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Flirting with a ceasefire in the war on narcotics

Like those generals who used to discover that nuclear weapons were not a good thing about 20 minutes after they took off their uniforms and started collecting their pensions, we have had a parade of former presidents who knew that the war on drugs was a bad thing – but only mentioned it after they were already ex-presidents. Now, at last, we have one who is saying it out loud while he is still in office.

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Why ‘black’ is not a racist word

I’m white.  Or, at least, that is what I’m labelled on those endless forms identifying ethnic origin. Actually, I’m pasty pink with a few brown splodges and, after a bit of sun, shiny red. I’ve also got curly hair and get fed up when described as “the frizzy one in the corner”, but these are not racist comments and black is not a racist word. It is a description of skin colour. 

A recent poll showed most Brits have had enough of the political correctness that now surrounds the issue of race, and I am sure that would have included many who ticked black, Asian and Irish boxes on the form. Most of us are multi-coloured mongrels. For most, race is no longer an issue, but behaviour is.

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Giving something back

Stelios Haji-Ioannou was in Cyprus recently on philanthropy work. He talks to NAOMI LEACH about his childhood memories of the island and his vision of a bi-communal future.


Entrepreneurship is the answer, to Cyprus’ biggest problem if you ask easyJet founder, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou. The successful king of budget travel suggests that through business we can break down boundaries, uniting people in a shared goal from which an affinity can develop. He was in Cyprus recently promoting the Stelios Foundation’s annual €50,000 award for bi-communal business partnerships. The scheme rewards five Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots working together in business, across the green line. It offers Stelios an opportunity to “give something back”.

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Equality and respect

The changing face of sexual experience in Cyprus will be the focus of an exhibition opening this week to mark 40 years since the birth of the Family PLannng Association. ZOE CHRISTODOULIDES gets a sneak preview

“Do you enjoy sex?” The question is one that stares back at me from the top of an email that undeniably stands out from the plethora of inquiries and press releases that usually pile up in my inbox. The first pertinent question is followed by a series of other enquiries that are equally as intriguing.

“Do you express your sexuality freely?” “How do you feel when you hear words such as sex, orgasm, sexuality, masturbation, partner, pleasure, penis, sexual rights?” The list goes on, but my curiosity gets the better of me. What on earth is this all about? 

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Restaurant Review: The 5th Floor, Paphos

Sometimes all you crave from a restaurant is a decent level of skill. You don’t want culinary fireworks, gourmet gymnastics or the food equivalent of folk swinging enthusiastically from a chandelier. What customers desire is for everyone, from the kitchen plus serving staff, to do their jobs and so deliver up an appetising meal that doesn’t cost the earth in an atmosphere that makes you wish you could linger longer and enjoy the unique ambience of the place. If that’s your wish then transport yourself to the 5th Floor restaurant.

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Bar review: Caraffe Bastione, Nicosia


Housed in a refurbished and cosy bastion of the Venetian Walls in Nicosia’s old town, the new Caraffa Bastione Restaurant-Bar fits in well with its surroundings. In a neighbourhood that boasts one of the capital’s most renowned taverns and well respected theatres, sandwiched between Nicosia’s most important cultural venues in the Melina Merkouri Hall and the Famagusta gate, Caraffa Bastione adds class to an already artsy quarter.

A popular hang-out piano bar for artists and art-lovers in the early 90s, this old Venetian aqueduct has been transformed into a stylish and contemporary restaurant/bar; that manages to create a distinctive Mediterranean vibe usually found in Italian and French wine bars.

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