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Can we bloodlessly halt Iran’s atomic progress?

Mr Dyer’s feature article in last Friday’s Cyprus Mail raises a crucial subject. There is nothing more important in politics than the endeavour to limit nuclear proliferation.

His criticism of the coalition’s invasion of Iraq is valid. The grounds for the invasion, the assertions that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction made by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair and Ministers were exaggerated and wrong. Now, Mr Dyer says, public opinion is being softened up for an invasion of Iran by the Americans or their proxies, the Israelis. We should not make the same mistake again, he says.

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Wind farm proponents continue to fall short of sound arguments

I was very pleased to see the Danish Ambassador’s letter about wind farms (October 30) in answer to my enquiry about their cost efficiency. But he has not addressed key issues which I will endeavour to outline below. 

The main problem with wind farms, apart from their astounding construction cost and the use of some 40 tonnes of concrete per tower (this in itself contributing massively to CO2 emission) is that their fickle and very poor output must invariably be matched by conventional, always-on energy production, which is an obvious paradox. Moreover, these windmills need tremendous space and they have a life of no more than 25 years. The decommissioning costs are never discussed. 

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Island’s home needs cry out for authorities’ attention

The administration of Cyprus could in many ways be compared to one of the larger cities in the United Kingdom, say Manchester or Birmingham. So what’s the big deal?

These cities work within a democratic framework within an agreed budget. Why can’t Cyprus? 

The answer is simple, the top-heavy beaurocracy and administration of this country can never come together with the combined aim to govern for the benefit of all people.

There are many domestic problems on this beautiful island which need urgent attention. 

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Online betting ban is not the way to tame players’ vice

Regarding a ban on online casino gambling: what is the difference between an online casino that you have to physically go to in order to gamble or participating in casino games online from the comfort of your own home?

The authorities are going about this the wrong way in my opinion. Instead of making criminals out of people who may already like to gamble in the numerous ‘betting shops’ across the Island, they should just authorise a few local ‘websites’, license and regulate them, and make them the only legal channel for online gambling in Cyprus.


Name and address withheld

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Access to pet poisons still too easy

Regarding the new pesticide law that might reduce accidental poisoning of pets:

Deliberate poisoning of animals here is widespread and since these measures are designed to help prevent accidental poisonings, I can’t see the situation improving. The much bigger problem is how to stop easy access to lethal poisons. This has been going on for years but the powers that be turn a blind eye instead of legislating against their use. 


Rosemary Barnes,

Commenting via the 

Cyprus Mail website

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Rising above the fray

IN JUST one term as mayor of Limassol, Andreas Christou has joined an elite, extraordinary short list of political personalities.

For, as the top man of the island’s biggest municipality since 2006, Christou has managed to project himself as a rare – almost unique – elected official who operates above party politics, shying away from the entrenched clashes and subsequent lockdowns of our political system.

It’s a startling accomplishment, considering that since 1991 Christou has been at the forefront of politics as a member of the left-wing party AKEL, serving the party in various positions including party spokesman and MP for Limassol for 13 years. 

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A mayor in action


HAVING launched works of a combined cost of approximately €1 billion – shared by the state, the municipality, the EU and private company funds – Limassol Mayor Andreas Christou has been praised in particular for securing €64 million of EU funding for four major projects, more than any other municipality on the island.

The EU’s European Regional Development Fund is co-financing the reconstruction of the Pattichion Municipal Theatre, the multifunctional seaside park and promenade, the Garillis Park and the extensive reconstruction of the city’s old quarters.

“The development of Limassol has been phenomenal these past few years, and he has proven to be very efficient in securing those EU funds,” says Fanos Costa, a 24-year-old student.

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A dusty start to a lasting romance


MEHMET Birinci, 53, and Andri Charalambous, 51, fell in love while discussing vacuum cleaners.

It has proved to be an enduring relationship that recently won them a 50,000 euro prize from the Stelios Foundation for their bi-communal business, Achaco Cleaning systems. 

The award, by entrepreneur and Easy Jet founder Sir Stelios Hadji-ioannou, rewards bi-communal business co-operations which could benefit the island as whole. 

Mehmet’s and Andri’s professional and romantic relationship started with an interview and was sealed with a bet over six years ago. 

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Race club fears its own demise

IT WAS once the epicentre for the capital’s glitterati, but now the Nicosia race club (NRC) is facing closure within two years because of dwindling funds, caused by the economic crisis and “the cancer” of illegal betting on its races.

According to NRC managing director, Themis Themistocleus, the club is now in dire straits, losing around €100,000 per week – its demise driven by declining bets at the racecourse, either because the economic crisis has forced punters to curb spending, or because they are taking their money to the more lucrative illegal gambling sector.

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Jan of all trades


AS RISING unemployment figures dominate the headlines, one man is hoping to buck the trend with an unusual project: to work 33 different jobs, in 33 countries, in 33 weeks.

Jan Lachner is a 24 year old aerospace engineer from Paris, but as of tomorrow, when he arrives in Malta, he will start a new – and short – career as an artisan fisherman. 

A week later he will leave this job for Limassol, to take up a post as Cyprus Tourism Organisation collaborator, and then it’s on to the rest of Europe in a wide range of roles in which he has no prior experience.

With ten out of 33 planned jobs lined up, Lachner’s project is a testament to the benefit of maintaining an open mind when job hunting.

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