed those from the Amanita family and had to be hospitalised.

According to the announcement there are two types belonging to the genus: Amanita proxima that are highly poisonous and Amanita Ovoidea that are harmless.

The party warned the public only to eat mushrooms if they are sure that they are not poisonous and if they have any queries to call the Cyprus Mycological Association on 25 318657.

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Wanted man

POLICE are looking for 23-year-old Ioannis Vardakides in connection with conspiracy to commit a felony and acts aimed at causing serious bodily harm, committed on October 30 in Paphos.

Vardakides holds a Greek passport.

Anyone that can offer help in locating his whereabouts should contact CID Paphos, their nearest police station or the Citizen’s Line on 1460.

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EU directive on environment protection still not adopted

THE HOUSE Legal Affairs Committee examined a harmonising bill yesterday aimed at protecting the environment through criminal law by imposing hefty fines and jail sentences, according to its chairman Ionas Nicolaou.

According to Nicolaou, the bill requires Cyprus’ compliance with an EU directive that should have been adopted last December. “We had a warning letter last August, however, the relevant services did not inform us whether we have already been sent to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to be fined for not adopting this directive yet,” said Nicolaou. 

“This is a very serious bill that will essentially punish all of the cases that we see daily polluting the environment and the lives of people,” said Nicolaou.

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Brand new world of shorts


According to the famous American director, Frank Capra, “film is one of the three universal languages, the other two: mathematics and music”.

Film as part of culture is a meeting point. It’s quite appropriate then, to find film festivals dedicated to strengthening this notion. In an international media landscape crammed with film festivals in nearly every city on almost every theme imaginable, the With Brand New Eyes –Screenings for an Island possesses clarity of vision, which attempts to engage new audiences in cultural dialogue, using film as a vehicle.

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Eat, drink, be merry and hafla a good time

Ancient instruments weave a hypnotic foreign melody, bare-midriffed dancers shimmy hips decked with belts of coins, and an appreciative audience claps in unison while puffing away on nargilehs.

If you’re guessing the setting is somewhere in the Middle East, then you’re not far off. Try the Syrian Arab Friendship Club, whereby this Saturday the venue will opens its door to all for an authentic hafla, or social belly dancing party. If you’ve had enough of the usual jazz haunts and have worn down those tango shoes, why not opt for something a little more exotic this week with a trip to the Orient. 

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Israel test-fires missile amid Iran debate

ISRAEL test-fired a missile yesterday, two days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the “direct and heavy threat” posed to the Jewish state by Iran’s nuclear programme.

“Israel today carried out the test-firing of a rocket propulsion system from the Palmachim base,” a Defence Ministry statement said. “This had been long planned by the defence establishment and was carried out as scheduled.”

The missile flew at a high angle skyward, its plume visible across central Israel, according to witnesses who informed local media of the launch before the ministry formally announced it.

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