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Police officers thrown out of the force over beatings


THREE OF the ten police officers involved in the vicious beating of two students were yesterday thrown off the force by majority decision of the Police Appeals Board, seven years after the incident.

In April 2011, three months after the officers involved escaped jail at the criminal court, they were fined a mere eight days wages each by the Police Disciplinary Committee. This decision was appealed by the assistant chief as hopelessly inadequate.

“The assistant chief appealed the sentence imposed on them as he considered it inadequate,” said police spokesman Andreas Angelides yesterday. It is practically unheard of for police to be kicked off the force in Cyprus. 

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Our View: Semi-government bodies are dens of party nepotism

WHEN the legislature approved the law making the appointment of the boards of semi-governmental organisations (SGO) coincide with the presidential term, the president sent it back, refusing to ratify it. The change in the law, reducing the term of a board from 36 to 30 months and barring directors from serving more than two terms, was deemed unconstitutional by the president for reasons that remain unclear.

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Ryanair confirms Larnaca suspensions but Cypriot authorities say talks continuing

CONFUSION over the situation with Ryanair increased yesterday when the airline said it was suspending Larnaca flights from November, yet was taking bookings for Barcelona on its website at least up until next February.

The low-cost airline is currently in negotiations with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) and airport operator Hermes. It wants to double the amount it receives from the CTO for promoting its Cyprus routes, citing increased fuel costs.

However when asked yesterday, Ryanair’s Maria Macken, sales manager for the Cypriot market told the Cyprus Mail in an email that the airline would be suspending flights to and from Larnaca for the winter.

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Opposition has a field day with SGO blunder

THE government yesterday sought to play down its blunder of sending out an email to reporters with the names of the members of semi-state organisations accompanied with notes on their political affiliations and in some cases an evaluation of their ‘performance.’

The government on Thursday appointed the new board members whose names were released to the media late in the afternoon. 

But in addition to this list, reporters were also sent the list of the previous boards with the attached remarks.

The apparent mistake prompted a storm of criticism yesterday, as the government tried to defend itself.

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Man remanded in boy’s rape case


A LARNACA court yesterday remanded a 34-year-old man suspected of raping a ten-year-old boy on Wednesday night.

The Greek Cypriot, who was remanded for eight days, was caught around midnight yesterday when the police tracked down a man matching the description given to them by the boy as well as a bystander who allegedly saw him loitering in the area before the incident on Wednesday evening.

The Palestinian boy was on his bike at around 9pm when a man on a motorbike forced him to go along with him to “show [him his] dog”. 

The man then took the boy to a rooftop and raped him at knifepoint. 

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Tourist raped

A YOUNG Norwegian tourist claimed she was attacked and raped in Ayia Napa in the early hours of Thursday.

The 19-year-old told police she had been walking along the road from Ayia Napa’s marina towards Nissi Beach Avenue at around 4am, when she was attacked by a stranger, who forced her into a secluded coastal area and raped her.

The teen was examined by state pathologist Nicolas Charalambous, who confirmed there were indications of rape, as well as cuts and bruises on her entire body.

The man in question is still at large.




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Welcome respite from the heat

RESIDENTS in various parts of the island enjoyed some respite from the scorching heat yesterday as showers broke out mid afternoon, bringing temperatures down to normal for this time of year.

According to meteorological officer Stalo Papachristodoulou, temperatures shouldn’t reach higher than 37 degrees Celsius inland and 35 degrees in the coastal areas until at least Tuesday.

Referring to the brief showers, Papachristodoulou said “there is some instability in the atmosphere, which has led to cloudy weather, as well as light rain and even storms”.

There could be more showers today and tomorrow, she added.



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Nicosia home prices falling at ‘accelerating rate’

PROPERTY prices for buyers may be down but so are rents on apartments, warehouses and offices, the latest figures show.

The latest index from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows “significant falls across Cyprus’ major urban areas, with prices and rents falling across all districts” in the second quarter of 2012. 

Over six months, the average rental price of a Nicosia two bedroom apartment went from €555 in March to €535 in June. In Limassol, rental prices for apartments went down from €502 to €479 in the same time period. 

In just three months, about €2,631 got shaved off the average buying price of a two bedroom apartment in Cyprus falling from €131,120 in March to 128,484 € in June. 

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Company boss in jail for not paying salaries

FAMAGUSTA District Court yesterday sentenced a businessman to three months in prison and fined him an undisclosed amount for failing to pay his employees’ salaries.

On top of the sentence, the man was also ordered to pay all the salaries due.

The labour ministry’s labour relations department yesterday announced there had been a worrying increase in bosses failing to pay their staff.

“(The department) will continue to criminally prosecute employers who, in violation of the Law for Protection of Salaries, make arbitrary pay cuts or don’t pay their employees’ salaries,” said the announcement.

It added: “Through the complaints we receive and the inspections that are carried out, the phenomenon has taken on worrying dimensions”.

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‘Worker stole coins from parking meter’

PAPHOS police yesterday arrested a municipality worker and his female accomplice for stealing coins from parking meters in Paphos.

According to police spokesman Nicos Tsappis, the 47-year-old Cypriot employee and his 25-year-old Romanian accomplice were placed on a four day remand order by the district court yesterday. They were arrested on Thursday afternoon.

Tsappis said: “Paphos municipality performed checks of the parking meters in the town and discovered that the amount of money which should be in the meters didn’t tally up, they found that there was some missing.”

While parking fees had increased, the money coming in was less, arousing suspicions. 

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