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Kontides makes Cyprus Olympic history


CYPRUS sailor Pavlos Kontides yesterday made history for Cyprus as he secured the island’s first ever medal at an Olympic Games.

The 22-year-old from Limassol is guaranteed silver and could even win the gold if leader Tom Slingsby of Australia finishes eighth or worse in tomorrow’s medal race combined with a win for Kontides. 

After 10 races in the Men’s Laser category, the Cypriot is in second place with a 21-point cushion over Rasmus Myrgren of Sweden and a 22-point lead over Croatia’s Toni Stipanovic.

This means that he cannot be beaten to the silver medal.

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: Amid the uproar, banking unions stay uncharacteristically quiet

EFFORTS to create a popular resistance front that would prevent the heartless troika from imposing its horrific, neo-liberal austerity measures on our long-suffering island, are gathering momentum, with more groups joining the new movement.

On Tuesday the leaders of the public sector unions – cops, army officers, pen-pushers, teachers, nurses – met in order to discuss the forging of a united front against attempts by the troika to restrict the blood-sucking of our society’s parasitic classes. 

The meeting raised a question this establishment has often asked, without ever receiving an answer. Why are all union bosses ugly males? There was a token woman at the meeting, but she was probably there to take the minutes.

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Our View: They live off tax-payers’ generosity yet dare to blame the private sector

THE ARROGANCE of the public sector union bosses was on splendid display at the meeting they had on Tuesday which aimed to set up an ‘anti-bailout’ front. 

Afterwards, the self-important union leaders spoke as if they were some higher authority, demanding they were told “the bill that Cyprus society would be called to pay”, and the measures that would be taken to lead the country out of recession.

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Blaming banks for bailout could backfire

BANKING industry insiders are worried that Cypriot banks will come under severe pressure if the amount needed for their re-capitalisation is too high.

If the total is the €10 billion reported in the press a month ago, more than one bank would have negative capital and not be able to operate. It would then be up to the discretion of the European Central Bank (ECB) to continue providing liquidity.

Central Bank practice does not allow emergency liquidity to be given to banks with negative capital, and the ECB would then have to take a political decision to keep Cypriot banks afloat. Not to do so would prove catastrophic for the island’s economy. 

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Top banker’s letters warned of what was to come

The government’s argument that it did not know the scale of Cypriot banks’ exposure to Greece has taken a further battering in recent days following the leak of a bundle of letters by the former Central Bank governor to the government.

As recently as Thursday, the government, through its spokesman, tried to shift any responsibility, saying former Central Bank governor Athanasios Orphanides had never informed them of the exposure.

The spokesman was speaking after a bundle of letters was leaked last week showing that Orphanides had repeatedly – albeit unsuccessfully – asked to meet Christofias, warning, somewhat prophetically, about the dire straits the economy was entering.

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Man already charged with abuse identified as boy rapist

LARNACA police have released a suspect arrested in connection with the rape of a 10-year-old boy after the victim identified a 37-year-old local man as the alleged attacker, it emerged yesterday.

The 37-year-old man was remanded in custody for six days as the first suspect, 34, was released late Friday night after spending a day in custody.

The 10-year-old Palestinian had been in hospital since Wednesday night’s incident.

Police spokesman Andreas Angelides said the suspect and a motorcycle he allegedly used that night had been identified by the boy.

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Facelift for Larnaca port finally on the cards

AFTER two years of negotiations, the government has signed an agreement with a private consortium for the development of the Larnaca port and marina worth around €700 million, it was announced yesterday.

The communications ministry said the aim is to start the project early next year with the first phase expected to be complete in three years.

The project will be constructed by Zenon Consortium, which will manage it for 35 years. 

Communications Minister Efthimios Flourentzos said such projects “significantly bolster Cyprus’ economy and create new jobs especially now when we are in an economic recession”.

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Varosha: a bridge for peace and hope

VAROSHA can act as a bridge of peace and hope provided Turkey returns to the negotiations it abandoned because of Cyprus’ assumption of the EU presidency, President Demetris Christofias said yesterday.

Speaking in Dherynia last night, in an event marking the 38th anniversary of the seizure of Varosha by Turkish troops, Christofias said Varosha “can, as in the past, be a bridge of peace, hope, cooperation and cohabitation as long as Turkey decides to put threats and insults aside, and re-enter the dialogue it abandoned due to the assumption on the part of the Republic of Cyprus of the presidency of the European Council.”

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‘Tourist shark fishing catastrophic’

NIREAS Marine Research are urging the Fisheries and Marine Research Department to implement the law to end illegal shark fishing and to penalise all those breaking the law, especially those involved in tourist fishing trips.

Nireas is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organisation involved in research – documentation, education and conservation with regard the marine environment.

“We’re especially glad because the Fisheries Department is taking a clear stand clarifying that national law strictly forbids fishing and loading onto a boat all types of shark and rays, (including) all professional tourist and fishing activities,” said Dr Maria Hadjimichael, research associate at Nireas Marine Research.

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Lack of funds scuppers Peyia’s annual August festival

THE ANNUAL Peyia municipal festival held every August has been cancelled this year due to a lack of funds.

Cash-strapped Peyia is unable to put on the popular August 15 event due to a backlog of unpaid taxes, according to local councillor Linda Leblanc.

“We have one company in Peyia which owes us over 800,000 euros in unpaid taxes and obviously this has a knock on effect,” she said.

Leblanc noted that many members of the council were upset by the decision to cancel the festival but added that the funds just aren’t available.

“In previous years we have spent between 40,000-50,000 euros to bring over a Greek pop star. We couldn’t do this last year as money was tight, but this year we have had to cancel the event altogether, which is a shame.”

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