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Supreme Court rules Fanieros to be held until trial

LARNACA businessman Antonis Fanieros will remain behind bars until December 2, the Supreme Court has ruled.

Fanieros’ lawyers had appealed a court decision decreeing that Fanieros, 67, remain in police custody until his trial commences. The Supreme Court yesterday rejected the appeal on the grounds that releasing Fanieros may result in the influencing of material witnesses.

Speaking to reporters as he was leaving the courthouse, Fanieros said he would pursue the matter with the European Court of Human Rights.

His son Loucas spoke of a “conspiracy” engineered by police, claiming that his father was being persecuted based on trumped-up charges. He also threatened to reveal details of this conspiracy to the media.

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€400,000 worth of fake euro notes in Cyprus

AROUND €400,000 worth of fake euro notes has been imported into Cyprus through the European Union, police chief Michalis Papageorgiou said yesterday. 

Police are looking for an individual in connection with importing the counterfeit notes and have already arrested four people, Papageorgiou said. 

Papageorgiou said they were proceeding with their investigations at a quick pace and would notify the public of some distinguishing characteristics of the fake euro notes as soon as they complete their investigation. 

In the meantime, the public can visit the European Central bank’s website at www.ecb.europa.eu to check the built-in security features for genuine notes. 

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Over 4,000 attend UK education fair

OVER 4,000 people flocked Hilton Hotel in Nicosia this week to attend the 28th annual Education UK Exhibition, which organisers have branded a huge success.

The exhibition took place on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 and hosted representatives from 54 UK universities, who advised visitors on studying in the UK, entry requirements and application procedures.

The British Council, which is responsible for the organisation of the event, also delivered six seminars for free which were attended by over 500 visitors.

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Rats on the rise

THE NUMBER of rats is on the rise in both urban and rural areas, posing a threat to public health, according to House Health Committee’s head Costas Constantinou.

“A rise in the population of rats in urban and rural areas and the risks they pose to public health is something that concerns the public,” said Constantinou, adding that so far the responsible authorities had failed to reduce rodent numbers.

“We’ve asked for a timeframe, the issue remains open and we [plan] to re-address it,” he said. Constantinou also said that they had called on the relevant bodies to coordinate themselves and put together a prevention plan.

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Child Commissioner ‘disappointed’ with police comment

THE POLICE spokesman’s call to return the age for prosecution from 14 to 12, has angered the Child Commissioner Leda Koursoumba who said yesterday she wwoul raise the issue with the police chief. 

“This statement from the police spokesman is a huge disappointment, something which I did not expect,” said Koursoumba. 

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said on Wednesday that the state should revise the minimum age requirement for criminal prosecution. 

He was commenting on an assault by a 13-year-old against one of her peers who ended up with a broken nose. 

Raising the age for criminal prosecution from 12 to 14 years of age in 2006 “was a victory for Cyprus,” Koursoumba said. 

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Resuscitation demonstration for deputies

HOUSE Health Committee members got a real-time demonstration of resuscitation on a doll standing in for a heart attack victim who was rescued by parliament’s own defibrillator. 

“We were given the chance to observe resuscitation and the importance of timely and effective intervention was explained to us,” said Committee chairman Costas Costantinou. 

Heart attack victims have a 95 per cent survival if they are resuscitated with a defibrillator but only five per cent if they do not get immediate help, head of the Cyprus resuscitation council Kyriacos Kyriacou said. 

People can be easily trained to use a defibrillator, Kyriacou said, adding that the law to have defibrillators at public spaces should be fully implemented.

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UNFICYP warns against hunting in the buffer zone

THE UN force in Cyprus UNFICYP yesterday said it would like to remind the public that hunting in the buffer zone is not allowed. Entering the buffer zone area in order to hunt is to run the risk of drawing fire from either of the opposing forces, the force said. 

“Hunters wearing camouflage outfits and carrying guns are easily mistaken for soldiers. Firing guns in the area between the ceasefire lines increases tension because soldiers on duty cannot immediately determine where the shots have come from and may feel obliged to react,” a statement said.

“Moreover, in the past, some hunters with loaded weapons have proved to be a hazard to each other and to UNFICYP patrols in the buffer zone,” it added.

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Larnaca shopkeepers protest Ermou Street closure

LARNACA shopkeepers held an demonstration yesterday, complaining about the sealing off of Ermou Street, in the old town. 

Ermou square has been closed since 2008, when reconstruction works were undertaken. After its completion, the Larnaca Municipality decided to seal off the square completely, thus leaving half the town’s commercial centre without road access to Ermou Street.

A representative of the shopkeepers, Akis Stavrou, said that by opening the 100 metres of  Ermou Street, which has been sealed off to cars, the municipality would solve the problems of the dwindling numbers of people visiting the shopping centre and that of traffic chaos.

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Teenager dies in motorbike accident in Lakatamia

NICOS Nicolaou, 18, was killed yesterday at around 11.40am in Lakatamia when the motorbike he was driving collided with a car driven by a 71-year-old.

According to police, Nicolaou, who was wearing a helmet, veered into the opposite lane when he collided with the 71-year-old’s car.

He was taken to Nicosia General Hospital where his death was confirmed. 

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Will it be deja vu now that Iran report is in?

“We will not build two (nuclear) bombs in the face of (America’s) 20,000,” said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in response to an International Atomic Energy Agency report this week that accuses Iran of doing just that. He called Yukiya Amano, the head of the IAEA, a US puppet, saying: “This person does not publish a report about America and its allies’ nuclear arsenals.”

Well, that’s true, actually. Amano will never publish a report about America’s nuclear weapons (only 5,133 of them now, actually). He hasn’t said anything about Israel’s, Britain’s and France’s weapons of mass destruction either. And his report is largely based on information fed to him by Western intelligence agencies.

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