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Put the boot in


Boots are back in fashion so it’s time to revisit a counter culture classic available in Cyprus in many forms says NAOMI LEACH

Dr Martens – what images does the iconic brand conjure? Punk rockers? Anarchists? Rebels? Hippies? I once knew a media darling forever clad in Manolo Blahniks who proudly admitted to wearing a pair of Dr Martens under her wedding dress. This was back in her anti-Capitalist, student marching days, she’d explain. Doc Martens were part of the armour of protest. They made a political statement without you even needing to open your mouth.

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Eat, drink and be merry the Mediterranean way

The traditional Mediterranean lifestyle has all the ingredients we need for a healthy life, and we need to stick to it, NAOMI LEACH is told

“People don’t realise how important nutrition is. It can change your lifestyle. People going through emotional rollercoasters, on energy ups and downs, can fix them through nutrition,” insists Holistic Nutritionist Barbara Karafokas.

“It’s important as you get older. The older you get, the quicker you age. If you look at it logically, just see how many cases of cancer and heart disease people around you have. Ask how have they been living? This is where it has led them so it’s time to do something different. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out,” she urges.

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What the listeners want

It has been ten years since Chris Yearley made his first appearance on the airwaves of Cyprus. Now at 40, the morning DJ tells PETROS IACOVIDES that he has no plans to check into the Dunwafflin Retirement Home just yet

Chris Yearley has established himself as one of the most prominent broadcasters to emerge from popular music radio in Cyprus with his daily morning show on Radio Napa – a decade on he is sitting in the same studio that his journey began.

His eclectic mix of pop music, banter and news hit the road running with audiences across the south east, meaning that the simplistic format has remained almost untouched.

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Film review: The Veteran

We like to whinge about Hollywood’s crushing monopoly, but in fact European films are acquitting themselves quite well at the Cyprus multiplex. Colombiana, from Luc Besson’s French factory, came out this weekend, while The Three Musketeers, from the late Bernd Eichinger’s German factory, played for most of last month. Those are both gaudy action fantasies, but we’ve also had a pair of gritty British thrillers (to be fair, the French and Germans make gritty movies too; we just never see them, since they tend to be in French or German): Blitz was a shoddy cop show with Jason Statham – but The Veteran is a much better action thriller, with state-of-the-nation pretensions and the up-and-coming Toby Kebbell as Miller, a soldier just back from the war in Afghanistan.

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Film review: Footloose

My membership in the 80s Club is hanging by a thread, and may be revoked altogether; I grew up in that decade, and saw the original Footloose back in 1984 – yet I barely remember it. I recall the hook, obviously (a town that’s abolished dancing). I recall the songs, ‘Let’s Hear It For the Boy’ and the title track. I recall John Lithgow, going over-the-top as the town preacher. Otherwise, details are sketchy – which is a problem, because the new Footloose is remarkably faithful (so I’m told) to the old Footloose. Should I praise this surprisingly serious film for being surprisingly serious? Or is it just hewing closely to the 80s, a decade when teen-friendly blockbusters were, by and large, more serious than their 10s equivalents?

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Restaurant review: Vassos Restaurant, Ayia Napa


The Vassos Fish Tavern is certainly not overlooked by the seasonal crowds, during the summer months this is one of the most popular eateries in the resort. But even at this time of year it is the perfect location for lunch as the autumn sun beams through onto the restaurant terrace.

Al fresco eating is one of the luxuries of summer and it’s a pity that Ayia Napa has hardly any evening trade after November, with only a few decent restaurants surviving only on lunch.

In any case Vassos is best experienced during the day – as it boasts the most breathtaking location of any restaurant on the island, perched over the pretty harbour with its fishing boats bobbing in the swell. 

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Bar review: Oxo Hall, Limassol

Situated in the heart of Limassol’s old town, a renovated mansion now called Oxo Hall has become Limassol’s latest big thing for grabbing a coffee, getting a bite to eat, or enjoying an evening out with friends. With a variety of food, coffees, drinks and music, Oxo Hall attracts people of all ages every day of the week.

Having opened this October, it has already hosted its first Latin Night, which was met with great success, and will continue to host a Latin Night every other Thursday, the next one taking place on November 10. Over the weekend, the DJ, placed in a rather unique location – a cage made of wire – plays a selection of soulful and progressive house music, while during daytime one can relax to the sounds of chill-out and lounge music.

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