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Car chase

A 36-year-old man was arrested on Friday after the father of a Paphos resident saw him driving her stolen car hours after the theft.

The car was stolen earlier in the day when unknown individuals broke into the house of a 31-year-old woman found the keys to her €8,000 car parked outside. 

At around 2pm, the woman’s father spotted her stolen car as he was driving in Paphos.  

Pursuing the driver, he managed to bring the car to a halt on a road in Yeroskipou at which point the 36-year-old driver got out of the car threatening the approaching man with a knife and making a run for it. 

A pursuit ensued and the 36-year-old was finally apprehended with the help of some locals. 

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Joyriders hurt

THREE 14-year-old boys who were driving around Limassol ended up in hospital in the early hours yesterday morning when one of them lost control of the car they were all in and hit a tree. 

The accident took place yesterday at 1:30am in Limassol. 

The driver broke his nose and left leg and one of the passengers was kept in Limassol General Hospital for observation because of problems with his spine. 

The third was given first aid and released. 

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A slice of history left to crumble


THE FIRST THING you should know about the Armenian monastery of Sourp Magar is that it exists.

This is an important point, because if you look at virtually any “TRNC” map, or ask the locals in the north where it is, you might come away thinking otherwise – and be tempted to return home after a long and fruitless search.

Its existence is also important is because, through woeful neglect by the ‘authorities’ in the north, this 1,000-year-old treasure and sacred pilgrimage site could soon fall into rubble and succumb to nature, vandals and the swathes of litter and used toilet paper that mar the area.

It is already half way there, as I found out when I visited last month.

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Scams driving up cost of insurance

CAR insurance fraud has become the bane of insurance firms, costing businesses hundreds of thousands of euros every year and inevitably driving up premiums.

Sources in the insurance business, who preferred not to be named, have told the Sunday Mail of many cases of exaggerated – or even patently false – claims.

A run-of-the-mill car insurance premium has increased by roughly 50 to 70 per cent over the last decade and the proliferation of fake claims during this period is believed to be a key factor.

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The sun worshipper


THE RECTOR of the University of Cyprus, Constantinos Christofides, speaks insanely quickly. It’s almost as if he’s trying to squash ideas between words, and as you’re trying to catch up with his previous sentence Christofides has already moved on to the next one. 

With Christofides, you better think fast and far ahead, and nowhere more so than when he describes his vision for Cyprus in 2020.

In that not too distant future, the people are stakeholders in a company which owns and runs a humungous 500MW photovoltaic park – the renewable electricity generating darling of sun-kissed countries such as our own. The public are also directly involved in a number of other environmental projects which will eventually transform the face of the island. 

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Here comes the rain again

MICHALIS and Penny Kareklas lie in wait every year for the rain to return. 

They know that when it does their house in Oroklini will once again be flooded, with muddy water coming in the back door, through the house and out the front door.

“The situation is unbearable,” said Kareklas in desperation after years of trying to get help.

“Every time we have heavy rain it picks up from the local mountain and comes down with mud, coming over my wall and running through my house,” said Kareklas. “It comes with so much power that the wall has cracked.”

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Running the funny money to ground

AS the Eurozone crisis worsens, it is not only governments that are printing more euros – the counterfeiters are at it too, according to Cyprus’ counter-counterfeiting boss Christakis Antoniou.

Antoniou heads the National Analysis Centre for Counterfeiting Euro banknotes and coins, which – since its foundation in 2004 with EU accession- has seen a steady increase in forged notes on the island. 

In its first four years, the centre recovered between 200 and 250 notes per year, but after Cyprus’ accession to the eurozone in 2008 this number more than doubled to around 600 fake banknotes every year.

Then in 2010 this figure almost quadrupled to 2,217 after the discovery of two huge counterfeiting operations, which yielded €100,970 in fake cash. 

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Government ignoring the cost of dementia

Regrettably, much of what Hermes Solomon has recently said about the poor management and conditions in general in Cyprus’ state hospitals is warranted. 

For example, it appears none has either a geriatric ward or a psycho-geriatric ward and a support team of specialist doctors and nurses for dealing with such conditions as senile dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Yet with life expectancy here now around 80 and climbing, the numbers thus afflicted in Cyprus are rising rapidly. 

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Lack of professional transparency won’t be going away any time soon

I am writing in because I would like to commend Alexis Pantelides’ well-researched and insightful recent article: “Penalising your peers”, that appeared in the November 6 edition of the Sunday Mail.

The reality, as laid out in the column, confirms what the majority of us already know – namely that the regulatory bodies encompassing the medical, legal and accountancy professions are nothing more than self-serving instruments to mask the negligence – and, in some cases, fraudulent – behaviour of their members.

On this note, the comments of Doros Ioannides of the Cyprus Bar Association were especially revealing. 

Apparently, he was adamant that the disciplinary procedure was working fine and had “both accountability and the adequate transparency”. 

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120 officers to guard island’s spoiled MPs is a sheer disgrace

I am writing in response to the recent article “MP’s security detail used as errand boys”, published in the November 11 edition of the Cyprus Mail:

In a country as small as Cyprus it is an absolute disgrace that 120 policemen should be used as a security detail. 

It’s the same old story: the parliament is stuffed with lawyers, businessmen, upper middle classes, etcetera, who treat the parliament as their personal ‘plaything’. 

They are not in the least bit interested in the welfare of the ordinary citizens of Cyprus. 

Rather, they prefer to strut about like arrogant peacocks, puffing out their chests.

“I have a bigger security escort than you” indeed!

What danger do these deluded fools think they are in, anyway? 

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