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Cypriot sailor Kontides in gold medal-winning position

CYPRIOT sailor Pavlos Kontides leads the Men’s Laser event at the Olympic Games with 12 points after three days of competition and six races at Weymouth and Portland on the south coast of England.

Five-time world Laser champion Tom Slingsby of Australia is in second place with a point more than 22-year-old Kontides with four races remaining.

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A minute with Ianthi Sparsis, Co-owner of Nicosia eatery Silver Pot

Where do you live and with whom?
About half an hour outside of Nicosia toward Machairas mountain range with my daughter, our dog Flo and numerous cats

Best childhood memory?
Seeing penguins for the first time at the London zoo.

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish?
Grecos (no longer in existence) was by far the best restaurant in Cyprus. All its dishes were absolutely delicious.

What food would you really turn your nose up to?
Baked beans.

What did you have for breakfast?
A tiny pancake!

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A good time to learn from past mistakes

WITH THE economic crisis entering its second year many people are suffering real hardship, and far too many are unemployed. Negotiations with the “troika” of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund over the terms of financial support to Cyprus are about to begin in earnest and there is inevitably an atmosphere of gloom, uncertainty and fear about the future. Rumours about the dire measures that the troika may impose are rife, adding to the general feeling of despondency.

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Our View: Christofias, no longer a liability, he’s dangerous

PRESIDENT Christofias has completely lost the plot. Every day his public statements become more outrageous and irrational, indicating that he is incapable of coping with the pressures of high office. His only concern is to avoid taking any responsibility for the dire straits the country is in, even though he has been serving as its president for the past four years and five months.

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Shiarly: state payroll must be cut

THE finance minister signalled yesterday that any savings in the state’s operating expenses would come from cuts in payroll and other benefits as unions called for balanced measures to cover the cost of Cyprus’ bailout.

“An economist may conclude that since we know the state’s expenses and since we are looking to raise some substantial amounts, these will not come from savings in electricity or the phone (bills), but they must come from the large state expenses … the payroll, allowances, 13th salaries and anything else you can imagine,” Vassos Shiarly told the Cyprus News Agency.

The minister also appealed for people to put the interest of the country above anything else at this critical juncture.

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AKEL has become ‘a danger to Cyprus’

THE AKEL government has become “a danger to the country”, said main opposition party DISY yesterday after President Demetris Christofias blamed the opposition for the arrival of the troika in Cyprus. 

In a released statement yesterday, DISY said the government has become a liability to the country, having failed to heed DISY’s warnings on the shaky state of public finances, or even acknowledge the situation the economy was in, resulting in the troika’s arrival. 

“Those who are solely responsible belong to the government of AKEL, who with reckless spending turned surpluses into massive deficits,” said the party.  

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Police: cash, cards and chips points to gambling

POLICE spokesman Andreas Angelides yesterday defended a decision to raid two local trials being held to select a Cyprus team for an international poker tournament in London.

The organisers – the Cyprus Poker Association (CPA) – a government accredited group, and a member of the International Poker Federation, had organised trials in four districts and had informed the authorities three weeks in advance. There would be no prize money on offer as gambling is illegal. 

While the Nicosia trial went without a hitch, police raided the Larnaca trial on July 22, and the Limassol one on July 28. In total they have arrested 31 people who now face gambling charges.

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Turkey warns 15 countries to stay away from Cyprus’ gas

TURKEY has warned 15 countries, including four permanent members of the UN Security Council, not to participate in the second licencing round for the remaining blocks in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ), reported Turkish daily Aksam yesterday. 

According to its online version, Ankara is “worried” about a second round of drilling in the eastern Mediterranean. Hence, the Turkish foreign ministry issued warnings on a governmental level to 15 countries, including Russia, China, France, the UK and Norway, which expressed an interest to participate in the second licencing round for oil and gas exploration in Cyprus’ EEZ. 

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HSBC linked to north property deals

COURT papers filed by a group of UK investors allege that HSBC bank took part in a “fraudulent property scheme of biblical proportions” in the north of Cyprus, according to the Telegraph.

The documents claim the bank supported an “illegal commercial enterprise” in the occupied areas.

“The Plaintiffs invested life savings into what they believed were vacation or retirement dwellings with valid legal title issued by the TRNC,” papers seen by the Telegraph claim.

“HSBC is involved in illegally transferring monies for the sale of these properties knowing that title to the underlying properties are illegal and/or defective because the “TRNC” lacks the sovereign power to issue or obtain title.”

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