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Definitely an auspicious day for lovers…of ice cream

PEOPLE think the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the millennium is an auspicious day to get married but for ice cream vendors 3COWS, it was an auspicious day to advertise by dishing out free ice cream. 

Technically speaking the 11th year of the millennium was last year (2000 was the first year and 2001 the second) but 11.11.11 has a nicer ring to it and as 3Cow’s Nikos Koukos said, “We liked the date.” 

The liked it so much that from 11.11am until 11.11pm they offered free ice cream to anyone who walked in their shops and even had a tricycle carrying a fridge drive around Nicosia to reach out to even more people.

But even driving around offering ice cream may not please everyone. 

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War veterans honoured

CYPRUS’ remaining Second World War veterans gathered yesterday to mark Remembrance Day for all those who died in the line of duty.

 “I served from the very beginning and was there until the end,” said 94-year-old WWII veteran Christos Eliofotou. 

Eliofotou was one of 10,000 Cypriot expats who volunteered in WWII along with 20,000 Cypriots from all communities – over seven per cent of the population at the time. 

Those were difficult times, 81-year-old WWII veteran Charalambos Paraskevas said. 

“I joined the army when I was 17 because times were difficult and we were very poor,” said Paraskevas who ended up serving in Italy. 

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Arrests made after hunting fracas in buffer zone

POLICE arrested two men yesterday, one of whom was a police officer, after members of the UN force in Cyprus UNFICYP reported that two men were hunting illegally in the buffer zone near Kambos and were involved in a bust up with UN officers.

After a line-up for identification at a Cypriot police station, the police officer was released without any charge, as the UNFICYP officers did not identify him as taking part in the bust-up or the hunting.

The other suspect, a 22-year-old hunter, was officially charged and released until his case appears in court.

According to the police report, two UNFICYP officers from Argentina spotted two Greek-Cypriots hunting illegally in the buffer zone. 

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Fines for drivers not using new highway lanes correctly

DRIVERS who do not use the new three-lane Nicosia-Limassol highway properly could be fined, Demetris Demetriou the head of traffic police yesterday.

“If we are not aware of the basic rules that govern the correct use of the highway and if we do not implement them, since we’re dealing with high speeds, in the case of an accident we will end with a pile up and tragic consequences,” said Demetriou.

Demetriou made clear that for the next 15 days at least, police will be patrolling the highway around the clock, and drivers that do not use the three lanes correctly will issued with a warning. The new 11km stretch of highway from Nicosia to Alambra and back was opened on Thursday.

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Paphos goes for Christmas cheer to ease the gloom

DESPITE the recent tragic blast at Mari and rising electricity prices, Paphos will be illuminated with new lights alongside the usual light displays this festive season.

The towns vice mayor Makis Rousis said, “People need to be cheered up this year and we will make sure Paphos looks beautiful again this Christmas.” He added, “we will be putting the decorations up around the town .We will also be putting a display at the new roundabout.”

According tot the municipality, the lengthy task of putting up the lights is already underway and Rousis says this year’s offerings will be better than ever.

New decorations will festoon Kennedy square and the new roundabout area, set close to Paphos general hospital.

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Sir Stelios awards Cyprus’ top bi-communal businesses

EASYJET founder and entrepreneur Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou yesterday awarded five of Cyprus’ top bi-communal businesses €50,000 each. 

The annual award, organised by the Stelios Foundation, for business cooperation across the Green Line entered its third year and saw the highest number of applicants this year.  

Winning teams were chosen for bi-communal business partnership which benefit the whole island.  Each team had to include a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot born on the island, working together in business. 

 “I believe every business person has a duty to repay some of that debt back to society, some do it quietly and there are people who like to shout about it like me,” said Sir Stelios. 

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Neighbour on the warpath against offending trees

A NICOSIA couple was outraged yesterday when their next door neighbour called to tell them that she gotten permission from the Ayios Dhometios municipality to chop down their two Cypress trees this morning. 

“It’s unbelievable. I can’t believe this person wants to chop down our trees because their leaves get in her garden,” said the husband.

According to the couple, the neighbour has been unhappy about leaves messing up her garden and has even cut down venturing branches. 

“But she never made threats that she would cut the trees down and now she says she will come with a crew first thing in the morning and cut them out,” said his wife.

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Teachers threaten new strikes

PRIMARY school teachers’ union POED have decided to intensify their efforts by staging a three-hour strike that will be announced, and all day work stoppage on the day that the new economic package will be discussed and voted on in Parliament, they said yesterday.

“In view of these events and especially the new package that is on its way, the battle will be intensified,” said POED head Philios Fylaktou. 

According to Fylaktou, there will be protests outside Parliament during non-school hours, a three-hour work stoppage for which there will be notice, and on the day the new package will be voted on in Parliament an all day work stoppage will be carried out.

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No DNA trace from alleged shooter on helmet

THE BIKE helmet piece that police found near the scene of the murder of Sigma boss Andis Hadjicostis bore no genetic traces from Hadjicostis’ alleged shooter Gregoris Xenofontos the Nicosia court heard yesterday. 

Key prosecution witness Fanos Hadjigeorgiou who is testifying against the murder suspects in return for immunity had previously told the court that the helmet’s owner Costas Proestos had lent the helmet to himself and Xenofontos without knowing what it would be used for. 

Proestos was arrested in relation to the murder because his prints were found on the helmet but was released because Hadjigeorgiou did not implicate him in the murder.

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Six communities receive new fire trucks

JUSTICE Minister Loucas Louca yesterday delivered six used fire trucks to an equal number of communities, on behalf of the Fire Services. 

“The state is not doing you a favour but is asking for your help,” Louca said during the ceremony. 

The municipalities of Paralimni, Dherynia and the communities of Kannaviou, Vizakias, Palodhia and Moni all received their own fire truck. 

The new trucks are to aid local responses to forest fires. Louca told the communities that the trucks were “saddling you with obligations and responsibility when it comes to putting out fires breaking out near your communities.”

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