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Songbirds are actually prized while living in some countries

Here in Zurich it is such a pleasure to hear and see so many beautiful blackbirds, blackcaps and bluetits singing among the trees around the house and on the lake-side. And despite what some may think, hearing owls and jays at night is soothing for ragged nerves !

I will miss the birds when I return to my home in Limassol, even though I do look forward to enjoying the mild and sunny weather. What a pity the Cypriot birds cannot enjoy it too, because they are trying to avoid nets, hunters’ guns and lime-sticks…

Diane Best, 

Limassol and Zurich

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Help needed to track down old chums

I am writing in on the off-chance someone might be able to help me track down some folks. 

Can anyone assist me by supplying contact information for Jimmy Elia, Androulla Elia, Mandalena, Nic and the rest, formerly running Jimmys Bar on Limassol’s beach front, near the Castle Hotel?

If any reader has such information, I would very much appreciate it if you could contact me via the Cyprus Mail. Many thanks.


Paul Davies, 


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Cyprus health care is a mass of cartels and protected monopolies

THE FEAR of ill health accompanied by the medical ignorance of patients is a family doctor’s trump card, permitting him to charge up to 50 euros a visit, even if it’s for no more than a prescription for aspirin.

Family doctors work closely with, or are affiliated to one or other private hospital or clinic, referring the well heeled or privately insured patient to a specialist at that establishment and undoubtedly receiving ‘mention’ for doing so. They do the same for pushing, sometimes unnecessarily, expensive drugs for the world’s all powerful drug companies – certain proprietary brands available online more cheaply than their generics here. 

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Blaming past crimes on others is an idiotic myth

I HAVE written it before, but will keep on repeating it – President Christofias and the AKEL leadership are dangerous for the country. The way they have been handling serious issues of the economy is beyond belief.

The way the developments of the last few days – new downgrades and warnings by the European Commission about the dangers caused by big budget deficits – have been handled by Christofias and his AKEL cronies has been, without a hint of exaggeration, criminal. 

Their indifference to the slide of the country towards the precipice of economic meltdown is unbelievable. DIKO deputy Nicholas Papadopoulos hit the nail on the head when he said the government took the role of a disinterested observer.

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Can Cyprus survive the euro’s crisis of confidence?

THE INDECISIVENESS of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (Markozy) over the last two years on how to handle the sovereign debt crisis of the eurozone has reached its final act. There are dire predictions of a break up of the eurozone, rumours of secret talks of the new Frankfurt Group (FG) to set up a two speed Europe and of course the market instability which now claims to be the new political force changing prime ministers of two eurozone countries – Greece and Italy. The euro may have brought significant benefits to the average man/woman in the street and to trade between the members but it has really been doomed from the start when countries with hugely different economies and fiscal tradition were allowed to join for political reasons.

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The landmark visit of Shimon Peres to Cyprus

The visit to Cyprus of the Israeli President Shimon Peres last week has been characterised as historic. The praise is richly deserved, as his stature of a great personality is universally recognised. Its successful conclusion acquires a political meaning of the first magnitude, since Israel is considered Cyprus’ most important strategic partner. This state of affairs has not been achieved through biological automaticity, but through conscientious efforts and favourable conjunctures, which form the foundation of Cyprus-Israeli relations.

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The end of population growth

ACCORDING to the United Nations’ Population Division, the world’s human population hit seven billion on October 31. As always happens whenever we approach such a milestone, this one has produced a spike in conferences, seminars, and learned articles, including the usual dire Malthusian predictions. After all, the UN forecasts that world population will rise to 9.3 billion in 2050 and surpass 10 billion by the end of this century.

Such forecasts, however, misrepresent underlying demographic dynamics. The future we face is not one of too much population growth, but too little.

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