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EU citizens swell voting numbers

MORE THAN 12,000 non-Cypriots are entitled to cast their ballot in the upcoming municipal elections, roughly three times as many as in the last elections of 2006.

According to Demetris Demetriou, assistant to the Chief Returning Officer, the total number of registered voters stands at 546,000; of these 12,400 are EU nationals.

The majority of non-Cypriot EU citizens are British (4,639) and Greek (4,382), spread out across the island. Most EU nationals registered to vote reside in the Paphos district.

Overall, the electoral pool has increased by around 12,000, Demetriou said.

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Army orders probe into football torture

MILITARY authorities were yesterday investigating the alleged abuse of an 18-year-old conscript by three non-commissioned officers apparently because he supported the wrong football team.

An incident was confirmed by Defence Minister Demetris Eliades on Sunday, but no further details were given pending the investigation.

Eliades said such incidents have no place in the National Guard and pledged that anyone found responsible will be severely punished.

Daily Haravghi reported on Sunday that the conscript had been tortured apparently because he supports Nicosia team Omonia.

The paper said the abuse was prompted when the teenager was seen drawing a shamrock – Omonia’s emblem – on a piece of paper.

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Suspended fire chief under fire

LAWYER Christos Triantafyllides, who represents the family of one of the firemen killed in the July 11 blast at the ‘Evagelos Florakis’ naval base, has accused suspended Fire Chief Andreas Nicolaou of visiting the Fire Department headquarters and discussing with colleagues the Mari events.

In a statement released yesterday, the lawyer claimed that on November 2 Nicolaou visited the Fire Department HQ, where he “wandered into various offices and ended up in the office of the deputy chief of operations where, behind closed doors, they were discussing the events at Mari.”

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Nicosia far safer than 10 years ago

NICOSIA is a far safer place than it was ten years ago for municipal workers and the public alike, Nicosia Mayor Eleni Mavrou said yesterday.

Accidents at work figures have fallen significantly in the past three years with a 20 per cent decrease during 2009 and 2010, followed by a 25 per cent this year, she said. Mavrou said that the municipality would not rest until there were no work-related accidents.

Speaking at a press conference, marking the end of a ten-year plan on health and safety, Mavrou said she wanted Nicosia municipality to stand as an example.

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Companies flock to bid for Larnaca upgrade

TEN companies have responded to Larnaca municipality’s request for tenders to reconstruct Piale Pasha Street in Larnaca, part of a multi-million plan of various works to transform the face of the city over the next five years. 

The offers range from about €7.8 million (Nemesis) to around €10.6 million (Medcon). 

Piale Pasha Street lies beyond the fort at one end of Larnaca’s landmark: the ‘Palm Tree’ Promenade (Finikoudes).  

The municipality and the Larnaca Tourism Board want to revamp the street stretching from the mediaeval castle towards McKenzie. 

The works will include a complete overhaul of the sewerage, communications and electricity systems, Larnaca town planning official Neophytoula Aggelidou told Cyprus News Agency.

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Teaching unions fury over ministry ‘blackmail’

PUBLIC school teachers unions POED and OELMEK are up in arms over an education ministry letter hinting at wage cuts for primary school teachers for refusing to organise extra-curricular activities at school including the annual school Christmas play.

“We will protect our members and their interests and in no case do we think that disciplinary charges should be carried out,” said Philios Fylaktou, head of primary school teachers union POED.

The letter sent on November 2, by the Education Ministry’s permanent secretary Olympia Stylianou, made reference to wage cuts and disciplinary charges if primary teachers continued to abstain from extra-curricular activities. It also made reference to a judgement by the Attorney-general stating that their action was illegal.

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Travel to exotic destinations for less than €500

ETIHAD Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, yesterday announced a special deal from Cyprus that will allow travellers to visit long-haul destinations such as India and the Philippines for less than €500 including all taxes.

The flights, via Abu Dhabi also include Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The fare to Mumbai or Delhi is just €402, Manila €431, Colombo €447 and Bangkok €453. 

The offers are valid for reservations made until the November 18 covering the travel period up to March 31, 2012.

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Tens of thousands of cars without MOT

OVER 40,000 cars have not renewed their MOT this year, Road Transport Department’s head, Sotiris Kolettas said yesterday.

In an effort to combat the problem the department have set up a service whereby they will send out SMS messages to remind people.

“These cars have an expired MOT and the road tax runs till December 31, 2011, but because the MOT has expired it means that automatically their road tax is suspended,” said Kolettas, clarifying that essentially these car owners have neither an MOT or road tax.

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Arrested at airport

A BRITISH passport holder was arrested on Sunday when he tried to leave the country for London at Larnaca airport. 

The man, a Syrian national, was wanted in relation to causing malicious damage in Larnaca back in 2009. 

He voluntarily admitted the charge and was formally charged yesterday. 

He was released on a €300 bail. 

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Death of Ihsan Ali commemorated

Dr Ihsan Ali, a Turkish Cypriot political advisor to President Makarios, doctor and supporter of an independent Cypriot state, was remembered yesterday on the anniversary of his death by various parties, including EDEK and the Greens.

EDEK marked the anniversary by holding a service near his statue in Paphos yesterday and the Greens plan to honour him by laying a wreath by it today.

Born in Vretsia, Paphos in 1904, Ali was one of the Turkish Cypriot leaders that led the movement for peaceful co-existence between both communities and was appointed as political advisor to Makarios from 1970 to 1978. He kept the position till his death in 1978.

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