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Meeting Nicosia’s old town mukhtar

Few people know Nicosia’s Old Town as well as mukhtar, restaurant owner and general civic fixer Savvas Kyriakou.


Savvas Kyriakou, a.k.a. ‘Chachos’, calls me “my friend” – not once, not twice but all the time, a constant punctuation. I’m in good company, because almost everyone seems to be his friend, from the old men playing backgammon in the coffee shops of Old Nicosia to assorted big-shots and important persons.

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FILM: BEST OF 2011-12

Why now? Because mid-summer is the obvious time to look back on the best films released in Cyprus cinemas over the past 12 months. Doing this on December 31 would just be arbitrary, resulting in a hodgepodge of this year’s blockbusters and last year’s Oscar winners (not to mention that the best film of the year might come out on January 1) – but now the local movie scene is semi-dormant, making it a good time for reflection. The various film societies are closed for the summer.

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Restaurant review: Old Town Restaurant, Polis

The Old Town Restaurant is one of those precious places that instil confidence the moment you walk through the door. A bit like meeting Mr Right, sometimes you just know. It’s the same with Old Town, especially after being seated within their beautiful ‘secret garden’ dining area – I defy anyone not to know within 30 seconds that they are indeed smitten.

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Bar Review: Beat lounge bar, Nicosia

Despite being somewhat off the beaten track, Beat lounge bar is aiming to make its mark in downtown Nicosia.
Located in a cosy side street between Makarios Avenue and the popular Stassicratous street, this bar manages to capture trendiness as well as bringing with it a certain laid back feel that many bars in the area lack.
The venue has changed hands several times over the years, with many remembering it as the restaurant September.
The dιcor has a modern industrial feel about it, with shiny clear and white plastic chairs surrounding tall tables outside and in. For those looking to cosy on up to the people next to them booths are also available.

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Sheep, goats, and farmers clash with police


FOUR men were injured yesterday when police officers tried to stop a group of farmers from moving towards the entrance of the presidential palace, intervening when protesters blocked off a minister’s car.

About 200 goat and sheep farmers from across the island gathered in the road just outside the presidential palace’s exterior gates for a planned protest over rising costs and the reduction of a state subsidy.

They started moving towards the palace’s interior gates at around 12.30pm, also letting a handful of animals free to roam.

In what was apparently a calculated effort at creating mayhem, the goats panicked and began wandering inside the grounds of the Presidential Palace, egged on by hooting farmers.

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Our View: Justice catches up with Asil Nadir

IT HAS taken nearly 20 years, some might say, 38, for justice to catch up with former fugitive, Turkish Cypriot tycoon Asil Nadir.

Yesterday he was jailed for 10 years by the Old Bailey in London where he was told he had committed theft “on a grand scale” and that he was a wealthy man “who stole out of pure greed”, and has shown no remorse for his crimes.

“Your sole concern throughout has been to avoid any acceptance of your own responsibility,” he was told by Justice Holroyde before being taken away.

Nadir fled to the north in 1993 after the collapse of his Polly Peck business empire. The financial aspects involved are staggeringly complex, the wheeling and dealing, and the intricate money networks that were spread throughout the north and Turkey. 

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'Greedy' Nadir jailed for 10 years


FORMER fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir was jailed for 10 years yesterday after a judge said he stole millions out of “pure greed”.

Nadir had been a wealthy man and had an extravagant lifestyle when he stole £28.8 million sterling from his company Polly Peck International.

Old Bailey judge Mr Justice Holroyde told Nadir: “You are a man of outstanding business skills. In the 1980s you achieved remarkable success. You are entitled to take great pride in that achievement.

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Deficit to be higher than expected

THE government expects this year’s deficit to reach around 4.5 per cent, instead of the earlier forecast of 3.5 per cent, due to lower-than-expected revenues, its spokesman said yesterday.

“Our estimate, without taking additional measures, is that the deficit will hover around 4.5 per cent,” Stefanos Stefanou said.

The deficit for the first half of the year reached 3.0 per cent, according to finance ministry data.

Revenues rose by 1.26 per cent, less than what is forecasted in the 2012 budget.

“The fact that the increase in revenues is less than expected is due to a series of reasons, like for example the fall in consumption,” Stefanos Stefanou said.

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