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Positive experience of state healthcare

DURING the early autumn, a cousin rang to inquire whether I would be present at a second cousin’s marriage ceremony to be performed in a tiny church during the sultry heat of the afternoon – most of the congregation would be stood outside perspiring to loudspeakers and praying for shade and a cool breeze. 

Having been baptised in short trousers alongside babes in the font at All Saints Cathedral in Camden Town, the first Greek Cypriot Orthodox church to open for business in the UK in 1948 (now there are over 60) I declined the church service in favour of the evening meal reception and booze up. 

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Editor’s choice: Reader’s letter

Next time, let’s pause before we pounce

WITH former Finance Minister Michalis Sarris now out on bail and after a fairly gentle full-page interview in Sunday’s Phileleftheros, the country’s biggest circulation newspaper, it suggests that he is slowly being rehabilitated by the establishment.

But this does not alter the lessons we must learn from his dreadful ordeal after being arrested on alleged sexual offences in the north.

The most disconcerting aspect of the arrest was not the fact that it was done on the basis of antiquated Turkish Cypriot laws on homosexuality, nor the uncanny timing chosen by the Turkish Cypriot police to raid a private house when they rarely bother raiding clubs known for female prostitution.

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Why not foster closer relations with Norway?

A newcomer to Cyprus, having had a villa in Mandria, Paphos for some time, I watch the developments in politics and business with great interest. I am from Norway, which also had the great fortune of striking oil and gas under the ocean some 40 years ago. In my opinion this could lead to a mutually very useful cooperation between our two countries.

Norway has managed to distribute the wealth successfully between commercial interests and a revenue share to the public. National competence has been built for exploration, production and distribution to international markets, a competence that is available as international consultants.

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Snake George back in town and taking calls for assistance

Since this past January I have been away from Cyprus because I received an offer for a job by the government in Austria to do some research on reptiles and amphibians in a special part of the Tyrol.

Now I am back in Cyprus and my wife and two daughters have told me that they receive quite a lot of telephone calls and emails from concerned people asking for emergency help to save snakes.

I would like to say thank you to all these individuals who, instead of killing the snakes, sincerely wish to save them. 

It is of course very nice and I always feel very sorry not to be able to help directly. 

Meanwhile, I am here in Cyprus until mid March. 

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Conduct of minister’s abusers is very odd

I am in agreement with the editorial, “Abuse borne by Commerce Minister totally beyond bounds”. Anyone who dares to speak differently and out of the usual way will be attacked and labelled with all kinds of names – the same type of mentality that people in the past had used against those who were against union with Greece, in a bid to silence opposition. 

Doesn’t the minister have the authority to set guidelines of control and accountability? What type of minister would accept a civil servant to issue his own agenda without accountability?

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Thanks to all tirelessly labouring on highways

During months and months of work on Cyprus’ frenetically busy motorway linking Nicosia with Limassol and Larnaca, those responsible for widening and extending the highway lanes have worked miracles.

Only once were we seriously held up – myself for 45 minutes, finding my way a few Sundays ago with a stretch of motorway closed, and with others apparently delayed for up to three hours.

Nonetheless, for the rest of the time, the immense road works along these important arteries were carried ou smoothly.

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Watch out for true cost of so-called free animal care

Whilst the animal charity in Paphos do some good work, please heed this cautionary tale. I took two healthy feral cats to the Larnaca shop for ‘free’ neutering in Paphos. 

I got back a cat I had never seen before (which was obviously ill) and my other feral cat, which subsequently got sick too. Till now I have spent €87 on treatment for one feline and the other is still being cared for at the vet’s and will cost the same. 

So two sick cats have cost me €170 which, as a pensioner, I cannot really afford. No one at the Larnaca shop accepts any responibility for this. So much for a ‘free’ service.


Name and address withheld

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Wipe out use of limesticks

I am writing with regards to the recent Cyprus Mail article on the DISY MP who brought up the supposed illegality of homosexuality in defence of those favouring limestick hunting.

Limesticks are cruel and illegal, full stop. Their use has devastating effects on the population of migratory birds, and affects the ecosystem at their final destination as well. Who is eating these birds? Curb the demand and the supply will cease. Fine the restaurateurs a huge amount that exceeds the profits from serving the birds.


Simone Wu,

Commenting via the

Cyprus Mail website

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