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First-ever home security exhibition in Paphos

FOR THE first time in Cyprus, security companies from all over the island will gather together in Paphos to participate in a security exhibition which will take place this month.

Organised by Peyia neighbourhood watch, the event will showcase everything from cameras and alarms to lights and movement sensors.

According to Peyia Neighbourhood Watch, this is the first event of its type and has the full support of the police. The aim of the event is to highlight the various options available on the market for preventing burglaries and thefts.

“Although we have organised the exhibition, we are not sponsoring it or the exhibitors in any way,” said Keith Allen, chairman of the Peyia neighbourhood watch management team.

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Nobel prize for idiotic economics

THE GENERAL Secretary of the SEK union, Nicos Moiseos, speaking at his union conference on November 9, presented a new economic theory, for which I am seriously considering proposing him for the next Nobel prize for economics.

This was his theory: “If we follow an austerity policy with a reduction of wages and benefits we will suffer the same fate as Greece, reducing the purchasing power of wage-earners, restricting their consumption capacity and cause harm to the real market, development and the private sector… To overcome the current deadlocks, we need solutions based on the principles of social justice and social cohesion.”

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Restoring the link between wages and productivity

FEW OF the economic laws are as inviolable as the link between wages and productivity. Wages can not be higher than productivity, or grow at a rate faster than productivity growth for long .When this happens in a business, its days are numbered. When this happens in the public sector, nothing happens.

In business, when the value of production or revenues do not cover costs, sooner or later the business will close down unless it takes immediate action to restore the link between productivity and wages by increasing productivity or reducing wages. Where inertia, collective agreements or other inflexibilities prevent such adjustments, the company is forced to either lay off staff or close altogether. 

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Do ‘our’ Islamists really serve larger interests?

FOLLOWING the death of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s interim government announced the “liberation” of the country. It also declared that a system based on sharia (Islamic law), including polygamy, would replace the secular dictatorship that Gaddafi ran for 42 years. Swapping one form of authoritarianism for another seems a cruel letdown after seven months of NATO airstrikes in the name of democracy.

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Should we ban cigarettes?

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama’s doctor confirmed last month that the president no longer smokes. At the urging of his wife, Michelle Obama, the president first resolved to stop smoking in 2006, and has used nicotine replacement therapy to help him. If it took Obama, a man strong-willed enough to aspire to and achieve the US presidency, five years to kick the habit, it is not surprising that hundreds of millions of smokers find themselves unable to quit.

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