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The EU whip is more than welcome here

THE TINY probability that unions will accept the measures for reducing the deficit is causing me great anxiety. I refer to the two-year wage freeze proposed by the finance minister recently as well as those he would be forced to bring at a later stage. I hope the unions will accept nothing.

Only then would the foreigners arrive and force us to put our public finances in order. Only the representatives of the European Commission and the IMF could do it. It is extremely naive for anyone to believe that with the president and the union leaders we have there is the slightest possibility that we will get serious, even now.

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Who rules the waves?

TURKEY and Cyprus have issues that have festered for so long they are now in danger of spilling over into the sea with turbulent consequences for the future of the region. 

As the common people do not always reap the full benefit of the resources of the sea such as oil and gas, it is important not to get too patriotic about oceanic sovereignty and not to be too judgemental about the competing claims of Turkey and Cyprus. 

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Gender violence: a profound global challenge

GENDER-BASED violence is a global pandemic that cuts across all borders – ethnicity, race, socio-economic status and religion. It can threaten women and girls at any point in their life – from female feticide and inadequate access to education and nutrition to child marriage, incest and so-called ‘honour’ killings. It can take the form of dowry-related murder or domestic violence, rape (including spousal rape), sexual exploitation and abuse, trafficking in persons, or the neglect and ostracism of widows. One in three women around the world will experience some form of gender-based violence in her lifetime. In some countries that number is as high as 70 per cent. None of us is exempt, including the United States.

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The arc of chaos

I WILL begin with a quick clarification regarding the title ‘The arc of chaos’, which is in effect a paraphrase of the well-known phrase ‘the arc of time’ meaning that time moves in only one direction: forwards. In the same sense, chaos too has only one direction, and only one destination: more chaos.  

I believe, therefore that if a leadership fails to keep a hold on a situation in due time, and relies on the logic of ‘there’s always tomorrow’ or even worse, allows time to slip away with a carefree ‘we’ll take things as they come’, it will come dangerously close to the fringes of chaos, with a real possibility of reaching a point of no return. Chaos breeds chaos. 

Leadership means timely and correct decisions. Anything else is nonsense. 

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Peyia Council has some actions to commend it

I refer to Antonis Loizou’s column in last Sunday’s paper, “Illegalities and votes” (November 20, 2011). 

It is certainly true that with the approach of the December local elections the incidence of such illegalities has increased significantly.

I often refer to Peyia as the “Wild West”. Even the Ombudsman has been quoted in the press as referring to “anarchy” in Peyia when it comes to illegalities. I’m sure Mr Loizou will be delighted to learn that there is even a case before the Attorney General for this Council’s irregular payment of €94,000 to a former Mukhtar. 

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Carers of Alzheimer’s sufferers left unsupported

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Dr Alan Waring after reading his recent letter to the Sunday Mail: ‘Government ignoring cost of dementia’. My own mother suffered from the disease and the last years of her life in Cyprus were a most chastening experience for her, my wife and me. 

We can confirm Dr Waring’s assertion that the Cypriot health authorities consider dementia to be a social problem, with family carers having to handle all aspects of the disease totally on their own. 

This is a medieval mindset which is both cruel and unacceptable for a nation which habitually trumpets its adherence to Western standards and values. 

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Plan for more green areas and leave Dasoudi alone

Regarding the proposed plans for Dasoudi, if anything should be developed, it is more green areas. Limassol doesn’t even have a decent park. The municipal gardens are nice, but nothing spectacular, or, for that matter, vast. To destroy the only other green area along Limassol’s seafront seems greed driven, and would wreck one of the last remaining areas of natural beauty. Developing such an area for the sake of yet more cafes/restaurants, would only lead to needing more parking places, increased waste and less forestry.


Paul Thomas, 


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APOEL fans’ conduct taints club’s victory

Well done to APOEL and in particular to their three Cypriot players for making history on Wednesday night. 

On the same night, Arsenal with their two English players qualified for knockout stages. I notice, however, unlike the mindless morons who support APOEL, the Arsenal fans didn’t go around smashing up cars and attacking the premises of their London rivals Spurs or Chelsea.

Dermot Duggan,

Commenting via the Cyprus Mail website

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