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Cyprus has a lot to be proud of

How considerate of Sue Butler to write in to your newspaper (Sunday Mail  August 5) and provide us with a bit of added amusement. 

We have all had an unfortunate experience on our travels but this person seems to have stumbled from one disaster to the next during her stay in Cyprus. 

Her comments cannot be taken seriously and are an insult to the hard working members of the services sector in Cyprus.

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Mystified no longer

Your article on ‘The God Particle’ (Sunday Mail July 8, 2012) states that photons are not affected by Higgs. I think you are wrong.

When I was in the 3rd form at School in 1942 we did an experiment focusing a ray of sunlight on a small windmill coated silver on one side of the wings and black on the other. The windmill turned, showing that sunlight had mass. I have been mystified by this until recently. I heard Peter Higgs explain that when photons hit something solid, Higgs particles are released, one of the few things which Sir James Jeans had not postulated in the 1930s.

David Crompton, Limassol

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Cyprus needs to lobby the EU on electricity prices

I have just heard on German TV that the EU has expressed concern about the price of electricity in Germany – the second highest in the EU – and has advised that action must be taken quickly to reduce those prices.

The EU is afraid that the high cost of electricity will affect industries and so exports.

Now regarding prices of electricity on Cyprus – the highest in the EU:  tourism and everything connected to it, hotels, restaurants, flights, households, and shops are cutting back  to pay the ridiculously high price.

 Is Tourism not an industry? We cannot export it, but it is one of the main industries in Cyprus.

It would appear that the EU has one rule for the rich and another for the poor.

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If Syria has chemical weapons, how did they get them?

Recent references by the media to the potential use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria brings to mind the circumstances surrounding the inability to find such weapons in Iraq before, during and after the war, by the UN Observers as well as the military. It is well documented that during the period immediately before the invasion of Iraq that large convoys of vehicles, many of them heavy goods, were seen heading for the border with Syria and subsequently crossing.

During the late 1980’s I was employed by a London-based company who were involved with the engineering and construction of fertiliser plants in Iraq.

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Keep a close eye on your bank charges

When my bank, Alpha Bank, has a new product or wishes to inform its customers of summer/winter opening times and so on, they display announcements. Each time I log-on to my on-line banking page, these announcements are displayed on my ‘home page’. Yet, now they have revised their Bank Charges, issuing a new catalogue on May 27 this year, they did not announce it. I wonder why? Have any of the other Cyprus banks announced theirs? They have each issued new charges catalogues this year. 

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Will Christofias bail out before the bailout?


THERE has been some speculation in the media but also on the street as to whether President Christofias is going to jump ship before his term is up in March, to avoid taking the blame for agreeing to harsh bailout terms with the ‘troika’.

Idle gossip that sells papers, or is there more to it? In late July, Politis ran a story saying that the scenario of an early exit was being discussed at the top echelons of ruling AKEL.

On the following day, government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou was quoted as saying in Simerini that there was no such question as the bailout terms were not known yet. That could be construed as a case of not completely denying the resignation possibility.

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Our View: People need problem solvers not national saviours

OVER THE next few months the first ever presidential campaign that will not have the Cyprus problem as its main issue will commence. With the troika set to finalise its bailout terms in this period, there will be much more pressing issues for the candidates to address than whether the bi-communal federation would have the correct content or whether there would be weighted voting for the presidency of the federal state.

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: Every disaster imaginable

THE COMRADE’S continuous toadying to Russia’s autocratic ruler Vladimir Putin, in the hope of securing a €5 billion loan that he thinks would safeguard the privileges and extortionate wages of public parasites, has alarmed the financial services sector.

Members of the sector are terrified of the possibility that the comrade, now that he has total control of the Popular Bank and has the Central Bank Governor under his thumb could offer confidential information about Cyprus-based Russian businesses to Putin in exchange for the loan. 

This would be the end of Cyprus as an international financial centre and the final nail in the coffin of the banks, the survival of which is dependent on keeping the deposits of foreign businesses that amount to more than €20 billion.

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‘Whale ribs, meteorites and chairs’

FROM something that might possibly be a fossilised whale bone to several broken sunbeds, the  live feed from the exploration of part of the seabed off the island’s southern coast makes fascinating viewing.

Famed explorer Robert Ballard’s expedition over the Eratosthenes Seamount is currently collecting images during sweeps of the area using the latest technology to explore the sea floor some 70 miles off the island.

After two days of exploring, the team’s underwater robots, operating at 800 to 1,000 metres, yesterday reached the summit of the Eratosthenes, going over terrain from a previous sweep and then turned west to head to unexplored territory to the west.

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