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Junkets for EU, kittens in the bin

Can I please ask readers to be vigilant and look, when they are out and about, in bins and other unlikely places for abandoned kittens which appear to be as easily disposed of as unwanted rubbish.  

What does not help, of course, is the fact the government has not seen fit this year to award money to vets in order to spay feral cats without charge.   

It seems ok to spend €23 million to renovate a conference centre for the next six months of EU junkets and, while I realise there are many who would quite rightly argue their case about salary cuts and loss of bonuses, I feel an allowance by the government to vets would be a drop in the ocean in order to cut down the unwanted and unneeded cat population.

Beryl Hutchinson, Pervolia 

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Nothing to do with Euripides

I attended the performance of “Bacchae” at the Makarios III Amphitheatre last night. Your critic is quite right, “the use of Euripides’ play was almost superfluous”. I would go further and question if the event should be advertised as “by Euripides”. This was excellent dance and drama, but owed nothing to the ancient Greek play that I remember studying in 1945. I wonder what the rest of the local audience felt?

R W Mellor, Oxford 

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Tour ops need to warn about heat

Regarding the truly awful death of the ten year old boy , on holiday in Paphos. 

I feel that holiday companies, hotels and other organisations involved in the tourist trade, 

should issue health and safety warnings to visitors …as many will not understand the dangers of dehydration and heat…particularly during this recent heat wave. 

Christine Jolley, Argaka 

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Letter from a lonely Kyprophile

Q: Suppose you wanted to keep out tourists from coming to Cyprus. What’s the best way? 

A: Build a wall, a biggie. 

Q: What is the best wall and how high need it be? 

A: Are you kidding me? It extends three kilometers high in the sky. 

Yup! It’s called prohibitive airfare. 

This week I could fly from Tel Aviv to Europe for $400, a four-plus hour’s flight. 

But I am coming to Cyprus, and the ticket will be $389, for 33 minutes in the air. I guess it is the most expensive $/km in the world. 

By comparison, Las Vegas has packages which are almost free, designed to lure you to its golden palaces. What may I ask is your agenda? 

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Online gambling would bring in money

The government seems to have a total lack of understanding on the issue of online gambling and the rewards that it could bring to the country. Normally I would expect this type of stance and objection to come from a religious authority! A similar situation that also needs to be looked at is the fact that you have land based casinos in one part of the country and none in the other.

 JJ Woods, Atlantic Casino Consultants, Dublin 


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Does the national debt belong to all Cypriots too?

Visitors to the island do not cease to remind those listening to their speeches that the hydrocarbon wealth of Cyprus, recently discovered off the south coast, belongs to all Cypriots.  They are, of course, referring t the fact that the Turkish Cypriots must have their share.  The national debt is never mentioned but can one assume that this also belongs to all Cypriots? 

Lorena Lambrakis, Nicosia 

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Ode to the euromess

The eurozone is in a mess

But that’s no great surprise

The whole idea was badly flawed

It’s collapsing before our eyes


To lump the disciplined Germans

With the free and easy Med’s

In one single currency

They must have been off their heads


What’s wrong with our euro politicians

Like ostriches – heads in the sand

They’re “wishing” that they can save us

Wishful thinking – no answer to hand


The whole world will go into recession

Due to this stupid euro idea

Our politicians will all blame each other

But the fault will become very clear


The recession in the thirties

Will look like a minor one

This one will last much longer

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Chinese buyers offer hope to a dormant housing market


CHINESE buyers are helping to rejuvenate the stagnant property market in Paphos where sales have risen by 25 per cent in recent months, industry professionals say.

The once booming Paphos property market, once dominated by British buyers, collapsed in 2009 as a result of both the worldwide recession and the title deeds scandal in which buyers who had paid in full for their properties were left years later without possession of ownership documents.

The collapse has had a serious knock on effect on the local economy which had long relied on tourism and property sales as an economic mainstay.

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Our View: ‘Social cohesion’ is code for obeying union diktats.

THE SAME script we witnessed during the first visit of the troika unfolded during its second coming in the past week. Once again the troika’s representatives met the government negotiating team, central bank officials, party leaders, employers’ representatives and union bosses. And once again we heard the union bosses talking about their red lines, only this time they also issued threats of strike action and dynamic resistance to austerity measures, targeting the workers.

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