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**3 bed villa plus separate annex with en–suite, plot 1450sqm, cov area 280sqm, mature gdns, s/pool( heated), hot tub, c/h, a/c, borehole, fantastic views, many extras. t/deeds. Reduced to Euros 350,000**2 bed Apt , K Cineplex area, sea view, walking dist to beach, com pool. Title deeds.  Euros 270,000 **3 bed det bungalow plus 8 m x 6 m Chalet, 1208 sq m plot, private pool mature landscaped gdns, Asgata. Title deeds Euros395,000 ** plot 352 sq m Erimi, road and services, title deeds Euros120,000.

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Our View: Eurogroup chiefs right to insist that Greek leaders sign off on EU deal

GREECE’S New Democracy leader, Antonis Samaras, made a big miscalculation in declaring on Tuesday night that he would not sign the document demanded by the EU in order to release the sixth tranche of aid and commence negotiations on the second bail-out plan. He said that it was humiliating for the EU to demand a written commitment, to the agreement reached by Eurogroup leaders on October 27, by all of Greece’s party leaders. 

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Christofias; confrontations only hurting the economy


THE government is determined to continue efforts for fiscal consolidation, President Demetris Christofias said yesterday, as he called for an end to “extreme confrontations” over the economy that ultimately hurt public confidence.

“At the moment, Cyprus’ market needs calm and stability,” Christofias told businesspeople attending the trade and industry chamber’s (KEVE) AGM. “Calm and stability in the market requires political stability and avoidance of intense and extreme confrontations on the economy, which scare consumers.”

He said psychology played an important role in the economy and scare-mongering created a vicious circle, which hurts entrepreneurs, workers and Cyprus.

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Number of cases against ‘sleaze doctor’ rise to 50

A 56-YEAR-OLD Larnaca gynaecologist was remanded yesterday for a further eight days as an additional ten reports of alleged sexual abuse were filed with police.

The doctors has been remanded twice previously in connection with an ongoing investigation involving various alleged offences including rape, sexual assault and violation of personal data. 

Larnaca Press said yesterday the doctor had admitted guilt in two cases involving offences but excluding rape. 

He has been examined by several psychiatrists and a specialised sexologist, the reports said. 

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said they were investigating claims from a total of 50 women in relation to rape, sexual assault and drugging a person, including minors.

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Woman 83, fined record €10,000 for possession of ambelopoulia


THE LARNACA district court yesterday fined an 83-year-old woman €10,000 for possession of over 2,500 songbirds, the strictest penalty so far concerning the specifc offence linked to the illegal practice of trapping.

It is understood that a higher fine has been dished out for poaching in the past but the current case is the highest-ever fine for possession of ambelopoulia.

The birds, which had been trapped using mist nets and limesticks, were found in the woman’s Hirokitia home during a police raid in October last year.

The court said it was the biggest haul ever brought before it, with an estimated value of €8,000.

The law provides for a maximum sentence of three years in jail and or a fine of €17,000.

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‘Lower the age for prosecution’ says police spokesman

THE STATE should revise the minimum age requirement for criminal prosecution, police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos yesterday.

The spokesman was commenting on an assault by a 13-year-old girl against one of her peers in Limassol on Tuesday.

Currently those under 14 years of age carry no criminal responsibility for their actions after the House in 2006 raised the age limit for criminal prosecution from 12 to 14, Katsounotos said. 

Katsounotos said police were not consulted when the law was amended. He said there had been an increase in violence and delinquent behaviour among the under 14s because they know they will not be criminally charged.

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Weddings’ boost from auspicious date

CIVIL MARRIAGE figures are set to receive a boost in Cyprus tomorrow as the occurrence of the number 1 on the date six times has apparently inspired many couples to tie the knot.

The six digit palindrome – 11/11/11 – has inspired many would-be brides across the world to arrange their wedding on this apparently landmark day, while grooms can hardly feel disgruntled for having to remember such an easy date for their anniversary.

While cynics undoubtedly regard this feat as an ordinary coincidence, others have looked to mathematics, gambling and even superstition to highlight the day’s auspicious nature, although nothing significant, other than a sudden 36-degree Celsius drop in temperature – from 24C to -12C – in Kansas on the same date 100 years ago.

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No more free rides for ‘spoiled refugees’

REFUGEES who earn more than a certain amount or want to build luxurious homes may be disappointed to hear that they will be getting less than what they asked for, the head of the Central Agency for Equal Distribution of Burdens, Akis Pouros told the House Refugee committee yesterday. 

“We have to stop subsidising the wealthy as well as Cypriots’ spoilt habits,” Pouros said whose agency has so far paid out €2.1 billion as part of about 37,000 applications.

He said that when there is only a fixed amount to give out it’s better to subsidise people who need a roof over their heads rather than funding swimming pools and mansions. 

Applicants for subsidies, who have very high incomes will get part of their approved loan amount cut, Pouros said. 

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Injured on Noble Energy platform

AN EMPLOYEE working on Noble Energy’s ‘Homer Ferrington’ oil platform was injured on Tuesday last night and had to be airlifted to shore.

The Dutch national was taken to Larnaca General Hospital, an announcement from the Defence Ministry said. He was treated at first aid and then signed himself out rather than stay in for observation, although it was not announced what his actual injuries were.

Coordination Centre for Research and Rescue was informed at around 8.20pm on Tuesday that there had been an accident on the platform. The operation to airlift the injured man was completed just after midnight.

After he was seen by orthopaedic physician, the Dutch man discharged himself, saying he would wait to receive further treatment back home in the Netherlands.

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‘Skordelli bought Sigma shares to get her own TV show’


PROSECUTION witness Alexis Nicolaou, general manager of Sigma TV, said yesterday that the alleged masterminds behind the murder of Sigma boss Andis Hadjicostis covertly bought Sigma shares so that so that one of them, TV presenter Elena Skordelli, could get her own show.

The prosecution focused on the actions of siblings Elena Skordelli and Tasos Krasopoulis, the murder’s alleged masterminds, and the reasons behind buying Sigma shares. 

“(Hadjicostis) was definitely not happy… Someone(Elena Skordelli)wanted her own show and she was trying to get (it) by getting stocks,” Nicolaou said. 

Nicolaou said that Hadjicostis “was well acquainted with her abilities and did not want to give her a show.” 

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