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Film review: Oranges and Sunshine **


What’s the purpose of a film society? To offer an alternative, of course – but what kind? We have three film societies on the island, in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca, and their back-stories are different (the one in Larnaca started up last year; the Limassol one has been going since 1974) but they have one thing in common: they’re the only alternative left to the big-studio genre movies – rom-coms, fantasies, sequels and prequels – shown at the multiplex. 

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Restaurant review: Erebuni Armenian Restaurant, Nicosia

The Erebuni restaurant is designed to replicate an Armenian palace or sepulchre with brown stone walls and columns that may appeal to some because there is no accounting for taste. We arrive fairly early on a Tuesday night to find the premises empty of diners but some of the tables are occupied by groups of dark-clad heavily stubbled young men earnestly engaged in conversation. There is a dominant television portraying some form of oriental pop music; the furnishings are plain but not unattractive and we are shown to a table in a corner and given a menu by the single waiter.

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Bar review: Plus Soda, Larnaca

If you like your nightspot with a bit of funk, a touch cool and some style thrown in on top, Plus Soda in Larnaca is the place to be. Behind this relatively new establishment is an experienced team that seems to know exactly the right blend to create a great location for some fun. Looking fresh from the outside and with a very suave interior, Plus Soda could well become a permanent fixture on anyone’s ‘out’ list.

On the corner of Lord Byron and Gregoris Afxentiou streets, its location is very easily found. We visited on a Friday which is ‘live music’ night but as we found out later, the place is very varied in what it has to offer. The décor almost puts you in the mood by itself; such is the influence of colour and light. 

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