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€30m overdraft guarantee for EAC

THE HOUSE endorsed a state guarantee agreement to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) yesterday, which will see the semi-governmental organisation secure a bank overdraft of approximately €30 million.

According to the agreement, the state will guarantee 80 per cent of the overdraft.

The EAC had been trying to secure a €50 million overdraft through house approval after the Mari blast, which destroyed the island’s main power station in Vassilikos. The organisation’s net bank overdrafts in 2010 amounted to €43 million.

The decision secured the necessary majority backing after DISY, AKEL, DIKO and EDEK voted in favour, amidst serious concerns and reservations by several of the parties’ MPs.

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Police arrest alleged violent stalker

A 49-YEAR-OLD man from Limassol has been arrested in connection with alleged sexual abuse, indecent assault, threats, kidnapping and causing bodily harm.

A 34-year-old woman had lodged a complaint against the 49-year-old claiming that on January 1 this year while she was outside the block of flats where she lives, she was assaulted by the suspect.

The woman said that the suspect approached her, dragged her to the building’s basement, threatened her with a knife and indecently assaulted her. 

The suspect then got the woman’s phone number, tore her clothes with a knife and let her go, she told police.

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Greens urge EU nationals to stand in elections

THE GREEN Party in Paphos is looking for suitable EU nationals, resident in the town to run as candidates on a collective ticket in the upcoming municipal elections.

The party looks set to back the plan to run a co-operative slate of independent candidates and the final decision will be taken at the weekend.

Peyia councilor Linda Leblanc told the Cyprus Mail that the decision would be made by members of the party at a meeting on Sunday.

“I’ve been asked if there are any EU citizens or repatriated Cypriots who might be interested in standing as candidates; they would have to live in Paphos town boundaries of course. “ 

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Fifth man arrested in car theft ring

A FIFTH person was remanded yesterday in connection with the car theft ring which the police uncovered earlier this week. 

The man, a 29-year-old foreigner was remanded for four days and joins four other suspects, two Cypriots and two non-native nationals who were remanded for six days on Tuesday. 

The police said they caught the original four suspects in the act in Nicosia Limassol and Dhali. 

Police think that in at least two cases the chassis and number plates came from wrecked cars which had either been in road accidents or withdrawn due to wear and tear. 

“There seem to be other cases involving the suspects but we are expecting to confirm this through our investigations,” police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said. 

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Heart surgery clinic for Limassol

LIMASSOL’S own heart surgery clinic should start being built next year. Health Minister Stavros Malas said yesterday. 

“Once we complete the construction of the heart surgery clinic we have decided to apply primary angioplasty in Cyprus – a new method only used in a few countries,” Malas said. 

Once completed, the Limassol clinic should cover the needs of Paphos as well.

Malas said that for victims of heart attacks, angioplasty is more effective than the current method used: that of thrombolysis which breaks down blood clots by the use of drugs. 

Angioplasty instead is a procedure used to widen or unblock arteries carrying blood to the heart. 

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Protest held against long-term detentions

AROUND 50 people belonging to a support group formed to take action against the long-term detention of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, demonstrated yesterday outside the Interior Ministry. 

The group were calling for the implementation of the legal rights of detainees, which say they cannot held for longer than six months, and if they are not going to be deported they have to be released.

Illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers recently decided to take things into their own hands, in Central Prison’s Block 10 and the Lakatamia holding cells, by embarking on a hunger strike.

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Quality tourism necessary for economic recovery

TOURISM must be restructured and cashed in on as it remains the most important part of the real economy and affects all economic activities on the island, said a 2011 report by the Cyprus Labour Institute (INEK), on the “Economy and Employment.”

“Tourism is the main solution to problems such as unemployment and external deficits,” said economist Elias Ioakimoglou and research associate of INEK-PEO, adding that a restructuring of tourism must take place.

According to Ioakimoglou a few long term measures must be implemented, such as looking to a different customer base that has more “quality.” “It’s not enough just to have sun, sand and a big hotel anymore,” he said.

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Woman killed crossing Nicosia thoroughfare

A FOREIGN national was yesterday killed while crossing Limassol Avenue in Nicosia.

The as yet unidentified female victim was run over by a car around 5pm near the building of the Melkonian School.

Police had not released any additional information on the victim or the driver.

Due to the accident, the police closed off one lane of the avenue from the Aluminum Tower up to the police headquarters, causing traffic chaos for several hours.

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Grave mood and straight talk at historic EU meeting

THE mood was tough, the words ‘crystal clear’. German and French leaders told Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou in two hours of torrid talks they would not allow the 50-year march of European integration to founder on Athens’ failure to tackle its debt problems.

The confrontation in the Riviera town of Cannes raised for the first time the possibility of a state being ejected from the 12-year-old euro zone, even leaving the European Union itself.

Papandreou cut a lonely figure as he walked without aides into the meeting.

Flanked by his finance minister and sitting across a white-covered table from French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he was told bluntly he would get no more aid until Athens committed to play by the rules.

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Bomb scare at Labour Ministry

POLICE evacuated the Labour Ministry yesterday morning after someone called Sigma TV and told them there was a bomb in the building. 

The police were informed of the phone call at 6.25am and proceeded to evacuate the building to conduct as search, police spokesperson Michalis Katsounotos said. 

Nothing was found and the ministry’s employees were allowed back in, Katsounotos said. 

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