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Foundation stone laid for unique complex


THE FOUNDATION stone for the creation of the multi-million Riviera housing and shopping complex in Lakatamia was laid yesterday.

The complex will cover 175,000 square metres, which will include houses, apartments, shops, bicycle and pedestrian lanes and a park covering 23,000 square metres.

The foundation stone was laid by French ambassador to Cyprus Jean-Marc Rives who stressed the importance of the project, which would be built by a French construction company with such innovative architecture.

“I have no doubt that the new project will attract not only Cypriots but also foreigners who will be fascinated by the innovation and quality of the apartments and houses that will be built,” he said.

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Jail for two drug smugglers

A 34-YEAR-OLD Cypriot man and a Spanish woman, 25, were yesterday sentenced to seven and six years in jail respectively for their involvement in the import of around seven kilos of cannabis.

Zaharias Kallis and Carolina Gonzales Gordon were arrested in Aradippou in September and cooperated with authorities in bringing before justice two other suspects.

The pair agreed to testify against Stefanos Mentonis and Gareth Noster who pleaded not guilty to charges they face in connection with the case.

Mentonis and Noster were arrested after a chase in Aradippou.

Gordon was also arrested on the same day, admitting that she brought the drugs from Holland.

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‘We will meet €200m cuts target’

THE government yesterday denied it has failed to meet its target of cutting social allowances by €200 million, as pledged a couple of months ago in a bid to shore up public finances.

The government has been criticised in recent days that cuts announced to student and child allowances fell short of the €200 million mark it had set previously.

In written statement issued yesterday, the finance ministry said that the draft budget submitted to parliament includes €201.6 million in cuts, from the current €1.3 billion.

But the actual cuts could even be higher, according to the figures provided by the ministry.

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€10m in projects for Limassol

CONSTRUCTION for a humongous car park, a new square and shops in Limassol’s commercial centre are expected to start within a year, Limassol Mayor Andreas Christou yesterday said. 

The €10 million project will begin in the summer of 2012 with the company consortium which gained the contract managing the complex for over 14 years upon completion.

 “The project will breathe new life and rejuvenate the commercial centre,” Christou said. 

The car park will cater to shoppers and students and visitors at the Cyprus University of Technology, Christou said. 

The company consortium has committed to delivering the work in two years, rather than the three allowed by the plan, Christou said.  

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20kg of cannabis seized

POLICE said yesterday they seized over 20 kilos of cannabis and arrested a Bulgarian man, 31, trying to get the drugs through Larnaca airport.

The drugs, originating from Amsterdam, were seized on Saturday evening but police did not announce anything so as not to alert other possible suspects.

The man was remanded in custody for eight days on Sunday.

The drugs were found in his luggage – 38 packets of 500-grammes.

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Eight years for rape of neighbour

MICHAEL Oumble, 55, has been sentenced to eight years in jail for breaking into his neighbour’s flat and raping her. 

The 28-year-old female Cypriot repatriate was sleeping in her home on May 15 this year when she woke up in the early hours to see Oumble holding a knife, wearing surgical gloves. His face was covered. 

She asked him not to kill her and he answered in English, her native language, “I just want to have sex.” 

Oumble asked her to strip naked, forced her to give him oral sex, had sexual intercourse with her and forced her to do a number of sexually-related acts.

About 90 minutes later the woman’s phone rang and Oumble left the scene but not before picking up her keys so he could return at a later time. 

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Village’s two-only voters running against each other


THE COMMUNITY of Prastio in Paphos is tiny, so small in fact that only two people are registered to vote, but apparently both residents want to be community leader. 

Other communities in Paphos are only slightly bigger with Kidadi, Mousere and Kourtaka having six registered voters, Androlikou having fourteen, Anadhiou nineteen and Milia twenty, daily Politis reported.

In the case of a tie a re-election is called and then if there is still an equal amount of votes, the community leader is chosen at random. 

So at the very worst if and when the Prastio residents run for elections, one of them may end up with a state pension and a monthly salary provided by the state so he can serve the needs of the other, remaining resident.   

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New Larnaca airport two years old

PUBLIC Relations and Communications Manager of Hermes Airports, Adamos Aspris said yesterday that since its first day of operation, on November 17, 2009, the new airport handled nearly 86,000 flights, of which 43,000 were departures and the remaining 43,000 arrivals. The airport handled until now almost 11 million passengers.

Aspris noted that although the global financial crisis has affected the tourism industry worldwide, tourists’ arrivals in Cyprus for 2011 recorded a significant increase. 

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Police award citizens for bravery

POLICE yesterday awarded 28 members of the public who helped solve criminal cases, rescue people and find and arrest criminals.

There was the bank clerk who ran after a co-op robber to stop him from escaping in early October. 

There was the man who helped an off-duty police officer arrest another bank robber earlier this month. 

Only last week a man driving around in Paphos spotted his daughter’s stolen car and pursued and arrested the car thief with the help of some locals. 

“We need active and sensitive citizens who care about their fellow human beings and the future of society and that of our children,” said police chief Michalis Papageorgiou. 

Papageorgiou said that brave actions from the public “sent a message to thieves”.

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