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Teachers won’t back down on Christmas plays

PRIMARY school teachers yesterday rejected a plea by the chairman of the House Education Committee to withdraw their decision not to hold Christmas school plays in protest against recent pay cuts aimed in shoring up the economy.

Viewed by many as one of the most privileged groups of civil servants, teachers are up in arms over cuts imposed last August and as part of their “dynamic measures,” they decided to cancel the traditional Christmas plays.

Committee chairman, DISY’s Nicos Tornaritis, urged the primary school teachers’ union POED to rethink and at least hold the plays during school hours, rather than in the evening as is customary.

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‘CTO violated local and EU laws with Dasoudi deal’

AGREEMENTS signed between the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) and a private contractor to develop Dasoudi — a wooded stretch on the coast of Yermasoyia — were done so in violation of local and EU laws, it emerged yesterday.

“It emerges that the CTO Board of Directors and possibly the Commerce Ministry, have been left irreversibly exposed for allowing the CTO to agree with a private company for developments worth €2.5 million, by following illegal procedures that violate local and EU laws for public contracts,” said Green party MP Giorgos Perdikis.

The CTO had tried to get planning permission to develop the area and build a two-storey underground car park, a big multi-function space and several new restaurants.   

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‘Cyprus must meet migration challenge’

OVER 150 complaints were filed to the Anti-Discrimination Body last year, and another 121 to the Equality Authority, both of which are headed by Ombudswoman Eliza Savvidou.

The reports were handed to President Demetris Chritofias yesterday.  

Savvidou said the submission of the Annual Report of the Anti-Discrimination Body for 2010 comes at a time of a strong debate taking place in Cyprus on the phenomenon of immigration and the social integration of immigrants. 

“Our response to the issue of immigration cannot be our entrenchment exclusively behind practices of deterring the arrival of immigrants, the inadequate consolidation of their rights, border control and the combating of illegal immigration,” said Savvidou in her report.

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Strovolos to have electronic map of hazards

IN A BID to better coordinate public services tasked with ensuring safety in the Strovolos industrial area in Nicosia, local authorities created a database with information to facilitate crisis management in case of emergency.

“There was a complete lack of a database with information concerning commerce, the materials used and their possible hazard level and there was no coherent action plan in case of a dangerous incident” said Strovolos Mayor Savvas Eliofotou.

Eliofotou was speaking at the launch of the newly designed “electronic map of hazardous materials in the Strovolos industrial area”, after around a year of preparations.

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Fotini Papadopoulou: one police guard is the same as none

THE WIFE of former President Tassos Papadopoulos issued an announcement yesterday saying that it would be ineffective and exhausting for one single person to ensure her safety round the clock. 

She was referring to the Cabinet’s decision to reduce the number of police bodyguards assigned to her from two to one. 

“Consequently, I would like to say that I do not desire the police to guard my house or (ensure my) safety,” the former First Lady said.

She added that since she had never asked for a driver she also did not need “the service car the state had given to the police officer for my transportation.” 

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Glafcos Clerides should be home in ten days

FORMER President Glafkos Clerides will be kept in Evangelistria clinic for about ten days for observation following the successful removal of a malignant tumour in his colon on Monday. 

Clerides, 92, is doing well and he is expected to recover with time. 

Clerides’ doctor Iosif Kassios said that they were taking precautionary measures to prevent post-surgery complications and that if nothing unpredictable happened, Clerides should be released in about ten days. 

“He is in very good spirits and has been teasing me,” Kassios said. 

Kassios said that Clerides was very keen to leave the intensive care unit where he was held after surgery adding that he had promised he would move him to his own room today. 

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Court martial for army bullies

THREE non-commissioned officers will face court martial, accused of abusing an 18-year-old conscript apparently because he supported the wrong football team, it emerged yesterday.

The incident took place earlier this month at an army barracks in Nicosia.

Daily Haravghi reported yesterday that the three will face court martial, after an investigation into the incident suggested criminal offenses had been committed.

The report was confirmed by a military source.

The alleged abuse came after the teenage soldier was seen drawing a shamrock – the emblem of Omonia football club – on a piece of paper.

It was reported at the time that the soldier was wrapped in plastic tape and put in a barrel upside down.

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MPs call for fuel terminal at Vassilikos

MPs yesterday called on the government to stop dragging its feet and launch procedures to build a fuel terminal at Vassilikos, to remove all the oil tanks from the coast of Larnaca and away from the area’s residents.

The plan has been floating around for years but progress has been slow.

The Trade and Industry Ministry told lawmakers yesterday that a ministerial committee is currently in the process of preparing a timeframe for when proceedings – including tenders – can start for the new terminal.

But residents are fed up with the promises, warning of the potential dangers posed by the fuel tanks.

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Gambling raid

POLICE confiscated a total of €1,545, 11 computers and three printers yesterday in coordinated raids to uncover illegal online gambling in three betting shops in the Famagusta district.

The confiscated computers found in betting shops in Dherynia, Ayia Napa and Paralimni are thought to have been used illegally for online gambling.

Two televisions and several betting coupons were also confiscated, while six betting receipts were taken away from the Ayia Napa betting shop.

A new law on online gambling was discussed in parliament only last week, with lawmakers indicating that offenders could face up to 10 years in jail and fines up to €500,000.

Police investigations are ongoing.   

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Village leaders elected unopposed

LIMASSOL and Larnaca announced that 33 and 16 village leaders respectively had been elected unopposed yesterday. 

According to election officer, Michalis Parellis, elections will be conducted normally for 70 Limassol communities on December 18. For Vikla and Gerovasa, village leaders and councillors will be appointed by the Interior Ministry as there are no residents.

In Larnaca, elections will be carried out as normal for the remaining 32 communities.

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