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ABDUCTION (no stars)

How absurd is Abduction? Hard to put a number on it, but it scores absurdly high on any absurd-o-metre. It even stars Taylor Lautner, who’s not just absurdly wooden but also looks absurd (though not unattractive, according to millions of teenage girls). Like his Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Lautner was cast to play a mutant – he’s the werewolf to Pattinson’s vampire – making him oddly unsuited to roles where he plays a human being. His eyes are the narrowest of slits, the nose both broad and sloping, the smile pasted-on and alarmingly toothy: it looks unnatural, like someone slit open his real mouth then shoved two rows of teeth in the opening.

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The problem in Contagion isn’t just that “somewhere in the world, the wrong pig met up with the wrong bat”, thereby birthing a deadly virus that threatens to decimate humanity. The problem is humanity itself, people getting scared and therefore dangerous. This is a medical disaster movie about battling disease – but it’s also a cousin to Lord of the Flies, showing the primitive impulses lurking just beneath our civilised façade. The villain isn’t just MEV-1, as the virus is named, it’s also human frailty. As the tag-line puts it: “Nothing Spreads Like Fear”.

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Restaurant review: Beige Restaurant, Limassol

The old town in Limassol has become the go to place for a night out and to enjoy a good meal. There you will find an array of restaurants all aiming to cater to a specific taste. Yet, somewhere hidden in the hip old town of Limassol is Beige, the ultimate fusion restaurant that values good food, great service and an amazing atmosphere.

Beige is not hidden per-se, but being built within the confines of a traditional Cypriot home, it might not be abundantly clear what the restaurant is all about. At least not at first. If you have no expectations, what you will come across is a delightful surprise.

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Bar review: Temple Pub and Café, Paphos

If you’re looking for a relaxed evening out then Temple Pub and Café in the heart of Paphos is the place to go. 

Situated in ‘uptown’ Paphos, Temple is set in a beautifully restored colonial building full of character and has both an indoor and outdoor seating area.

The interior features plenty of wood and stone and an open fireplace adds to the atmosphere during the winter months.

A well stocked bar and a good choice of culinary dishes ensure Temple is a popular destination with customers of all ages. A favourite of students during the holidays, Temple also attracts more senior visitors and regular events keep the ambience fresh and exciting.

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