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Invasion anniversary: a day of grim remembrance

The Republic of Cyprus yesterday remembered those who fell during the 1974 Turkish invasion, as air raid sirens sounded across the island at 5.30 in the morning to mark its 38th anniversary.

The official memorial service was held at Panagia Faneromeni Church in Nicosia, under Archbishop Chrysostomos.

President Demetris Christofias, the Greek and Cypriot House speakers, ministers, military chiefs, the police leadership and party leaders were among those who attended.

Speaking during the service, former Education Minister Ouranios Ioannides said 38 years after the betrayal of the coup and barbaric invasion, Greek Cypriots continued to refuse to accept the consequences of the invasion, fighting for it to be reversed.

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Our View: Eliminating price fixing best tactic for curbing high petrol costs

COMPLAINING about high petrol prices and issuing warnings to oil companies must be an official obligation of the Commerce and Industry Minister, whoever he or she may be. Regardless of who is the president, a commerce minister will always complain publicly about the oil companies increasing prices, which has become a regular occurrence in the last decade. 

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ELAM invasion demo passes without incident

National People’s Front ELAM last night gathered at the Ledra Palace checkpoint to commemorate those fallen in the 1974 Turkish invasion, before marching through the capital shouting slogans.

Carrying Greek flags and dressed in black, there were a couple of hundred people present of different age groups: from young teens with their parents to pensioners.

After a few speeches that started at around 8pm, demonstrators formed orderly lines and started to march from the checkpoint towards the courts.

No one the Cyprus Mail asked seemed to know where the march was meant to finish, but the gathering culminated with around 20 men marching in unison.

A drum beat a slow rhythm to mark the sombreness of the night.

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Use air conditioning, homes for the elderly told

ANOTHER two elderly people were recovering from heatstroke in hospital yesterday after being hospitalised on Thursday following days of extreme temperatures.

Two women aged 89 and 90, one from Limassol and the other from Nicosia, had a fever and were unconscious when admitted to the cities’ general hospitals.

Ioanna Grigoriou from the health services said yesterday they were both in stable condition and were recovering.

Just two days ago a 65-year-old woman died from heat stroke after being found alone at her home by a relative.

Grigoriou confirmed that the vast majority of the more than ten people admitted to hospital since the heatwave began were elderly and that two of them were from old people’s homes.

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Government urges patience over aid details

GOVERNMENT spokesman Stefanos Stefanou yesterday refused to reveal the amount the government was thinking of seeking from the EU’s support mechanism, saying no other state had ever announced its intentions before even negotiating the terms and conditions.

Stefanou was speaking after a meeting under President Demetris Christofias, where the final details of Cyprus’ negotiation with the so-called troika – delegations from the European Central Bank, European Commission and International Monetary Fund – were discussed.

Stefanou said the meeting was held “in view of troika’s arrival to Cyprus on Monday”.

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Lebanese terrorist suspect remains in custody

THE man suspected of planning terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in Cyprus will remain in police custody until Monday when a fresh remand hearing will be held, Limassol Criminal Court ruled yesterday. 

The man, a 24-year-old Lebanese holding a Swedish passport, arrived in Cyprus via London on July 5 and was arrested two days later at a hotel where he was staying in the coastal city of Limassol. The suspect has already been remanded twice and was due to be re-remanded yesterday. Instead the court decided to delay that decision until Monday. A suspect can be held up to three days pending the decision of a remand hearing.

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Speedier visas for Ukrainians in the offing


THE FOREIGN ministry is looking to make visa procedures for Ukrainians easier, in a move that should foster tourism and business for Cyprus.

The ministry has taken steps to enable residents of Ukraine to do online visa applications so they can be processed in a matter of days.

Daily newspaper Politis leaked this week a letter dated June 8 from the foreign ministry’s permanent secretary Petros Eftychiou saying that the foreign ministry and commerce ministry decided to change the visa procedure (which has not been changed yet), and asking the interior ministry to forward a request to Cabinet. The migration department falls under the jurisdiction of the interior ministry.

Cyprus and Ukraine have a solid and growing financial relationship.

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Police enforce new drink and speeding regulations

THE POLICE have started issuing on-the-spot fines for speeding and drinking offences this week implementing a law that empowers the police to immediately punish offenders, the head of traffic police Demetris Demetriou said yesterday.

“Now we’ve got immediate sentences rather than sentences in court after two years,” Demetriou said.

For drinking under the influence of alcohol, the police will issue on-the-spot fines and/or penalty points to anyone whose breath test registers up to 70 micrograms per 100 ml. The limit is 22mg/dL.

The fines are €100 for up to 35mg/dL; €200 and two penalty points for between 36mg/dL and 55mg/dL; €300 and three penalty points for between 56 mg/dL and 70mg/dL. 

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Status quo ‘unacceptable’ says US ambassador hopeful

THE STATUS quo in Cyprus is “unacceptable” as it affects NATO-EU cooperation, regional stability and Turkey’s EU accession process, said the US ambassador poised to head the US Embassy in Nicosia. 

Speaking on Wednesday before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Ambassador-Designate to Cyprus John Koenig said if confirmed by the Senate, his “top priority will be to support efforts to reunite Cyprus into a bizonal, bicommunal federation”.

“The longstanding division must come to an end through a just and lasting settlement,” he said. While “important progress” was made in the last four years, “much more must be done to end the de facto division of the island”, he told the Senate Committee. 

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It’s all in your smile, says the CTO


THE CYPRUS Tourism Organisation (CTO) has come up with a new, relatively cheap way to improve the tourism product in Cyprus: smiling. 

Over the summer months, the CTO is running a campaign to cultivate a greater awareness of tourism and promote professionalism under the slogan: ‘2,392,228 tourists see Cyprus in our smile!’ 

The message to workers in the tourism industry and the public at large to smile more will be passed through the daily press and on radio, as well as on billboards at roundabouts, traffic lights and highways.  

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