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Lucky escape as Phaneromeni school facade crumbles

A PIECE of sandstone from the façade of Phaneromeni high school in the Nicosia old town fell yesterday, luckily not injuring anyone. 

The sandstone piece fell directly onto the steps of the school’s entrance around midday, while several people were sitting only metres away at a nearby cafeteria.

Police sealed off the area immediately while witnesses said that many children were in the square at the time of the incident.

The building, which is made entirely from sandstone, received its last maintenance check in 2002, while works on cleaning its gutters were only performed last month.

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Heavy rainfall boosts dams

WATER flow into the reservoirs has been much higher this November than for the same period last year, the Water Development Department announced yesterday.

“With the first rain we don’t expect many millions [of cubic metres] of water flow [immediately] into the dams, but we expect it to enrich underground aquifers, for the earth to soak it up and then from December, January, February we expect a much bigger water flow,” said Fedros Roussis, senior technician at the Water Development Department.

This delay meant only Kourris and Arminou reservoirs have actually seen water flow since last weekend’s heavy rainfall. Even so, this is more than last November.

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Preparations for EU council presidency underway

THE Cyprus Conference Centre and the Press centre in Nicosia will be ready at the beginning of 2012, a few months ahead of Cyprus’ first presidency of the European Union Council, the Deputy Minister to the President for European Affairs Andreas Mavroyiannis said yesterday. 

He was talking at a news conference on Cyprus’ EU presidency. 

“We have made noteworthy progress in various aspects,” Mavroyiannis said. 

In addition to the expected completion of the press and conference centre, Mavroyiannis said that the heads of the EU council’s workgroups had been appointed as were the relevant officials. 

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Balcony fall

A 32-YEAR-OLD man from the Famagusta district was hospitalised on Sunday after falling six metres from his friend’s balcony.

Police said they were investigating the reasons behind the incident initially appeared like a freak accident. The 32-year-old had been standing on the balcony with his friend, when he apparently lost his balance and fell head-first.

He was first taken to Famagusta General Hospital, where doctors found he had a fractured skull and other head injuries. The 32-year-old was then taken to Nicosia General Hospital, where he was yesterday said to be in serious condition.

Dherynia police are investigating the case.

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Brothel raid

POLICE arrested six women in Limassol in the early hours of yesterday on suspicion of running a brothel. 

The women’s ages range from 18 to 45 years. 

The arrests followed a tip-off and police confiscated a total of €1,800, five mobile phones and notebooks, among others. 

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Teens injured in car accident

THREE 18-year-olds from Larnaca were seriously injured on Sunday morning when the car they were in overturned when the driver lost control.

The incident took place on the Lymbia-Athienou road at around 10.15am. 

One of the passengers suffered multiple injuries on his head, lungs, neck and chest and was taken to Nicosia General Hospital where he was put in intensive care. He is in critical condition. 

The driver and third passenger suffered neck and lung injuries and were kept in Larnaca General Hospital for further treatment. 

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Paphos robbery

THIEVES escaped with jewellery worth €91,135 from a Paphos home last Friday.

According to the owner of the property, the robbery took place between 1.30 and 8.30pm.

Paphos police spokesman Nicos Tsappis repeated the police warnings that said that residents and shopkeepers should take care when leaving their properties empty for long periods of time.


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New Bishop of Kyrenia


Archimandrite Chysostomos Kykkotis was elected as the new Bishop of Kyrenia on Saturday after ensuring 43.52 per cent of the vote, with 3145 votes.

Second in the running came Archimandrite Benedict Ioannou with 2389 votes, and Mesaoria Bishop Gregorios with 1188 votes.

The post became empty after the death of Bishop Pavlos in October.


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Is sleeping in Zuccotti park free speech?


AFTER police swept Occupy Wall Street protestors out of New York’s Zuccotti Park a week ago, lawyers for the protesters, the city, and the park’s owner are all confronting an intriguing question. Is sleeping overnight in public spaces a protected form of free speech under the US Constitution?

Or, as Alan Levine, a lawyer representing the protesters, told a judge at a hearing: “It’s not a camping case, it’s a First Amendment case. “They’re sleeping there 24 hours a day as a form of expression.”

Over the past several decades, a handful of cases — including one decided by the US Supreme Court — have grappled with the issue, which sits at the intersection of the First Amendment and the government’s interest in maintaining law and order on public property.

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33 dead as Egyptian police battle protesters

CAIRO police fought protesters demanding an end to army rule for a third day yesterday and morgue officials said the death toll had risen to 33, with many victims shot in the worst violence since the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

Tens of thousands of people packed Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the anti-Mubarak revolt in January and February, as darkness fell, despite the clashes that threaten to disrupt Egypt’s first free election in decades, due to start next week.

Protesters have brandished bullet casings in the square, where police moved in with batons and tear gas on Saturday against a protest then dominated by Islamists but since driven by young people with secular aims. Police deny using live fire.

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