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Cyprus and Lebanon hold lengthy discussions on EEZ

CYPRUS and Lebanon yesterday held lengthy discussions in a bid to settle the neighbouring country’s concerns over the delineation of their respective exclusive economic zones (EEZ).

No official announcement was made after the talks that started in the morning and carried on until the late afternoon.

Lebanon’s concerns appear to be a stumbling block to the ratification of a 2007 agreement signed between the two countries, delineating their offshore boundaries. 

It is thought that the reason for the delay in Lebanon ratifying the deal is its dispute with Israel over the precise location of their maritime border.

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Six-month ban for Omonia chairman and coach

THE FOOTBALL federation (CFA) yesterday handed down a six-month ban from the pitch to the coach and the chairman of Omonia, accused of assaulting a referee after the end of an away fixture last month. 

The decision angered the Nicosia club’s fans who had threatened the CFA with reprisals even before the announcement.

Omonia urged restraint, saying it would appeal the decision.

Coach Neophytos Larkou and chairman Miltiades Neophytou were banned from the sidelines and dressing rooms for attacking referee Christos Elia following the game between Omonia and Anagenisi at Paralimni.

Larkou was accused of pushing the ref on the shoulder, while Neophytou attempted to hit Elia in the face while shouting obscenities.

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Businessman and associate accused of fraud

POLICE yesterday requested the detention of a high-profile businessman and his associate on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, and theft of €6.0 million linked with a property deal in Romania.

Lambros Christofi and his associate Giorgos Constantinou were arrested on Thursday.

Yesterday’s remand hearing dragged on for around six hours, as the suspects’ lawyers grilled the police investigator who told the court that the suspects stole €6.0 million using their position as executive directors of a company, Advantage Capital holdings Plc.

The court said it will issue its decision today.

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Qatar deal moving at a snail’s pace

SIX MONTHS after Cyprus and Qatar signed a basic framework agreement, and three years after the initial memorandum of understanding, the real estate development deal has yet to be finalised.

In November 2008 Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company and the government signed an MoU to conduct feasibility studies and land evaluation for a new project in Nicosia, Cyprus. The project will be located on a prime site in Nicosia opposite the Hilton hotel and will be a mixed-use development. It involves construction of a luxury hotel, apartments, shops and offices which would be available to Cypriot and foreign investors.

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DISY leader calls for unity on economy

THE DECISIONS that Cyprus needs to make concerning the economy “will not be easy or pleasant” main opposition DISY chief Nicos Anastassiades said yesterday, announcing that he has asked for a meeting with President Demetris Christofias and his finance minister to discuss the ailing economy.

“The gravity of the moment dictates national accord and everyone’s cooperation,” Anastassiades said.

He warned that the decisions Cyprus would have to make in the next few days “would not be easy or pleasant, but they are necessary.”

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Fifteen-year-old secures place at renowned Greek university


A 15-YEAR-OLD pupil from Larnaca has managed to secure a position at the Fine Arts department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, after successfully passing the entry exams.

Michalis Psaras, who studies at the Vergina high school in Larnaca, was the only Cypriot during the 2010-2011 academic year who secured a place at the famous Greek university.

After submitting a fine arts portfolio, Psaras was cleared to attend the entry exams along with 49 other pupils from all over Greece and Cyprus. 

Psaras was the youngest candidate out of the seventeen successful pupils who passed the exams, while he was Cyprus’s only successful representative.

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Tax debts law a ‘blessing in disguise’

THE LAW passed on Thursday altering income tax regulations is a blessing in disguise, according to the deputy the bill, DISY’s Averof Neophytou.

The law provides that all interests and penalties owed to the Inland Revenue Department up until the end of 2008 be scrapped and replaced with a 5.0 per cent interest rate on the amount owed, provided the full amount is settled by the end of next March.

Neophytou, who said the law’s description by the media as “tax amnesty” was a misconception, stressed that it was in the public’s best interests to learn more about the law and take advantage of its provisions if applicable. 

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Probe at road transport

POLICE ARE investigating a series of offences involving the Road Transport Department in Paphos after a tip-off that some officials were involved in cases relating to alleged bribery, abuse of power and car modifications.

During the investigations, police found that the car body of a 37-year-old official had undergone modifications. In a garage in a Paphos village, owned by the 37-year-old’s wife, they discovered 14 cars in total that had been modified, they said. 

For five of them she presented a certificate from the Road Transport Department but another two were confiscated as they did not have an engine number on them. Police confirmed that investigations are ongoing for all 14 cars.

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Fake jewellery arrests

POLICE arrested four Romanians yesterday in connection with extortion and conspiracy to commit a felony, after two of them tried to sell fake jewellery to an off-duty police officer in the Famagusta area.

According to police, two women approached the off duty officer while he was outside a bakery and tried to sell him fake jewellery, which they attempted to pass off as real, for €1,050.

In the meantime, police saw a man and a woman getting into a car whom they believe had taken the two women to the spot where the jewellery was being sold to sell the jewellery.

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Theft arrest

AN 18-YEAR-OLD was arrested and remanded in custody for five days yesterday in connection with the theft of a motorbike, unlawful possession of property and committing traffic offences in Paphos.

Police also seized six motorbikes with no registration plates and another ten with unrecognisable vehicle identification numbers (VIN) from his garage.

He was discovered to be riding the bike without a licence, insurance, helmet, registration plates and indistinguishable VINs.


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